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RN1S Dolce gusto filling sealing machine

RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is a compact and high-efficiency packaging solution to fill coffee/tea/milk/cocoa/soluble powders into the dolce gusto® compatible capsules with a beautiful and tight sealing. This dolce gusto filling sealing machine has a super fast speed, it can produce 40-50 capsules per minute and can run 24 hours without stopping. It has features like multifunctions, smart running, and fully automatic, durable, stable, and reliable running. This machine is mainly built with food grade stainless steel 304 materials and strong iron with anti-rust proceed, safeguarding the safety of food production while the machine is also more solid and reliable. With the electrical components of the world's top-quality brands, it provides you with smarter and more comprehensive functions. This RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is ideal for small to medium production needs, please contact our sales team for more information


4 Benefits to getting RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine

Dolce Gusto cups have a large capacity, good quality, wide application, airtightness, etc. They are very suitable for packaging all kinds of powders and solid drinks. With one machine, you will enjoy:

1- Simple and easy to use: AFPAK has improved the design so that one person can operate the machine and maintenance is easier.

2- Efficient production: The machine not only has a high production speed but also has many intelligent sensing devices to match the high speed and low downtime operation.

3- Small and convenient: The RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine has a small footprint and rollers on the bottom, so it can be easily moved

4- Safe: The whole machine has passed the European CE certification, and electrical safety is fully guaranteed. The powder contact part is made of food-grade stainless steel, the best protection for your food safety. There are several safety induction devices to fully protect the operator's safety.

Parameters of RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine

 ModelAF-RN1S Dolce Gusto filling sealing machine
1Machine Speed2400-3000 cph
2Working lanes1 lane
3Power Source1 phs, 220V/50-60HZ
4Power2 Kw
5Air pressure0.6-0.8MPa
6Air consumption650L/min
7Nitrogen Consumption300L/min
8Working Temperature5-65℃
10Machine Rack sizeL1200*W1200*H1750 mm
11Weight700 Kgs

Samples made by AFPAK RN1S Dolce Gusto filling sealing machine

For more information, please contact AFPAK sales team, we will reply in 4 hours

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