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300 cpmin k cup filling machine

Plant K cup Filling Machine To Suit Your Production Style

¿ Are you considering buying a large-volume K CUP FILLING MACHINE?
¿ Are you wondering which output equipment is more suitable for you?
¿ Are you struggling with which machine is best for you?

⟩ AFPAK finds solutions for you
At AFPAK we believe that powering industries help to make them efficient and thus deliver value to the end customer. It is for this reason that we employ our best engineering minds in the manufacture of this fully automatic K Cup filling machine.
K cup filling machine
Three reasons to choose AFPAK K-cup filling and sealing machine
Fully Customized
Our engineering prowess exists to meet your business needs. We tailor our products to fully correspond to your production style. Do you need some tweaking here and there? Contact us and have us fully customize a K Cup filler that ensures you are always ahead of the competitors and you become a market leader.
Innovation Technology
AFPAK continues to innovate and develops world-leading machines. Our machines have solid workmanship, high-precision assembly, complete functions, intelligent control, humanized use, and easy maintenance. It has the fastest speed, the highest filling accuracy, and the best production quality. It is comprehensive, allowing you to focus on marketing
Customized Training
We seek to make sure that all our business partners get the most out of the machinery that we manufacture for them. To make this a reality, we have a fully customized installation and operation training program for you and your machinery maintenance employees. We offer this training in person in China but we also have arrangements that allow us to offer it remotely to our customers that cannot make it to travel to our training centers. Make your whole team knowledgeable in the use of this K Cup filling machine to ensure optimum production and use.
One K cup filling machine produces multiple SKUs
AFPAK’s machines are all versatile, he can help you produce a variety of products and make your product line rich and colorful
ground coffee
Ground Coffee
cocoa powder
Cocoa Powder
milk powder
Milk Powder
ground tea
Ground Tea
And more other powders/granules …
Standard Functions You Can Expect From Our K Cup Filling Machine
Automated Empty Cup Drop – Forget about the nuisance of having to run through processed products to check whether all are filled up. The filler automatically drops all empty K Cups before they reach the sealing section.
We can customize K cup filling machine empty cup storage magazine for you so that you can customize more suitable storage for your site constraints
You can also customize your different cup drop methods, you can use the vertical cup drop method
K cup filling machines filter dropping system
K cup filling machine filler1314
Vibration Coffee Fill – Our machines employ nitrogen flushing technology powered by servo motor to fill 8-13g coffee seamlessly. You also have the option of adjusting this amount to the operation interface.
The filling weight only needs to be adjusted on the touch screen, so our machine can be operated and adjusted very simply to realize a system of filling a variety of materials
All material contact parts are made of food-grade stainless steel 304, which fully guarantees the safety of your materials
There is also a nitrogen filling device in the hopper to protect the freshness of your coffee at all times
We also equip you with an automatic feeding system for coffee and materials. When the material in the barrel is detected to be insufficient, the system will automatically supply materials
Automatic Load Detection – Our machines employ the best sensors in the engineering world to automatically sense whether each K cup is filled to the capacity you set at the beginning of the process.
No Cups, No Fill, and machine stop
No Lids, No seal
The Sensors are from Omron brand
K cup filling machines No lids machine stop1313
K cup filling machine sealing device
Auto Sealing – Once all filling is done, the K Cup filler then automatically seals all the k cups, the sealing temperature is adjustable 0-400 Centi degree,
and The sealing material is made of copper with excellent thermal conductivity,
and the heating tube and heating couple are easy to replace
The heating tube and couple need to be replaced once a year or so, you can prepare more
Welcome to Contact Us to know more functions on our K cup filling machine
K cup Filling Machine Specifications
Working lanes2468
Machine speed70-100 c.p.min150-200 c.p.min250-300 c.p.min350-400 c.p.min
VoltageThree phases. 220V, 50/60hzThree phases. 220V, 50/60hzThree phases. 220V, 50/60hzThree phases. 220V, 50/60hz
Power Consumption20A, 7.5Kw/h25A, 15Kw/h30A, 21Kw/h35A, 28Kw/h
Air comsumption35 scfm45 scfm55 scfm60 scfm
Nitrogen consumption25 scfm30 scfm35 scfm40 scfm
Machine size4500*800*2100mm4600*1000*2300mm4800*1200*2300mm4800*1500*2300mm
Machine weight1200KGS1500KGS1800KGS200KGS
NotePlease contact us to get more informations

Benefits to Get our K cup filling and sealing machines:

  • Fast speed: One machine equals 10 workers or more
  • Stable:Mature technology machines bring you a smooth experience
  • Nice K-cups: Each of your K-cups is the most eye-catching
  • Easy operation: no complicated operation, the machine can be started in three steps
  • Simple maintenance: no worries, novices can easily maintain the machine

Enjoy the Cooperation with AFPAK

  • 2 years shelf life, because of the quality, we dare to promise you a longer shelf life
  • 7*16 hours no time difference service, geographical location distance, service 0 distance
  • Detailed installation and use tutorials, you don’t have to worry and wait, you can install and use the machine when you receive it
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