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nespresso filling machine

An excellent entry-level coffee capsule Nespresso filling machine for you

Are you looking for a startup Nespresso filling machine with:

  • Full Automatic
  • Smart Running
  • Rich Functions

This is what you want: AF-H1

Created with Ingenuity, Just To Give You a Better Experience
nespresso filling machine
nespresso filling machine
10 years of continuous upgrading, now H1 is the machine that knows you best

AF-H1 coffee capsule Nespresso filling machine is an update of AFPAK based on the previous generation of machines, combined with customer feedback and our technical research.

It is an integrated automatic Nespresso filling sealing machine with a full set of functions for producing coffee capsules, including automatic cup drop, automatic filling, automatic cup edge cleaning, automatic film release, automatic sealing, automatic cup discharge, and other functions.

And it can also automatically recognize intelligent functions such as no cup or no filling, no film and no sealing, and automatic detection of coffee powder filling.
Electrical components of internationally renowned electrical brands help it serve you better

In addition, this machine uses single-phase voltage, which occupies a small area and can be used anywhere.

So it is the most ideal equipment you need.

It has all the functions you want

bio nespresso capsules
bio nespresso capsules

functions-of-H1 coffee capsule filling machine
functions-of-H1 coffee capsule filling machine

Standard Function

1. temperature controller2. Touch screen3. Control buttons
4. Capsules drop5. capsules sensor6. Filling with coffee auto feeding
7. capsules edge clean8. roll film cut and seal (Or Put pre-cut lids)9. seal
10. Output to conveyor

Optional Function

1. weight detector: to check the weight after filling
2. Inkjet Printer: to print MFG/EXP date on capsules
3. The second capsules production system

The machine need to work with:

1. 7.5KW/35scfm Air compressor and air drier
2. 5Nm3/h Nitrogen generator or Nitrogen gas storage tank

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