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Features of capsule coffee

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Features of capsule coffee

Capsule coffee is ground coffee beans into coffee powder, and then packed into aluminum capsules, which eliminates the problems of sourness and oxidation of ordinary coffee beans or coffee powder after contact with air.

The coffee made every time is very fragrant because the capsule preserves the freshness of the coffee very well. It can be said that each cup retains the freshness of the coffee beans within 4 hours after roasting and grinding, so the taste is better! And the oil foam is also very rich and smooth. In addition, the taste has become more and more perfect, the room for choice is becoming wider and wider.

Coffee has been around for many years, but it has not developed faster. The reason is its particularity: the preservation of coffee beans. Everyone who makes coffee knows that the shelf life of green coffee beans can be as long as one year. If it is roasted coffee beans, they can only be stored for 15 days at most after being in contact with air, and the coffee beans will have a bad taste. If it is ground coffee powder, it can only be left for 10 hours after being in contact with air, and the coffee powder will have a bad taste.

It is precise because of this characteristic that it is difficult for coffee to travel far away. It is precisely this way, only in the coffee-producing area can you drink truly fresh and delicious coffee.

Because: once the packaged coffee beans or coffee powder are opened, the same freshness problem still exists. This is because the packaging of coffee beans or coffee powder is mostly about 1KG. A pack of beans or powder can make more than 150 cups of coffee. Only when it is used up within 3 days is the freshest way to drink. From the first cup of drink, the taste has already started to change.

In other words: coffee beans or ground coffee can only guarantee the freshness of the first cup of coffee.

It is in this context that coffee capsules are another way of processing coffee.

Because this small package of coffee completely transcends the limitations of time and space. It can be drunk after 1 year, and the taste remains the same.

In this way, the quality of coffee can be kept fresh for up to 12 months. Every time you open a packet, it is equivalent to a cup of ground coffee to make coffee in a real sense. This must be the freshest, and the cups are fresh.

  1. The shell of the capsule is mostly made of PBT material, which has the characteristics of resistance to high temperature, hot water, and various oils. It is widely used in the manufacture of coffee utensils and daily necessities.
  2. At the back of the capsule, there are 3 to 6 holes, and the water flow enters in a rotating manner, which can more adequately extract the coffee inside.
  3. Easy to operate

Put a coffee capsule into the capsule coffee machine, and it will make a cup of espresso in 25 seconds. You can make all kinds of espresso dishes at will.

  1. High freshness

The key to good or bad coffee is freshness. A bag of coffee beans loses its aroma after 7 days after being opened. The coffee powder only maintains freshness for a few hours. Coffee capsules are high-quality selected coffee beans that are filled immediately after roasting and grinding. Each capsule can be made Produce freshly roasted coffee.

  1. Easy to store

The coffee capsule is sealed with aluminum foil oxygen-free using space capsule technology, which can keep the filled fresh coffee powder stable for two years.

  1. A variety of flavors

Some manufacturers specialize in blending and baking to form different flavors. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences, and the taste is stable.

  1. Professional standards

Because the latest generation of soft capsule coffee machine adopts Italian professional acupuncture technology and pressure system, it can extract the charming ocher red crema. The produced espresso is completely comparable to semi-automatic commercial coffee machines in professional cafes, and the effect is better than that of home automatic coffee machines Greatly improved.

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