Nespresso capsules are becoming increasingly popular today because of their simplicity, ease of use, and time-saving benefits.

Whether you are new to Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines or are considering adding Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines to your product lineup, you may be interested in how these machines work.

Today, we'll take a step-by-step look at the process of turning an empty Nespresso capsule into a shelf-ready finished product...

Introduction to Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines

Nespresso filling and sealing machines can be designed in either linear or rotary layouts. In today's article, we will take a closer look at the rotary layout. This design saves floor space in the factory, is fully integrated, and built with ergonomics and operation in mind, making it more popular than linear models

In short, the rotating Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines grip or separate empty nespresso capsules, fill them with coffee, grip and place the pre-cut foil or cut the roll film, and then seal them at speeds of 50-400 capsules per minute. The process involves separating the capsules in a non-stop rotation to different capsule bins in a circular layout. Each bin is then filled and sealed by a different station. There are usually 6 to 10 stations, with 8 being the most popular configuration. nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines can also be designed with single, double, or four lanes. Here's how the nespresso packaging process works

1. Nespresso capsule Loading

Capsule storage in front of Packaging Machines. The capsules are placed vertically and automatically dropped by the separator to the machine.

2. Coffee feeder

When the sensor detects that the coffee in the silo needs to be replenished, the vacuum feeder will automatically run and connect it to the raw material container, and a constant flow of coffee will be replenished to the filling silo, which can hold up to 5 kg of coffee for space consideration, and keep the coffee liquid by constant stirring for the next filling.

3. Tamping and cleaning

The coffee spills easily in the capsule after filling, so pressing and cleaning up afterward is equally important. Before sealing after filling at the Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines, this station is integrated into the filling port and does not take up separate space, but works pretty well.

4. No capsule no fill and no lids no seal

If the capsules run out and are not filled, the machine stops filling and alerts the operator with an alarm, and by the same principle, the machine detects if the sealing film is placed or cut.

There are two sensors near the bottom and top of the conveyor shaft to detect the presence of capsules and sealing film. If they are not detected, the filling and sealing station will not start.

5. Coffee Filling

Options at the filling station include:

6. Flavor Nespresso and Other Options

Sometimes customers need an aroma system to add flavor to the nespresso. This station put the liquid flavor into the nespresso after filling.

7. Attractive and Strong Sealing

Can coffee stay fresh for a long time? Is the finished product beautiful and eye-catching? Is the quality of your product acceptable to your customers? To meet these requirements, a strong and attractive seal is essential.

Different materials, different sealing time, and pressure, that they need different sealing temperature, if it is plastic and aluminum foil, the sealing time within half a second, then we recommend that the temperature is set to 220-240 degrees Celsius.
Also, pay attention to the sealing film sealing layer and the cup material is compatible, not compatible material, it is impossible to seal.
Usually, heat sealing is sufficient for normal needs, but you can also use ultrasonic sealing.

8. Optional functions

These are the necessary functions and features of an excellent device, when allowing you to also choose other features include:


Producing a high-quality Nespresso compatible capsule is easy, all you need to do is find the right equipment, and prepare the coffee and the packaging materials.

But finding a good coffee capsule packaging machine is not easy, you need to understand and verify many factors, such as how filling efficiency, filling accuracy can be guaranteed, whether the seal is firm, whether the nitrogen content is high, whether the operating efficiency of the whole machine is good, whether the use and maintenance of the machine are complicated and difficult to understand, etc.

AFPAK has developed the most suitable nespresso production equipment based on more than 10 years of experience in nespresso capsule packaging machines equipment, based on continuous feedback from customers and continuous technical refinement and upgrading, and now thousands of coffee companies around the world are using our equipment to produce high specification nespresso coffee capsules, we have various sizes of equipment to meet the needs of different customers, the machine function is perfect, high production efficiency, good quality of the finished product, the equipment is easy to use and maintain, you can start producing your own coffee capsules without the help of our technicians!


AFPAK researches designs and manufactures Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines. For over 12 years, AFPAK has expanded to over three factories that deal in coffee capsule filling packing machines, and empty capsules, among others.

