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Preparation Before Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Real Production

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What should I do after receiving my Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Machine? After you received…

What should I do after receiving my Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

After you received the wooden box of the rotary coffee capsule filling machine at your factory, unpack it and unwrap the plastic tapes, and then you need to do several preparation works before starting your real production.

These works may take you several hours.

Before the power on

What should we do before powering on the machine is assemble each component to the main machine.

First, arrange a forklift to remove the K cup filling machine from the wooden box and place it in a proper position.

Then, follow the initial installation instructions(usually a video made by the manufacturer) to assemble all the parts to the main machine one by one.

(Such as the output conveyor belt or vibrating empty capsule sorter.)

Then, plug in the power supply (pay attention to whether the plug matches your local jack).

As for the nitrogen generator and air compressor, assemble them, connect them to the main machine and plug in their own power supply.

Run the air compressor and freeze dryer for several minutes and then confirm from the pressure indicator that the compressed air reached the proper pressure(0.6~0.8MPa).

(The nitrogen generator can be left on this time.)

You need to use a suitable air switch according to the rated power of the machine.

Before trial production

Power on K cup filling machine(turn on the power switch and pressure reducing valve on the machine) and confirm lighting inside the machine with no alarms.

Check inside the machine, confirm that every functions are in their positions and there are space between each function and the table.

This check is to ensure the table is not stuck.

Confirm from the pressure reducing valves that the compressed air reached the proper pressure(0.6MPa around).

Confirm the language in the screen is English.

Turn on temperature controller in the screen.

(Confirm on the right side of touch screen, temperature display screen is lighting up.)

There will be totally two sets of heat sealing unit if the machine use roll stock film.

Press the “manual/auto” button in the screen to switch into “manual” mode in which you can freely select the functions to be performed.

Push yellow [JOG] button at the bottom of control panel 10 ~ 20 times slowly and confirm the jogging is smooth.

Change the page into operation functions page in the screen, and confirm that no function was turned on(all function buttons are gray except for the heating).

Push green [RUN] button on the right of yellow [JOG] button, let machine run for 5 ~ 30 minutes without capsules, films or coffee, and then confirm that the table turns smoothly and no any weird noise.

Test all the functions one by one by pressing a function button on the operation functions page(the pressed function button will turn green) and then pushing green [RUN] button to run each function for several seconds.

Confirm each function is running smoothly.

Trial production

After all the preparations above, we can try to produce some coffee capsules.

At first, prepare about 3kg coffee, put them into a tank, and then insert the suction tube of the vacuum coffee loader into the tank.

Press [ON] button in a small control panel of vacuum coffee loader to start filling coffee into the hopper inside the machine.

(Fill the hopper more than 50% full.)

Set filling parameters in the touch screen as stated in the following article.

Or follow the video guidance below.

Install the roll stock film as shown in the following video if your machine has this function.

Pay attention to the sealing side and unsealing side of your roll film and make sure the sealing side is down.

Load pre-cut lids to the lids holder if your machine is equipped with it instead of roll stock film cutting system.

Turn on the heater in the touch screen, and confirm from the temperature indicator beside that temperature reaches the set value a few minutes later.

There will be more than one temperature indicator if your machine uses roll stock film.

If your machine is equipped with “Inline weight checker” function, then do the following initial setup.

First open the control box in the lower part of the machine, find the weight indicator, and confirm whether the current displayed value is ZERO.

If it is not ZERO, maybe the gravitational acceleration is the reason of this deviation, then do the calibration operation as shown in the following video.

Then set the scale weight value(equal to filling weight), upper and lower limit according to the following video.

After closing the control box we are done with the weight checker initial setup.

If your machine is equipped with “Vibrating empty capsule sorter” which is used for sorting empty capsules prior to they being loaded to the capsule molds, then do the following preparations.

Press [ON] button in a control panel under the “vibrating empty capsule sorter” to turn it on.

(There are two control panels close to each other which are both on the capsule sorter’s base, one is for itself and another is for the horizontal vibrator beside it.)

Put about 100 empty capsules(depending on you) into the sorter, let several empty capsules automatically line up at the exit tunnel(top of the horizontal vibrator).

Put about 100 empty capsules(depending on you) into the capsule holder if your machine is equipped with it instead of the “Vibrating empty capsule sorter”.

Set the machine speed to 45 or 50 cups/min or a lower number (normal speed).

Switch running mode to “Auto”.

Push green [RUN] button, run your rotary K cup filling machine for several capsules or even all the capsules you loaded into the machine.

Pay attention to the powder leakage rate from the filling nozzle during this production process.

To get a pause, push red [STOP] button to stop running immediately.

To finally end this production, press “Drop cup” function off on the operation functions page(function button turns gray), then no more empty capsules will be fed to the table and machine will stop when it finished all the capsules on the table.

Or you can just wait until the machine run out all the empty capsules you loaded into the capsule holder.

Confirm the result of this trial production.

·the sealing quality

·the filling accuracy

·the unqualified products rejection rate(when equipped with inline weight checker)

·the brewing(check them on coffee brewing machine)

Any unexpected result occurs, contact AFPAK Jeffrey in time.

Complete this preparation

The last thing we need to do is to do a little cleaning and shut down.

If you are not ready for the actual production right away, then do the following things to complete this preparation.

First, clean the hopper and vacuum the coffee loader as shown in the video.

Then, return them to their original position and clean the rotary coffee capsule filling machine inside.

(Including the table, suck powder head, cutter and the heat sealing head(can wait for it to cool down).)

Then, shut down the air supply on pressure reducing valve and power off the rotary coffee capsule filling machine.

At last, shut down the air compressor and then the freeze dryer.

(Shut down the nitrogen generator firstly if it has been turned on.)

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