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2024 Quality K cup filling and sealing machines -AFPAK

The ideal manufacturer of your K Cup filling and Sealing Machines and packaging machines

How can you quickly produce your own K-Cup products? How can you improve your K-cup production efficiency? AFPAK offers you the best K cup filling sealing packaging solutions.

Features of AFPAK’s K cup filling sealing packaging machines:

  • USA maintenance center
  • Easy to use and maintain 
  • Fast speed: 50-400 cpmin
  • Easy changeover to produce different capsules
  • Small layout
  • Save Labors: 1-2 people enough to run machines
  • Fast response: 4-8 hours response for any questions
  • 14+ years manufacturing experience
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K cups per minute

K cups machines have been produced

CE 2014/35/EU
CE 2006/42/EC


RN1S Model
K Cup Filling Machine

50-70 cpmin ★ Best Seller ★

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    1. Small layout: Unrestricted by space, production can occur anywhere
    2. Fast Changeover: Produce K-cups and Nespresso capsules with one machine
    3. Easy to use: Learn to use the equipment in less than 30 minutes
    4. Quick Delivery: Delivery within four weeks of placing an order.
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HB410 K-cup Filling Sealing Packaging Machine

200-400 cpmin ★ New Arrival ★

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    • High Output: A powerful tool for increasing production and expanding capacity.
    • Fully Featured: Fill, seal, and cartoning all in one machine.
    • High Quality: Globally renowned electrical components combined with high-strength mechanical parts ensure high efficiency and minimal downtime.
    • Online Service: Available 24/7 to address any production concerns you may have.
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Wholesale Kcups Packaging Supplies

We have both welded/separated k cups

The out cups use PP#5 recyclable materials and inside filter use paper or fabric filters

also have 2.0 compatible sealing lids materials with custom designs printing, and packaging boxes for pack 12-18-24-36-96 cups

Can Keep your coffee for at least 12 months

Small MOQ, Low Price! Quick Delivery!Order now!

Diverse Array of aFPAK's K Cup Filling sealing Packaging Machines

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    Advantages of AFPAK k cup filling packaging machines

    • scalability

      All our machines are capable of filling various materials and accommodating production with different cup sizes

    • Stability

      We meticulously select materials and electronic components, with our designed and manufactured with extensive experience, ensures a stable and reliable user experience for you.

    • safety

      We not only ensure the safety of your investment but also prioritize your operational safety.

    • Economical

      AFPAK's machines are more cost-effective option for filling and packing k cups. No need to replace or do daily maintenance.

    afpak k cup filling packaging machine 2
    afpak k cup filling packaging machine 2

    Recognized by over 50 coffee companies across the USA.

    From New York to Los Angeles, from Miami to Fargo, AFPAK machines are already operating successfully in over 50 coffee company factories. Praised for their user-friendly operation and reliable performance, our equipment earns high marks from satisfied customers. Join this thriving operational ecosystem and make your coffee dream a reality.


    Quality & Fast delivery

    When it comes to quality control, AFPAK never compromises. We utilize globally renowned electrical components and integrate them into structures designed and produced in-house, ensuring our customers receive the optimal solutions. Moreover, we continually strive for standardized production, guaranteeing our clients receive their equipment in the shortest possible time. Join us and experience excellence firsthand.

    afpak factory
    afpak factory

    Your K cup filling packaging machines will produced here

    As the top 1 manufacturer of k-cup filling and packing machine in China, we have accumulated 14+ years of production experience, served more than 100 coffee companies and helped them to grow by leaps and bounds.

    We have a strong team of engineers who can quickly customize a complete K cup filling and packaging line for you; our highly trained sales team can give quick and precise answers.

    We have been designing and manufacturing machines from the customer's point of view with the aim of "producing higher quality equipment for our customers", which is also well received by our customers.

    If you have a need to produce single serve k cup products, please feel free to contact AFPAK.

    afpak coffee capsule filling machine manufacturer

    AFPAK is great! We customized our K cup filling machines for our business, AFPAK was very responsive, and they made sure that we got what we need! 

    Sebastian Enrique

    Production Manager, Mia Coffee Company

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you’ll find answers to some common questions around ordering your own K cup filling sealing and packaging machines. Every order is little different though, so don’t hesitate to reach out with anything else you might be wondering. 

