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Schematic diagram of air compressor and nitrogen generator set connection system:

compressor and nitrogen generator set
compressor and nitrogen generator set

Parameters of 7.5KW/10HP Air compressor

 ModelDS 7.5
 Rated exhaust pressure0.8 MPa
 Discharge volume1.2Nm3/min
 Cooling typeFan Cooling
 Working Tempt.46 ℃
 Exhaust oil content≤3ppm
 Lubricating oil volume4L
 Random initial installation lubricant grade46#
 Noise62DB ±2
Inhale StateTemperature ℃normal temperature
Pressure MPa0.1033
Relative humidity60%
Main MotorRated power HP/KW10/7.5
Speed rpn2980
Starting methoddirect
Voltage V/frequency HZ380V/3 phase/50-60Hz

Using the latest development of the screw compressor mainframe

The special rotor tooth shape provides superior performance for each type of Die

Rugged axial and radial bearings guarantee an extremely long life


WEAR-RESISTANT BUSHINGS with O-rings ground by precision hardening provide high maintainability

Each product has world-class performance and efficiency, with a smaller motor horsepower to produce larger emissions

Users-friendly Human Interface Display Control System

Easy to operate. Simple

Operation State is clear at a glance

To work with you 24 hours a day in case of contamination

Once abnormal factors appear, English prompt maintenance or overhaul

Spare output port can realize multi-unit chain control and remote diagnosis control

Special Filtration System

High efficiency oil-gas separator, make the exhaust gas content less than 3PPM

Highly efficient oil filter to remove impurities in the lubricating oil and provide clean lubricating oil for the nose Rotor / Bearing

A high efficiency air filter to remove dust and impurities from the inhaled air so that the nose Rotor / Bearing Avoids Sun Hua

Equipped with pressure sensor, when the filter block, before and after the pressure difference exceeds the set value, automatic alarm, remind you to maintain or replace

Full set of customized Air Volume Control System

The positive/negative proportional valve feeds the pressure signal 100% back to the servo cylinder and the Intake Control Valve

Air Intake control valve to discharge 0-100% stepless adjustment, so that the air supply and gas consumption consistent, energy-saving effect is better

Temperature Control Valve to set the open / close temperature, automatically adjust the temperature of the oil, so that the best annual status of the oil, to ensure that the exhaust temperature above the pressure dew point temperature, prolong the oil replacement cycle

Minimum pressure valve to ensure the maintenance of collective lubrication required by the injection pressure, reduce the air flow velocity of oil and gas separator, so that the best effect of oil and gas separation, and with one-way Valve Function

Special high-tech micro-computer controller has powerful fault diagnosis and Protection Functions

Open phase protection: Any one or two phases of a three-phase power supply, automatically cut off power

Phase sequence protection: When three-phase power phase sequence is wrong, the machine can not start

Over-temperature protection: Exhaust temperature over the set value, automatically cut off the power supply

No-load protection: no-load for a few minutes, automatic shutdown, the need for gas and automatic start work

Automatic unloading: first unloading, then stop, to avoid the start of heavy vehicles


Specially made new generation of low-power and High-efficiency Motors

High Starting Torque

Insulation, Class F, protective class, IP54

SKF bearings, low noise, Long Life

With refueling device, can refuel when machine is running

Custom pressure controller, SOLENOID VALVE

When the pressure reaches the upper limit, the pressure controller automatically breaks the circuit, and closes the circuit automatically when the pressure reaches the Lower Limit

Through the solenoid valve to switch the circuit on and off for the gas circuit on and off

The precision, reliability and long-term stability of the products enjoy a high reputation all over the world



Main Characters

*The equipment adopts the brand-newly designed filling technique and the service.

*Special bypass design ensures lower energy consumption and higher yielding results.

*Computer-aided operation with the simple technical design makes for easy maintenance of the equipment. * In addition, such equipment has compact structure, which can be easily moved because of small volume.

Technical Parameters:

Nitrogen Capacity5Nm³/hr
Dew Point≤-38℃
Air Source Pressure0.8-1.0Mpa
Nitrogen Pressure0.1-0.65Mpa(adjustable)
Voltage240V single phase 60HZ
Quantity1 set

Main Components List of Nitrogen Generator

NO.NameTypes and SpecificationsBrandCountry
1Carbon molecular sieveMSC-3KT-172JECJapan
2Magnetic valve4V420-15AIRTACTaiwan
4Oil-water separatorAD402-04SMCJapan
5Nitrogen analyzerRange:79~99.9%MEICHENGChina
6Adsorption towerNonstandardZHONGRUIChina
7Buffer tankNonstandardZHONGRUIChina
8Pipe fitting rackNonstandardZHONGRUIChina

3. Air drier

Power0.7 KW
Voltage240V single phase 60HZ
Pressure dew-point2-10℃

Precision filters:

Disposal residues<0.01um
Residual oil content0.01ppm
Quantity3 pieces
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