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AFPAK K cup filling machine gives you the most delicious coffee

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From Starbucks direct trains to homemade cold brews, when you drink coffee in the morning,…

From Starbucks direct trains to homemade cold brews, when you drink coffee in the morning, there seem to be countless options.

However, Afpak Keurig single-serve brewing systems are still one of the most popular methods of caffeination, mainly because of their convenience


K cup satisfies the desire of modern people for instant gratification, without too many obvious “consequences” of instant pleasure.

There is no need to clean the coffee machine or the quilt after drinking a cup of delicious coffee. Honestly, how annoying is it to pour out and refill the coffee beans, rinse off the coffee pot and fill the coffee machine with water? My espresso machine is covered with dust.


Coffee has long been a beverage that has taken the world by storm.

In recent years, various chain coffee shops have opened one after another in the world, and coffee consumption has reached a new high every year.

Do you also have the habit of drinking coffee every day? This article will introduce the benefits of drinking coffee, as well as the effects of caffeine and precautions for ingestion.

How to Fill your own K cups by AFPAK K cup filling machine

K cup filling and sealing machines

How AFPAK K cup filling machine fill your own K cups

1. Empty K cups drop into the molds

When you receive it, the empty K cups are neatly arranged one by one. You only need to put k cups in the special storage container of our machine.

2. No cups No filling sensor

The most important step of intelligent production, that is, if the sensor detects that there is no cup in the mold when the machine is running, then the missing cup mold will not move during the subsequent filling and sealing process.

3. High accuracy filling

The accuracy of filling is very important, and it is also an important indicator to distinguish whether a piece of equipment meets production standards. AFPAK’s K cup filling and sealing machine can ensure high-precision filling and at the same time ensure that the entire work surface is clean, and no powder will be scattered over the entire surface.

4. Clean K cups edge

It is very important to ensure that the sealing surface is clean and there is no coffee residue, so AFPAK’s K cup manufacturing machines are also equipped with a cleaning mechanism with a patent certificate. It can effectively remove the residual magazines and make a solid foundation for perfect sealing

5. Pick and place Pre-cut lids

Your film will be placed in the film silo we designed for you, and the machine will automatically pick and place the film

6. Sealing

Our k cup filler machine will ensure that your sealing surface is beautiful and strong, and the sealing stability can be adjusted according to your different material characteristics (manual adjustment is required)

7. Output

After k cups is filled and sealed, the machine will automatically output.

8. Optional functions

In addition to the above functions, you can also equip the following:
8.1 Conveyor system
8.2 Count and Split system
8.3 Roll film applied
8.4 In-line weighing system.

Benefits of drinking coffee

In fact, besides its refreshing effect, coffee can also help lose weight and improve sports performance. Here are ten benefits of drinking coffee.

1. Refresh and refresh

I believe that many people regard coffee as a refreshing drink. Indeed, the caffeine contained in coffee can block adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that can promote sleep. In addition, caffeine can also increase adrenaline and dopamine, which has a refreshing effect.

2. Burn fat

Many studies have shown that caffeine can increase the metabolic rate. However, it is recommended to consume only black coffee, because if you add creamer, sugar, milk, etc., the calories will increase, which defeats the purpose of burning fat to lose weight.

3. Sources of antioxidants

For Taiwanese whose diets are now largely westernized, many people may not eat much green vegetables and fruits a day, resulting in reduced intake of antioxidants. Instead, coffee is the most suitable source of antioxidants in addition to fruits and vegetables.

In addition, coffee can also help cells fight against the attacks of free radicals, and the chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid contained in coffee can eliminate free radicals. (Same scene: What is allicin? Chop garlic and leave it for 10 minutes to become the strongest anti-cancer food)

4. Help burn fat, improve endurance and athletic performance

Caffeine can not only increase the secretion of adrenaline, but also help burn fat and produce free fatty acid, which can be used as fuel for physical activity. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) research also pointed out that caffeine can increase strength and endurance during exercise. It is no wonder that many people will have a cup of coffee before going to the gym.

5. Prevent diabetes

The main cause of Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance, or the decrease in insulin secretion capacity. Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In addition, the chlorogenic acid contained in coffee can reduce the speed at which glucose enters the bloodstream, and can also prevent the development of insulin resistance.

6. Prevent liver cancer and colorectal cancer

Coffee has the effect of preventing liver cancer (Liver cancer) and colorectal cancer (Colorectal cancer). According to a research report on Science Direct, people who are used to drinking coffee on weekdays have a 40% lower chance of developing liver cancer. If you drink more than four cups of coffee a day, you can significantly reduce the chance of liver cirrhosis by 80%; Drinking 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day reduces the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 15%.

7. Can prevent dementia

Dementia (Dementia) is the general term for all dementia-related diseases. Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) is one of them, commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease, which usually occurs in people over 65 years of age. Since there is no cure, generally speaking, regular exercise and healthy eating can only be used to prevent symptoms. People who drink coffee have a 65% lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease than others. .

8. It can prevent Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson’s disease)

Parkinson’s disease, like Alzheimer’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disease, and it is equally incurable. People who have the habit of drinking coffee will have a lower chance of getting Parkinson’s disease, because the effect comes from caffeine. If you drink decaffeinated coffee, there is no effect.

9. Reduce the chance of stroke (Stroke)

For people who usually drink coffee, the increase in blood pressure is actually very small, or even has no effect, but it is still recommended that people who have symptoms of hypertension (Hypertension) drink coffee only in moderation. And there is currently no research showing that caffeine increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, but caffeine reduces the risk of stroke.

10. Reduce mortality and extend lifespan

Coffee has the effects of protecting the liver, preventing cancer and burning fat, thereby helping to extend life. Two studies by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicate that drinking coffee can reduce male mortality by 20% and female mortality by 26%.

AFPAK K cup filling machine K cup filling and sealing machines are the solutions to fill ground coffee inside the specially made cups and then seal with aluminum foils. It has the functions of filling, sealing, nitrogen filling, intelligent induction, etc. Good equipment should have high stability, high filling accuracy, strong and beautiful sealing, coffee can have a longer shelf life, simple maintenance, etc. You can fill coffee, cocoa, tea, milk powder, etc into the K cups and fill 8-13 grams in one cup.

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