    AFPAK’s K-Cup filling and sealing machines provide coffee companies with an efficient and precise solution for packaging ground coffee into single-serve cups, sealed with aluminum foils. This system enhances product quality while saving labor.

    These machines can fill K-Cups with coffee, cocoa, tea, milk powder, and more, accommodating 8-13 grams per single-serve cup.

    The K-Cup packaging machine is sometimes also referred to as the K-Cup cartoning machine.

    AFPAK’s K-Cup packaging machine streamlines the process by efficiently placing filled and sealed K-Cups into boxes. Its versatile features include automatic box opening, sequential cup placement, and box sealing, all operable by a single person.

    This machine can be customized to package different configurations, such as 2*3*2 (12 counts), 3*3*2 (18 counts), and 4*3*2 (24 counts) cups per box. or 50 cups packaged in bulk per box, etc

    Yes, To provide faster and more accurate quotes for you, please let us know:

    1- What kind of capsules do you want to produce? K-cups? Nespersso? Dolce Gusto? or others

    2- What functions do you want to have on your machine? Filling? Sealing? Cartoning?

    3- How many capsules per min do you want to produce?

    4- What do you want to fill inside the capsules? How many grams?

    Once we get your inquiry, normally we will response in 4-8 hours

    For newly launched or small-scale coffee companies, if you need to produce K-Cups or other coffee capsules, we recommend the RN1S model K cup filling sealing machine for the following reasons:

    • Small Production Capacity: The RN1S machine offers adjustable speeds ranging from 11 to 60 cycles per minute.
    • High Precision: Both filling and sealing precision of the RN1S reach world-leading levels
    • Compact and User-Friendly: Through multiple updates and iterations, you can learn to use and maintain the machine within just one hour.
    • High Quality: The RN1S is equipped with electrical components from renowned brands such as Schneider, Omron, and Airtac. Coupled with solid craftsmanship, it ensures stable and durable production.

    You can inquiry RN1S model K-cup filling sealing machine now!


    For the U.S. market, we offer door-to-door shipping services, including sea and land transport to your factory doorstep, as well as customs clearance and payment of import duties.

    If you require this service, please provide your factory address, and we will contact our logistics company for a quote.

    Typically, the delivery time to your doorstep is 8-10 weeks.

    For other markets, we provide shipping services to the nearest port, so please also provide your company address for us to inquire about shipping costs.


    The main feature of AFPAK filling packaging equipment is its ability to be compatible with multiple cup sizes, requiring only faster replacement parts.

    Generally, for the RN1S model, the replacement time for parts is within 30 minutes, while for the H series, it varies from 1 to 2 hours.

    However, this feature is optional and not mandatory, so please inform us before placing an order if production of multiple cup sizes is required, so that we can customize the equipment accordingly.

    AFPAK also provides high-quality empty K-Cups and sealing films. With low minimum order quantities and competitive pricing, we offer door-to-door delivery service. Feel free to contact us for price inquiries.

    The Empty k cups MOQ is 100,000 pcs, price is 0.055USD/pc with door to door shipping


    You can send us your design drafts, and we will examine the printing colors and provide design suggestions. Some designs may not print clearly if they are too small.

    Additionally, we use high-speed professional printing equipment, so the minimum order quantity for a single design draft is 300,000 pieces.

    For new designs, we charge a plate-making fee of $100 per color for the first time. The entire production cycle takes 20-25 days.


    You can send us your design drafts, and we will examine the printing colors and provide design suggestions.

    The MOQ for each design of the cartons are 3000 pcs

    The entire production cycle takes 20-25 days.

    All machines are manufactured in China by the AFPAK team.

    We strictly adhere to internationally leading design concepts and principles, ensuring precise manufacturing of components. Experienced technicians handle installation and debugging.

    Before shipping, each machine undergoes three rounds of testing, with every device running continuously for 10,000 cycles in our factory before delivery to you.

    Therefore, quality is fundamental to our existence

    OFFER Custom-build Service

    AFPAK offers Custom-built K cup filling and sealing machines service for higher speeds and different filling materials requirement.We also have a filling and sealing machines to produce K-shots and one-cup capsules. Just contact us freely for any need.

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