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2024 New Quality k cup manufacturing equipment

What is K cup manufacturing equipment? K cup manufacturing machine? How to fill your own K cups? One-stop K cup Filling packaging solution

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AF-RN1S K cup manufacturing equipment is a quality solution to fill coffee, cocoa, and milk powder in K cups and K shots, seal, and pack with Nitrogen gas. It is an impressive modular system, with multi-function operation, high-precision filling, beautiful sealing, and ultra-fresh-keeping nitrogen filling protection. More features such as intelligent control, super simple learning, and use, no special maintenance, etc. The RN1S K cup manufacturing equipment is a productivity tool that can really help customers achieve high-quality production of K cups and K shots


In addition, This K-cup manufacturing machine can change molds and produce capsule products of different specifications.

More customizable functions to realize fragrant essential oil filling, weighing induction, multi-language control, and other functions.

AFPAK’s RN1S K cup manufacturing equipment can produce 50-70 capsules per minute, if you need other capacities, you can enter our K cup filling and sealing machines page to choose


ModelAF-RN1S K cup manufacturing machine parameters
Filling head1 head
Filling Accuracy±0.2g
Machine speed3000-4200 cph
Machine size1450*1400*2100mm
Machine weight700KGS
NoteThis is a custom-built machine, so each machine’s specifications will have different. Please contact us get more details


What will you benefit from the RN1S K cup manufacturing machine?

  1. The machine is the exclusive design of AFPAK and has dozens of patents
  2. Chinese and English bilingual control is convenient for customers to use, and our technology can better debug the equipment. We can also add languages according to your needs
  3. Manual and automatic control modes, you can debug your equipment by yourself
  4. Equipped with a vacuum feeding system, you only need to place your coffee storage barrel next to the K cup manufacturing machine, and the machine will automatically supply coffee
  5. High-precision servo filling, the filling range is adjustable, suitable for filling all kinds of powder, small particle products, only need to adjust two parameters to fill different weights and categories
  6. Large-capacity cup cabin and sealing lids cabin, put more materials at a time
  7. Sealing temperature is adjustable from 0-400 Centi degree, No matter aluminum foil, plastic foil, or paper foil, all can be used in the same machine without change any parts
  8. You can understand the operation of the machine in half an hour, and you can operate the machine in one day. It’s so easy
  9. The machine uses single-phase voltage, low power consumption, and can be used in any situation
  10. The RN1S K cup filling sealing machine occupies a small area and has wheels for easy movement
  11. The K cup manufacturing equipment has passed the rigorous electrification test of the European Union and has CE certification, so you can use it with confidence

More benefits, welcome to contact US


☆ Automatic Sort and feed the empty Nespresso capsules (optional function)
☆ Automatic detect whether capsules well loaded on the machine by sensor.
☆ Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 5-7g ( can be adjusted)(Nitrogen flushing here)
☆ Clean the capsules edge to guarantee a clean and strong sealing
☆ Put pre-cut lids (can also use rolled film) (Nitrogen flushing here)

☆ High Temperature Sealing
☆ Output the finished capsules


☆ Inline weight detector
☆ Auto Screw tea feeder
☆ Cutting and putting the filter on the capsule button.
☆ Pack 1/10/20 pcs in one bag machine
☆ Pack 4/10 pcs in one box machine

How to use the K cup manufacturing machine:

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