All machines and equipment are CE and GMP compliant. The latest in its product line is the new era of AFPAK fully automatic coffee capsule packaging machines.

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Jeff Fang (General Manager)


Tel: +86-156-188-66167



Today our company sent out the customized HB210 coffee capsule filling and sealing packaging machine from our Chilean customer.

shipping of HB210 coffee capsule filling sealing packing machine
shipping of HB210 coffee capsule filling sealing packing machine
Shipping of coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machine
Shipping of coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machine
Shipping of coffee capsule filling packing machine
Shipping of coffee capsule filling packing machine
shipping coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machine
shipping coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machine

This is our first cooperation with this Chilean customer, from the preliminary confirmation of machine details, the actual production of the machine and the inspection, we have completed it meticulously and professionally, and gained the customer's approval. We believe that we will have more and deeper cooperation in the near future. AFPAK has always been working hard to provide professional one-stop service to our customers, and the HB210 machine is a good example of our efforts, as it can quickly change parts to produce different cups, and it can achieve 10 hours of non-stop production, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the customer's factory.

In the production process of the machine, we always uphold the concept of making customers use it for a longer time, in the design we refer to the world's leading technology combined with our own technical strength, in manufacturing we insist on using good and strong materials and electrical components of the world's leading brands, coupled with our engineers with more than 10 years of empowerment, making the machine become the top coffee capsule filling and sealing packaging equipment in China!

It is Monday and you feel not that energetic as you were traveling during the weekend or taking care of young kids or busy with housework that you want to stay longer on the bed to get better refreshed, even for 5 minutes more. But you have to get up when the alarm goes off again, as you have to catch the bus for work. You are still a bit tired and you would like to get a cup of coffee to gain energy. The instant coffee machine just bought a few days ago sort of bucks up your energy as you could get a cup of tasty coffee in no more than 5 minutes. Your energy is replenished after drinking instantly-made coffee.

This is the daily scene for most of us. As one of the world's top 3 most popular non-alcohol drinks(the other 2 are cocoa and tea), coffee has become part of our lives and helped us to get ourselves together and ready for full-day work, eliminating our fatigue. We all know it could replenish our energy and relieve tiredness. But we do not know in detail how coffee works. Here those details are revealed to deliver you a better understanding of the coffee and its relationship to your health.


The benefits of coffee

Though there is a lot of negative news on drinking coffee, moderate coffee drinking that 2-4 cups of coffee are consumed a day could bring some benefits.


 Coffee contains caffeine which is in general not harmful to our body ( but harmful to those who are allergic to caffeine who should keep away from coffee or only drink coffee without caffeine), provided if you are not drinking excessively. Coffee can help with keeping up our spirits. When we just arrive at the office or after a lunch break, a cup of coffee would be the best drink to enable us to stay in shape for our work through the day.

Based on some research, caffeine could benefit our bodies by:

  1. Enhancing the logical thinking ability.
  2. Possibly lowering the risk of developing Parkinson's disease and Alzhemimers.
  3. Possibly preventing you from suffering from gallstones by promoting postprandial gallbladder contraction and emptying and reducing the formation of cholesterol which might generate gallstones.   
  4. Boosting one’s energy.
  5. Activating the central nervous system.

   Drinking coffee will help stimulate the central nervous system, refresh the brain and shorten our reaction time, which leads to the acceleration of the human body’s metabolism. Thus the fat or calorie are burnt in a faster way. That means drinking coffee could help us lose weight to a certain extent.

Improves athletic performance in aerobic and anaerobic conditions (However, it is not recommended to drink caffeine when someone prepares for the sports event. It is just unfair to all the competitors.)

 It is proven that coffee consumption would help enhance our bowel movement by provoking or activating our digestive systems. Sometimes when we encounter constipation, a cup of espresso would help stimulate our bowel movement. However, please keep in mind, if you are regularly constipated, better consult your doctor for medical advice and do not just have the illusions of drinking coffee to solve those kinds of issues. Besides, you have to note that if drinking coffee results in often going to the bathroom and even diarrhea, you are likely allergic to coffee and should stop drinking it.

