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[Manual] "host location stuck" error? How to fix?

When using AFPAK’s filling and sealing machines, if you encounter a touch screen displaying “host location stuck” error, what is the cause? How to fix it?
This article will explain to you how it works and how to maintain it.

host location refers to the machine’s main motor location, while host location stuck refers to the main motor having a foreign object stuck in his operation.When you encounter a host location stuck, you need to look at:1. whether there are parts stuck in the machine’s running mold plate platform, if there is a foreign object blocking the running of the mold plate, then please remove the foreign object, generally speaking, like sealing film suction cups and head position misalignment, easy to cause the mold plate blockage can not move forward2. Check if the torque sprocket above the main motor is loose?

orque sprocket on the main motor

Please use a wrench or screwdriver to re-lock the sprocket

Finally, when you have done the above, please press the black stop button below the touch screen to clear the alarm before restarting the device.

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