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How To Choose The Right Coffee Capsule Packing Machine From China?

Are you planning to choose the right coffee capsule packing machine, but you don’t know…

Are you planning to choose the right coffee capsule packing machine, but you don’t know how to start?

Many of my clients are in the same situation, asking for advice from the salesman from the very beginning.

Here we will guide you in choosing the right coffee capsule packing machine.

In my opinion, instead of asking for a quotation directly, it is better to start by asking yourself first, what’s your real needs, and then target your search for a machine.

So, let’s figure out this thing in two steps.

Step 1: Find Out Your Real Demands

Which kind of capsule?

I listed some usual demands of the capsule type our clients requested.

·Only one specific capsule: aluminum Nespresso capsule or others

·Only Nespresso, but both aluminum and plastic, even the third material

·Both K-cups and Nespresso in one machine

·Three types of capsules or more

Different demands of the capsule type have different requirements for the machine structure.

Sometimes you need to purchase more than one machine due to so many types you want to put into production that it’s very hard to realize in one single machine.

So, you need to determine the capsule type first, including the material.

You need to note that even though both are Nespresso compatible capsules, aluminum is a little different from plastic, A company’s plastic is different from B company’s in dimensions.

Besides, you may also need to know the properties of each material, such as oxygen barrier, vapor/moisture barrier, leakproofness, sealing performance, etc.

If you can decide the empty capsule supplier and the specific capsule model from the very beginning, that’s the best.

Of course, we do not exclude that there are some clients seek machine quotations while seeking quotations for empty coffee capsules to calculate the cost of each finished capsules, then decide which is the target capsule type.

(Which is your target?)

Which kind of sealing film?

If you have decided on the capsule type, then perhaps you have also decided on the sealing foil to be used, or maybe not.

Sometimes these two things don’t come from the same supplier.

If it’s aluminum capsules, basically it’ll be fit with pre-cut aluminum foil.

If it’s plastic capsules, it’ll be fit with plastic or aluminum film, pre-cut or roll film.

If paper/bio capsules, basically bio-degradable film in roll stock.

One other thing is, do you want to have the logo printed on the film.

If yes, you also have to design a print pattern in advance, then communicate with the film manufacturer and ask them to produce the film with your design.

You need to pay attention that generally the film with your logo printed on, MOQ is relatively large.

There is one special situation that the machine would be used for contract production for various coffee roasters with their own logos printed on film, and in this case a good film supplier would be particularly important.

If you also want to print the date of manufacture on the film, then you will also need to contact the printer manufacturer if this is feasible.

It is important to note that the ink used for printing on the film sheet must be food grade.

(pre-cut film & roll film)

Expected production?

Maybe you’ve already taken several wholesale bookings from your clients, so you are aware of the volume of production for the next few months or even years.

Or maybe you just have the idea of producing coffee capsules because you saw a certain market.

In either case, an estimate of the expected production is required.

Production speed is an important parameter of a packaging machine and a factor that will raise your budget.

So determining the production speed you want beforehand will actually allow you have a reasonable budget.

Of course, if you have a more optimistic estimate of the market, you can try to choose a slightly faster machine for the future.

Other expectations

Accurate filling weight is the guarantee of good quality coffee capsules.

Each machine manufacturer makes different efforts in this area, like the structural design and the components used.

One way to verify accurate filling weight can be as follows: after a long trial production, do random sampling, and weigh them to calculate the deviation from your expected filling weight.

Robust sealing is also the guarantee of good quality coffee capsules.

One way to verify good sealing quality can be as follows: after a long trial production, do random sampling, visually check whether the sealing surface is neat and tidy, finger press to see whether it is firm, and then leak-proof test.

Oxygen content affects the shelf life of capsules.

You can ask the supplier to do oxygen level test if you have a requirement for this.

Step 2: Request For Quotations

Well, the next step is request quotations in a targeted manner.

Since you have considered enough details prior to this step, things will be simple.

The quoted prices may be a little different, but generally no much deviation.

Each quotation may looks as similar to each other, making it difficult for you to make a judgment.