Coffee helps boost urination and cut down the risk for kidney stones.

Coffee is pretty good after the meal when you have consumed lots of greasy food, such as meat and seafood. Those things are hard to digest and could be a burden to our digestive systems. Coffee will improve the movement of our stomach and intestines and nourish our digestive systems to eliminate that greasy food in a more efficient way. But we can not always consider coffee as any type of medicine. As going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short, we should pay attention to the amount of coffee we drink every day and identify the most suitable amount for us.

The nutritive value of coffee stems from its main components which are fat (non-esterified fatty acid), protein, carbohydrate, inorganic salt gallotannic acid, magnesium, etc. Drinking coffee helps with oxidation resistance with antioxidants inside coffee beans and this effect would be stronger if the coffee beans are roasted, as antioxidants are increased after this process. Magnesium and antioxidants together would lower the blood sugar level and possibly reduce the risk of diabetes.

The original taste of coffee is bitter, with a peculiar smell, containing alkaloids such as caffeol and caffeine, which are used as medicines for anesthesia, diuresis, and cardiotonic drug. Coffee drinks are much healthier than energy drinks and one can drink coffee each day.

That nutrition from coffee is what our body lacks in and it could boost our metabolism and activate the digestive systems’ function, which could be greatly helpful to constipation. Even some research suggests that using ground coffee while showering is one kind of thermotherapy that might help lose weight.

Caffeine inside coffee could stimulate gallbladder contraction and reduce the cholesterol level which leads to gallstones. There is research displaying that 3 or 4 cups a day could help men lower the risk of getting gallstones. But everyone should notice that firstly coffee is not a medicine and one should never consider it as a cure for any kind of disease. Secondly, coffee is not for everyone and anyone who does not feel well after drinking coffee should get away from it. Thirdly, never drink coffee excessively that once a certain limit is reached, a change in the opposite direction is inevitable. For more details on the side effect of drinking coffee, the readers could find them in the following context.

Negative sides of drinking coffee

Coffee lovers are all around the world. According to Science, there are 2.2 billion cups of coffee consumed on a daily basis. But still coffee is not for everyone. Coffee could bring about plenty of benefits as we have discussed above but at the same time, it might cause some negative effects on some people’s bodies. Here we would like to introduce some negative sides to drinking coffee.


The heart is the most important organ to our body it is the engine of our body. It provides blood circulation for the whole body. And the blood carried the nutrition from our digestive systems to all of our organs at the same time to carry off all the “rubbish” or toxic or “waste” generated by all of our organs, so to refresh our whole body. That means the great significance of the functions of our heart. Heart disease is a relatively common type of circulatory system disease. The circulatory system is composed of the heart, blood vessels, and neurohumoral tissues that regulate blood circulation. Circulatory system diseases are also called cardiovascular diseases, including all the diseases of the above-mentioned tissues and organs. They are common diseases in internal medicine, of which heart disease is the most common. Heart disease can significantly affect the patient's labor force. The heart is affected by external or internal factors that cause disease, such as coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, infectious heart disease, endocrine heart disease, hematological heart disease, nutritional metabolic heart disease, etc.

Some research, however, suggests that to some people, coffee consumption would lead to the risk of getting heart disease as the contents inside coffee would stimulate the heart. So people with heart problems should avoid drinking coffee. Or if they really love it, try to get advice from their doctors. When you feel uncomfortable after drinking some coffee, you should go to the hospital immediately and consult your doctor. Do not hide anything from your physician. It is always the greatest thing to ourselves that is to cure a disease before it is worse.

