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AF-H2 K cup filling sealing machine successfully installed in USA

In November, AFPAK AF-H2 K cup filling sealing machine is installed successfully in our USA customer's factory.

This project was started in May this year, with machine building taking  2 months and shipping taking 1 month, and Customers factory preparation taking 3 months. But only 3 days were spent in machines installation.

In this project, AFPAK offers one stop solution for our customer, which includes:

  1. AF-H2 K cup filling sealing machine
  2. Empty K cups and sealing foil
  3. Air compressor and Nitrogen generator

So when customers get all of the goods, no other equipments are required to start production.

AFPAK didn't send our engineer to USA, we do the video and voice call to help my customer to run the machine. That's amazing, because this is the first machine to produce the Kcups for my USA customer.

Fortunately, everything goes so smooth. My customer only spent 3 days on learning and running the machines successfully.

AFPAK aims to help our customers to get the highest quality machines at a reasonable price. So contact us freely if you have any demands for the packaging machines.

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