There are actually many factors to consider beyond price like the following.

By the way, if you don’t know how to do step 1 at all, then there is another option that you consider doing both steps at the same time.

All your demands be met?

There are several points based on which you can find out whether your functional requirements can be met?

·You can tell that they have experience on this special capsule and unique function.
·There are customers in the local area who produce similar products as well as that you can pay a visit to.
·You think they had the best solution among all the suppliers.
·They can provide sufficient test evidence during machine building.

If you have a budget on this project, then you may need to make concessions on some functional demands eventually.

If you have limited space in your facility, then the dimensions of the coffee capsule packing machine is something you need to pay extra attention to.

Brands of the core components

As you know, core components affect the price and performance of the coffee capsule packing machine.

And generally the brand and model of each component should be clearly documented in each quotation.

·Schneider from France or OMRON from Japan —— Normal configuration

·OMRON —— Normal configuration

·OMRON —— Normal configuration

·Schneider or OMRON —— Normal configuration

·OMRON or Panasonic from Japan —— Normal configuration

·Schneider —— Normal configuration

·OMRON or Schneider —— Normal configuration

·AirTAC from Taiwan —— Normal configuration
·SMC from Japan —— High configuration, expensive

(Core components)

How is the training?

Although the fully automatic coffee capsule packing machine is very intelligent but doesn’t mean it’s simple enough to operate directly by anyone without any acknowledgment.

As far as I know, at least at several points, you need some training soon or later.

·How to change filling weight when using different coffee powder
·How to change molds to produce another type of capsule
·What are the meanings of the warning messages
·Dairy maintenance

The more function the coffee capsule packing machine has, the more training you need.

It’s important that enough training was provided before the real production.

How to perform final goods inspection?

Generally speaking, there are at least three kinds of final goods inspection methods.

·By photos and videos provided by vendor when the machine is finished
·Field inspection by yourself
·Field inspection by third-party inspection agency

While the first one is the most common, and the least costs.

However it should be noted that if the video continuously records the production for tens of minutes, especially while the machine used your capsules and films, it’ll be more convincing.

And in my experience, how to perform the inspection, even do or not do, you need to take the initiative rather than waiting for the machine provider.

How to perform maintenance?

You should focus on how to perform preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance which means what to do when machine failed.

·Which parts need to clean, in what frequency
·Which parts need lubrication, in what frequency
·Which parts need to change regularly
·How to inspect the machine regularly
·When can I cut down the frequency of inspection

As for how to perform the maintenance caused by machine failure, it’s better that you ask for help from supplier directly, which needed to be checked with the supplier
whether this is possible.

What after-sale service will be provided?

·One year —— Normal
·Two years —— Outstanding

Generally speaking, you’ll take care of the installation and usually no problem with that, but it’ll be helpful if the supplier can provide sufficient information before the installation.

Similar to machine installation, you’ll take care of the commissioning before real production.

You can take it as part of the training, so it is also important that the supplier can provide adequate support.

The machine supplier is obliged to inform the individual wearing parts as well as ensuring one or more sets packed with the machine.

Besides, the supplier need to commit to providing replacement parts in time even out of warranty period.

·Adequate technical support in daily maintenance and troubleshooting —— Normal
·Local maintenance staff available —— Outstanding

·Within 24 hours —— Normal
·Within 8 hours —— Outstanding

Payment terms?

It’s tens of thousands of money that should means something to you, so it’s worth trying reducing risk in payment terms.

But what I’m trying to say is that rather than dwelling on this point without compromising, how about choose a supplier with good credit.

·30% deposit in advance and balanced before shipment —— Normal
·30% deposit and balanced on sight or 30 days after arrival —— Outstanding


When you are going to expand to coffee capsule business and want to purchase a capsule packing machine, go ask yourself or consult the machine supplier about these.

·Capsule type
·Foil lid type
·Production speed
·Price & lead time
·Filling accuracy
·Sealing quality
·Oxygen content
·Brands of core components
·Final inspection
·After-sale service
·Payment terms

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