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dolce gusto cartoner packaging machine

AF-B10 Dolce Gusto Cartoner Packaging machine suits to pack coffee capsules like Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, k cups, lavazza capsules, caffitaly, etc, into boxes with count functions.

The equipment has a wide range of uses, also suitable for car bulbs, LED bulbs, switch sockets, filters, bulk snacks, 502 glue, oral liquid without support, lined cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, electronic industry paper Box vertical automatic forming packaging.


Model No.AF-B10 
Production speed:20-50 boxes per min
Paper box’s largest size230 x 120x 120mm(can be customized)
Paper box’s smallest size60 x 20 x 20 mm(can be customized)
Paper quality of carton250-350g/m3
Motor horsepower1.5KW/H
Power supply220V 50/60HZ single phase
Machine noise≤80dB
Gas source0.5-0.8 Mpa
Compress air consumption260L/min
Machine measurement:L 1100 x  W 1500 x  H 1700 mm
Machine weight450Kg


  • It is specially designed to pack small quantities of multi-size boxes.
  • With low cost and only require small area. It is suitable for various sizes of boxes. The machine is a vertical type with multiple functions and requires a short time to change mold.
  • 304 stainless steel case
  • Advanced PLC Control System Combined with a 5.7” Colorful Touch Screen Control Panel, can easily set and change the packing parameters.


Packing Process:

  1. Push box into star wheel.
  2. Fold box lower small flap.
  3. Press both lower big flaps.
  4. Flatten both big flaps.
  5. Product fall into box.
  6. Fold box upper small flap.
  7. Press both upper big flaps.
  8. Flatten both big flaps.
  9. Product push out.

You can also use hot melt glue to close the boxes


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