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Master the art of producebeautiful products

The special filling packaging machines are designed to transform the requests of customers, who need customized solution, into high-efficiency industrial plants that produce superior quality packaging.

AFPAK’s 12+ years of experience, combined with its entrepreneurial philosophy, makes it possible to creat machines capable of dosing and packaging a wide range of food products: from coffee to teas, from granules to liquid products.

Cold brew coffee, freeze-dried coffee, tea granules, coffee beans, commnion cups… it is not necessary to limit the imagination: AFPAK designs targeted solutions for the most particular requests.

It is in the coffee and tea sector that AFPAK has set a new standard by introducing cutting-edge packaging technologies. Since 2010, AFPAK has been creating solutions that allow the best preservation of the most loved beverage in the world, guaranteeing the artisanal quality of the product.

Part of the products that AFPAK's machines produced


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