AFPAK manufacturing bagging cartoning machine of coffee capsule Nespresso, K cups, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto, Filling SEALING packaging MACHINE customized according to your requirement. Let us know your needs. We will make the best machine for you

QC300D Coffee bag packing machine Quality solution for coffee granules, milk powder, cocoa powder

What is the Coffee bag packing machine? The Coffee bag packing machine is an efficient solution for filling coffee granules/milk powder/cocoa powder into pre-made bags and then sealing. It is generally composed of a powder screw filling machine and a pre-made bag opening sealing packaging machine. It also has some advanced functions such as an…

coffee beans packing machine 2021 New design, Quality solution

AF-VT52 coffee beans packing machine is a complete solution to pack coffee beans into the bags; this machine can form the bags, auto-feed the coffee beans, Auto weigh the coffee beans,  Auto fill into the bags, and auto seal the bags. The good coffee beans packaging machine should be fully automatic, easy to use and maintain, reliable working, high filling accuracy, beautiful sealing, quiet running,  multi-functions, etc.

K cup packaging machine

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nespresso capsules and K cup cartoning machine

k cup cartoning machine

Automatic k cup Cartoning Machine (box folding→filling→packing) It is specially design to automatic pack small quantities’ multi size box.With low cost and only require small area. It is suitable for various sizes of box. The machine is a verticaltype with mutiple function and require a shorttime to change mould.
The machine is made of aluminum alloy with anode treatment. Rust proof long service life and easily clean.

coffee capsule packing machine

Coffee capsule packing machine A GOOD coffee capsule packing machine Can pack 10/20/30 capsules in one bag! One stop coffee capsule packing solutions, only in AFPAK. What can we offer: 1. Biodegradable coffee capsule / Normal PP MATERIAL coffee capsule K cups with separated filters / Kcups with filter sealed on the cup body 2. High…