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communion filling machine DPB80 new

DPB800 communion filling machine is an entry-level machine to form the cups, fill juice, and seal.

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What is the Communion cup?

The sacrament cup is a liturgical vessel for ceremonies, a variant of the chalice, used only by the congregation.

The communion cup is usually small.

It can be as small as a glass.

They can be designed as small beakers or miniature versions of ordinary worship cups.

It can hold 7.5 ml, 1/4 oz liquid, and 1 small biscuit, can have many forms

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What is the Communion Filling Machine

Communion cup filling machine is a kind of equipment used for the filling and sealing of communion cup beverages

A good communion cup filler machine should be able to realize the functions of cup body forming, beverage filling, and sealing, and high-end equipment can also automatically pick and place biscuits to realize fully automatic production.

AFPAK is to customize the equipment according to customer needs. Our DPB800 series equipment is well received by customers as an entry-level equipment

He can automatically complete all the basic functions, one person can operate it,
The communion cup filling equipment can thermoform beautiful and strong cups from PVC or other materials roll.
It can also be filled accurately without spilling liquid
More beautiful sealing and cutting
Able to produce high-quality communion cups

Our equipment has CE certification and meets European and American production standards
The communion filling machine is compact, uses single-phase voltage, and can be used in all regions

The equipment has a stable and reliable performance and can realize 24-hour production.
It is also very simple and easy to use, anyone can learn how to use and maintain it in a short time

We also have higher speed communion cup filler machines for you to choose,

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Standard Functions of Communion cup Filling Machine:

  • Forming the cup
  • Filling the juice (±1%)
  • Hand put biscuit (can also pick and place by machine)
  • Sealing
  • Date printing
  • embossing
  • cutting
  • Output to the conveyor

Main features of Communion Filling Machine:

  1. Adopting the latest domestic high-power transmission mechanism, the main drive shaft is driven by the chain, eliminating the error and noise of other gear transmissions.
  2. The electrical appliance adopts the imported control system, which can configure the missing material leakage compensation device and the missing particle detection rejection device according to the customer’s requirements.
  3. The whole machine adopts a segmentation combination: PVC forming, feeding, and heat sealing are one section, tropical aluminum cold forming, heat sealing, and blanking can be divided into sections for split packaging.
  4. the use of a photoelectric control system, PVC, PTP, hard aluminum packaging automatic feeding, waste edge automatic punching device to ensure ultra-long-distance multi-station synchronization stability.
  5. can be equipped with a photoelectric detection and correction device, equipped with imported stepper motor traction, graphic printing and packaging, optimized packaging grade.
  6.  the machine applies: capsules, plain tablets, sugar coatings, capsules, injections, shaped and other medical devices, light food, electronic components blister sealed packaging.

One-Stop Communion Cup Solutions from AFPAK

In order to save your time and costs, we can also offer you

  1. Pharmaceutical grade PVC and other materials
  2. Food and drug aluminum film sealing film
  3. Air compressor system
TypeLinear type
Driving typeMotor and cylinder drive
Machine speed10-40 tubs p min
Max Forming area and depth80*110*26 mm
Standard plate80*57 mm can be customized
Machine size (around)1600mm* 600mm* 1100mm
Machine weight (around)450KGS
VoltageMake to your local votalge
Air consumption0.6-0.8MPa, 0.2³/min-0.3m³/min
Power consumption0.75Kw/h
PVC Rigid Sheet0.15-0.15*80 mm
PTP aluminum foil0.02-0.035*80mm
Mold coolingTap water or recycling water
NoiseLess than 75dBa
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DPB 800 Communion filling machine working video

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