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Welcome visit AFPAK at HotelEx Shanghai Exhibition 2024

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Meet AFPAK at HotelEx Shanghai Exhibition 2024 Booth No.: 7.1F52 Date: March 27th to March…

Meet AFPAK at HotelEx Shanghai Exhibition 2024

Booth No.: 7.1F52

Date: March 27th to March 30th, 2024

HotelEx, taking place in 2024, is a significant event for the coffee and food industry. AFPAK’s participation for the fourth consecutive year highlights its commitment. At the event, we will unveil an innovative filling and sealing machine for premium coffee and beverage products.

  1. Event Details:
    • Dates: March 27th to March 30th, 2024, spanning four days.
    • Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) with an extensive exhibition area covering 400,000 square meters across 14 pavilions
  2. Purpose:
    • It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations, technologies, and products in the hospitality and catering industries.
  3. Highlights:
    • Exhibitors offer a wide range of hotel supplies and catering equipment, catering to the needs of hotels, restaurants, and related businesses.
    • Special features like “Discover Good Products” highlight quality products and innovations in hotel and commercial spaces.
  4. Networking and Business Opportunities:
    • Provides a professional platform for industry players to network, exchange ideas, and explore business opportunities
AFPAK @ Shanghai HotelEx 2023
AFPAK @ Shanghai HotelEx 2023

Overall, the 2024 Shanghai Hotel Supplies Exhibition presents an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in the food service and hospitality sector.

Reviewing 2023 AFPAK At HotelEx Shanghai

Last year, AFPAK showcased the RN1S rotary coffee capsule filling and sealing machine and the HB210 linear coffee capsule filling sealing packaging production line at the exhibition. We produced over 10,000 products during the event to demonstrate the features and functionality of these two equipment series to customers. The demonstration received unanimous praise from the audience.

AFPAK at HotelEx Shanghai 2023 4
AFPAK at HotelEx Shanghai 2023

We also showcased some of the customized filling and packaging solutions we’ve implemented for clients, engaging in detailed discussions on creative specifics and envisioning a diverse future.

AFPAK @ Shanghai HotelEx 2023 2
AFPAK @ Shanghai HotelEx 2023

During the operation of our equipment, it garnered attention from the audience, with many capturing the smooth operation of Chinese automation equipment using their smartphones.

AFPAK @ Shanghai HotelEx 2023 3
AFPAK @ Shanghai HotelEx 2023 3

Welcome, friends, to AFPAK’s HotelEx Shanghai booth. Let’s look forward to what surprises this year’s equipment will bring.


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