2021 New Quality k cup manufacturing equipment

AF-RN1S K cup manufacturing equipment is a quality solution to fill coffee, cocoa, milk powder in K cups and K shots, seal, and pack with Nitrogen gas. It is an impressive modular system, with the multi-function operation, high-precision filling, beautiful sealing, ultra-fresh-keeping nitrogen filling protection. More features such as intelligent control, super simple learning, and use, no special maintenance, etc. The RN1S K cup manufacturing equipment is a productivity tool that can really help customers achieve high-quality production of K cups and K shots

QC300D Coffee bag packing machine Quality solution for coffee granules, milk powder, cocoa powder

What is the Coffee bag packing machine? The Coffee bag packing machine is an efficient solution for filling coffee granules/milk powder/cocoa powder into pre-made bags and then sealing. It is generally composed of a powder screw filling machine and a pre-made bag opening sealing packaging machine. It also has some advanced functions such as an…

Coffee can filling machine AF-CFM100, 2021 Best solution

What is the coffee can filling machine? Coffee can filling machine is a fully automatic solution for filling and sealing coffee into cans or tins. The coffee tin/can filling machine produced by AFPAK is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, and is fully in line with food hygiene standards. It has a fully automatic operation,…

coffee beans packing machine 2021 New design, Quality solution

AF-VT52 coffee beans packing machine is a complete solution to pack coffee beans into the bags; this machine can form the bags, auto-feed the coffee beans, Auto weigh the coffee beans,  Auto fill into the bags, and auto seal the bags. The good coffee beans packaging machine should be fully automatic, easy to use and maintain, reliable working, high filling accuracy, beautiful sealing, quiet running,  multi-functions, etc.

2021 New Nespresso filling packaging machine, 10 years manufacturing, Quality assure

What is Nespresso Filling Packaging Machine? AFPAK’s Nespresso filling packaging machine is a quality solution for filling, sealing, and packaging Nespresso compatible capsules. It is compact and powerful, fully automatic operation, complete functions, simple and convenient to use, without special maintenance, and is deeply loved by users. This Nespresso filling packaging equipment has the following…