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Aluminum Containers Forming Machine

The AF45T aluminum container forming machine introduces the benefits of automation to the production of aluminum containers like coffee capsules, food trays, and drinks containers. This system can auto-feed aluminum sheet materials, auto-cover lubrication grease, auto-forming the containers, auto collect the final products.
Easy to operate, small footprint, economical and durable, it is your first choice for production


What can the AF45T Aluminum containers forming machine do for you?

AF45T Aluinum containers forming machine has a wide range of uses, you only need to change the mold to use it to produce various aluminum packaging containers. It is simple to use and requires only one person to operate the device. It is solid in workmanship and has a variety of specifications for you to choose


Auto feed aluminum sheet
Auto put Lubrication grease
Auto punch and form
Auto collect products
24 hours non stop produce
50-60 circles per min
45-300 T
Solid workmanship
Customize molds
CE certificates
Great support
Fast delivery

AF45T Aluminum containers forming machine videos

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How it works, getting started is easy

AF45T aluminum containers forming machine has rich functions, it can help you produce more beautiful aluminum security containers

50-60 circles per min

It is a new split non tension feeding structure developed according to high-end wrinkle free products.

Aluminum sheet lubrication system

Better protection of materials and molds

Punch and form the products

High-precision molds and stable pressure make the molding effect more guaranteed

Collect final products

Enlarged collection chamber for better protection of the final aluminum container

Now, Enjoy the Profits

One person can complete these tasks, stable and efficient


Tech specificationunitAF45T
Nominal force of sliderKN450
Nominal force travelmm4
Slider travelmm250
Number of strokesFixed次/min80
Maximum mold heightmm760
Die height adjustment amountmm80
Distance from the center of the slider to the machine bodymm440
Distance from columnmm630
Slider bottom sizeLeft and   rightmm410
front and backmm340
Die shank hole sizeDiametermm50
Table plate sizeleft and rightmm810
Front and backmm440
Table distance from the groundmm900
Power of electric motorKw7.5

Aluminum containers

These aluminum containers samples are made by our machines

We can also customize the molds and machines according to your aluminum containers shapes and sizes

1-2 months delivery, Economic but quality solutions !

Filling Sealing Machines for the aluminum Containers

AFPAK can customize the filling sealing machines according to your aluminum containers shapes and sizes. We have 20-400 pieces per minute machines for you choose, just let me know your requirement.

RN1S Model

The most popular solution: 30-70 cpmin

H1/2/4/6/8 model

Fast speed with 20-50 circles per min

Customize solution

Can customize the machine according to your requirement

Skyrocket your own production for aluminum containers right away

Cost saving, high quality, fast delivery | these are our promises to you


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