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QC300D Coffee bag packing machine Quality solution for coffee granules, milk powder, cocoa powder

  • The QC300D Coffee bag packing machine is an automated system designed to fill and seal coffee granules, milk powder, and cocoa powder into pre-made bags with precision and efficiency.
  • It features a user-friendly bilingual touch screen, a stable PLC control system, and adjustable filling volume for versatile packaging options.
  • The machine ensures high food safety standards with stainless steel 304 construction and is compact, mobile, and operates with minimal noise.
Control SystemChinese and English bilingual touch screen, PLC control system
Filling VolumeAdjustable with simple parameter changes
Material CompatibilityStainless steel 304 components meeting food hygiene standards
Packaging ProcessSimultaneous bag opening, filling, sealing, and date printing
Mobility & SizeLightweight with wheels for easy movement, small footprint

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What is the Coffee bag packing machine?

The Coffee bag packing machine is an efficient solution for filling coffee granules/milk powder/cocoa powder into pre-made bags and then sealing. It is generally composed of a powder screw filling machine and a pre-made bag opening sealing packaging machine. It also has some advanced functions such as an automatic feeding system, automatic output system, automatic bag dragging, etc.

If you are still packaging your coffee by hand, this coffee packaging machine is the best helper for your business start. It is not only efficient but also safer to pack your coffee so that your coffee can be better preserved and be loved by more people.

A good machine definitely has more than these functions, you can also enjoy more benefits brought by the machine: you can change the filling range, one machine can make a variety of bag specifications, you can use more beautiful bags, Coffee will be more eye-catching.

One machine is equivalent to the work of 10 workers. It is really a good project with a small investment, high return, and no risk.

Check coffee packaging machine with forming filling sealing function hereCoffee can packaging machine, and if need customize your own machine, welcome to contact AFPAK

Features of coffee bag packing machine:

  • Chinese and English bilingual touch screen control system, simple and direct operation
  • Using the most advanced PLC control system, the operation is more stable
  • The filling volume adjustment is very simple, only need to adjust two parameters to get the desired result
  • The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel 304, which meets food hygiene standards
  • Bag opening, filling, sealing, and date printing can be done at one time. Smooth
  • The sealing temperature is adjustable. Suitable for all kinds of plastic and aluminum foil film sealing
  • The working environment is very clean. Low working noise
  • Use domestic and foreign well-known brand electrical components, from the inside to the outside without perfunctory
  • The machine occupies a very small area and can be placed anywhere
  • The weight of the coffee bag packing machine is also very light, with its own wheels, which can be easily moved

Important parts of coffee bag packing machine

1.Coffee filling machine

coffee filling head of bag packing machine
coffee filling head of bag packing machine

All stainless steel structure, combined or open type transparent material box, easy to disassemble and wash without tools;
Servo motor and servo drive control screw, high response speed weighing system, to ensure high accuracy can be achieved;

parameters of coffee filling head

Material/hopper box25L
Packaging weight1-500 g
Packaging accuracy≤ 500g, ≤±2%
Filling Speed20-60 times per min
Power supply3P AC208-415V 50/60HZ
Machine power0.93Kw
machine weight130 kgs

2. QCD300D Bag Packing machine

(Auto pick bags, open bags, filing, sealing functions)
new mechanical and electrical design
Exclusive research and development of suction bag taking mechanism
All stainless steel frame and electric box
Suitable for different bag types and different materials

Suit for bag width100-300 mm
Suit for bag height120-350 mm
Speed4-15 bags per minute
Power supply1P AC220V 50/60HZ
Machine power0.9Kw
machine weight260 kgs

3. Output Conveyor

output conveyor of coffee bag packing machine
output conveyor of coffee bag packing machine

QC-C2 chain plate finished product conveyor
304 stainless steel
Food grade white PP chain plate
Specific size can be designed according to drawings
Can work independently and use with packaging machine
Simple installation and operation
220V, 50/60HZ, 1P, 0.5KW

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