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    Embark on the Perfect Coffee Capsule Production Journey!

    Join the hassle-free world of coffee capsule filling and packaging machines brought to you by AFPAK, the pioneer in manufacturing these innovative machines straight from China. Our expertise lies in assisting you in building a top-notch production line right from the ground up, accelerating your production capabilities efficiently.

    Discover our extensive range of filling and packaging machines tailored for Nespresso, K-Cups, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto, and more, offering rapid and stable customization options to suit your unique needs.

    AFPAK’s cutting-edge equipment has successfully powered operations across 50+ countries and regions, spanning from the United States, Canada, and Mexico to Colombia, Chile, and beyond. Our technology has been a game-changer for over 500 coffee manufacturers, enabling them to craft high-quality coffee capsules with ease.

    Join the global coffee production revolution with AFPAK and witness the seamless creation of premium coffee capsules for your brand!
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    Nespresso Filling Packaging Solutions

    We constantly upgrade NESPRESSO Coffee Capsules Filling, Sealing and Packaging Machines every year, always creating value for you
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    AFPAK k cups solutions

    K cup Filling Packaging Solutions

    We provide K cup filling sealing machines with a variety of output, and customized cartoning machines.
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    Dolce Gusto Filling Packaging Solutions

    Take a look at the most advanced Dolce Gusto filling, sealing and packaging machines. There is always a right machine for you.
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    Other packages

    Other Filling Packaging Solutions

    There are also cartoning machines, bagging machines, and more coffee capsule filling and sealing packaging machines optional.
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    Welcome to AFPAK
    AFPAK: Modernize Your Production

    Since 2010, AFPAK has emerged as a premier global manufacturer specializing in coffee capsule filling, sealing, and packaging machines.

    With an unwavering commitment to quality, AFPAK focuses on crafting top-tier, dependable machines tailored to meet diverse customer needs.

    At the heart of our success lies our team of seasoned experts who serve as our core strength. Every AFPAK employee is not just a worker but a valued partner. Leveraging their extensive experience, our dedicated team passionately integrates the most dependable and cutting-edge technology into our machines.

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    What Our Clients Say…
    • “Your Coffee Capsule Filling machine is working very well here. Thank you very much! I will definitely buy more machines from you. Hope that will be very soon.”
      Machine working very well
      Okuka from Canada
      “I am thinking to sell my first Russian filling and sealing machine. It is like a Russian automobile! But your H2 coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is Mercedes, very very good! Run without any problems! I like it very much. Soon I will buy the second machine.”
      Your machine is Mercedes!
      Victor from Russia
      "My machine is running and I think the machine is beyond my imagination and great! I thank you very much for making this great machine."
      Beyond my Imigination and great!
      Hwang from South Korea
    • "Your machine is much better and faster than the machine I bought from others."
      Better and Faster machine
      Mansur from Turkey
      "Dear Monica and Jeffrey, I would like to thank you for the excellent support that I received from your company in establishing my new Nespresso capsule filling/sealing machine Professional information before ordering. Good impression during my first visit: professional and very clear information collected. Very smooth order process
      Full respect for the delays. The machine was ready to ship the week it was agreed. Efficient second visit for the machine commissioning: machine was ready and running perfectly"
      Satisfaction letter from France
      Guillaume from France
      "Thank you for all your help. Your expertise and help in engineering my K cup style filling system and support equipment has been awesome!"
      Awesome equipment and support
      Olson House Coffee in USA
    Featured Equipment

    2024New Edition

    K cup Filling Machines

    50-400 capsules per min

    The most innovative and modern features offered to the filling industry for coffee products.

    You can also pack cocoa, tea products

    • Flexibility • Ease of use • Reliability

    • High filling accuracy • Automated and smart operations

    The Latest upgrade

    Dolce Gusto Filling Machines

    The most suitable filling and sealing machine for Medium and Large businesses; 100-300 cpmin Machines to choose

    The machine can fill Coffee granules, milk powder and Cocoa

    • Big capacity • Reliable running

    • High filling accuracy • 24 Hours Non-Stop Smart Running

    70 cpmin Nespresso coffee capsule Packing Machines


    2024 NEW MACHINE | The Best Seller for small and entry-level business

    One machine can produce many different capsules. Small layout but with fast speed

    • Flexibility • Ease of use • Rapid change-over • Automated and smart operations


    Coffee bag with Degassing valve Forming Filling Sealing Machines


    The most suitable and popular machine to pack coffee into bags.

    It can produce many coffee bags of different sizes.

    • Flexibility • Ease of use • Servo motor feed film • High accuracy filling


    Cans Filling Packing Machines


    This machine is designed for different sizes of cans of beans, granules and liquid and for carbonated drinks as well.

    • Flexibility • Ease of use • High accuracy filling

    100-300 cpmin Coffee Capsule Filling Packaging Machine Line
    Specially designed to fill and seal Nespresso, K-cups, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto Capsules and then pack them into boxes.

    Widely used for random-drop shape boxes and for special arrangement boxes

    • Flexibility • Ease of use • Ability to change over for different capsules • Automated and smart operations


    The special packaging machines are designed to transform the requests of customers, who need customized solutions, into high-efficiency industrial plants that produce superior quality packaging.

    New Arrival of Filling Packaging Machines

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.
    Is China manufacturing coffee packaging machines right for my company?
    If your company stands to lose market share because of the high costs associated with materials processing, assembly, or packaging, then AFPAK manufacturing should be seriously considered.

    If you want to start your coffee capsule filling sealing packaging business and don’t want to be bothered with complicated machine use and maintenance, AFPAK’s equipment will make Your Business Easier.

    If you want to expand your market with better coffee capsule products, or you want to make your coffee capsules into a variety of products, AFPAK will help you get there quickly.

    Afpak is your best choice if you want to have your own coffee capsule production line with multi-function, high precision, high efficiency, low labor and at low cost.
    Can I visit your factory in China?
    Absolutely. Sincerely welcome! Visiting the AFPAK factory can be beneficial and interesting, but it is by no means required. We have many customers that visit our factory annually. But we also have other customers that have never stepped foot in China.
    How long need to build my coffee capsule filling machines?
    Normally our Order Lead Time is 30-50 working days.
    What do I need to get started?
    We use the items and information described below to quote suitable machines for your product:

    Samples or their pictures
    Detailed requirement on your machine
    When will you need?
    You have indicated that you guarantee quality. What does that mean?
    AFPAK takes care of every part of the manufacturing process. And most importantly quality. We ensure that the machines we’ve produced meet the standards you’ve defined. Our confidence comes from the feedback from our existing customers, all of whom have become AFPAK’s most loyal friends.
    What's your after sale service terms?
    Our Global quality warranty is 2 years!

    All the machines are already installed and tested before shipping. When you get the machine, you can run it easily.

    we offer video/book step-by-step manuals to help you run the coffee capsule filling machines. and we can also send you the technicians to your factory if you need them.

    Videos and manuals are offered to help you run the coffee capsule filling machines. Our technicians can visit your factory if necessary.
    Video/Voice Call is available at any time. Our well-trained experts will solve your problems rapidly.
    It is our great pleasure to help you to start up and run the machines smoothly!
    To help you achieve your business success is our greatest motivation.

    Read our blog

    The latest news from AFPAK about coffee packaging technologies and industry trends.

    Skyrocket Your Coffee Capsules Business Today!

    To produce high-quality capsules, let more people enjoy your coffee, spread your premium coffee to the world with AFPAK’s High-End coffee capsules filling, sealing, and packaging machines.
    Our rich manufacturing experience will become the foundation of for your rapid growth.
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