It is suggested by some research that drinking a lot of coffee would cause bone degeneration (osteoporosis). Osteoporosis means the bone density and bone quality are reduced, the bone micro-structure is destroyed, and the bone fragility is increased so that the systemic bone disease is prone to fractures. Symptoms of osteoporosis are ache, deformation of the spinal column, and bone fractures. People who have Osteoporosis may have lower back pain or body aches, pain that aggravates, or restricted movement. When the body load increases, there would be difficulties in turning over, sitting up, and walking in severe cases. People with severe osteoporosis may have shortened height and hunch back. Compression fractures of the vertebral body can cause thoracic deformities, compression of the abdomen, and affect cardiopulmonary function. Fractures that occur without trauma or minor trauma are fragility fractures. It is a low-energy or non-violent fractures, such as a fracture from a station height or less than a station height, or a fracture that occurs due to other daily activities. The common sites for fragility fractures are the thorax, lumbar spine, hip, radius, distal ulna, and proximal humerus.

And this could happen to some ladies after menopause. Bone density might not be maintained for a lot of ladies after menopause. Thus it is likely for them to get osteoporosis. And drinking coffee would result in calcium losses that lowering the bone density. If they drink a lot of coffee on daily basis, there would be more calcium losses so the high probability of getting the risk of osteoporosis. That means to maintain a healthy body and enjoy a better middle-age life, ladies after menopause are suggested to drink less coffee. Just take water as the replacement.

Stomach disease is a collective term for many stomach-related diseases. They have similar symptoms, such as upper abdominal gastric discomfort, pain, fullness after meals, belching, acid regurgitation, and even nausea and vomiting. Common clinical gastric diseases include acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastroduodenal compound ulcer, gastric polyps, gastric calculi, benign and malignant tumors of the stomach, as well as gastric mucosal prolapse, acute stomach dilation, pyloric obstruction, etc. The most common are upper abdominal discomfort or pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. The symptoms of gastritis and duodenal ulcer are burning pain in the upper abdomen, especially between two meals, before breakfast, or after drinking orange juice or coffee. Severe cases may have tarry stools, black stools, or bloody stools.

Caffeine from coffee can cause increased stomach acid. For some people who have stomach problems themselves, drinking coffee can make them worse, especially those with gastric ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, and other diseases, which can make this disease more serious. Therefore, people with stomach problems should drink less coffee in order to maintain their health.

For young women, drinking coffee regularly could also be quite negative for the body that it could easily lead to a lower chance of pregnancy. For some women who want to have a baby, they should drink less coffee as much as possible, so as to keep the body healthy and so that they could successfully conceive and be a mother-to-be.

Many people are worried about caffeine. Caffeine can be mentioned as refreshing and refreshing, and it is precise because of this effect of caffeine that it may also affect our sleep. The metabolism of caffeine takes about 8-12 hours. If you drink coffee at dinner, half of the caffeine is metabolized in the body when you sleep, and the remaining half of the coffee will affect sleep. One wants to sleep, but he or she can't fall asleep. It feels uncomfortable at all.

Coffee is particularly effective for refreshing and anti-fatigue, but it also has certain disadvantages, so you should usually choose whether to drink coffee according to your own indications. In addition, you should pay attention to the following suggestion when drinking coffee.

Suggestion to drink coffee:


To sum up, it is best not to drink under 12 years old.

To conclude, it is impossible to list all those types of people who should not drink or drink less coffee in this article. But here is one thing we all should know. If we have a certain disease or we have worries about coffee consumption, we need to consult our doctor on drinking coffee. If we consume coffee and find that there are some side effects shown by our body, we should know that the body is telling us not to drink coffee. We need to stop drinking it and go to see the doctor. All in all, when we have any kind of negative body condition, we need to pay close attention to and go to see the doctor. Health comes first.

AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine Arrived in Factory of AFPAK’s Customer in Hungary

AFPAK is glad to inform you that our customer from Hungary has received his newly purchased AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine, delivered by China-Europe freight train, which took about 1 month. The machine has started to function smoothly in his factory, boosting the factory’s productivity and helping customers gain their business. Here are photos presenting the arrival of the AFPAK machine in his factory.

Machine arrived in Hungary Sorce: AFPAK
Machine arrived in Hungary Source:AFPAK

AFPAK’s Hungary customer is an expert in the coffee market, with rich experience in coffee capsules production, marketing and selling. His business is all around the EU and America, with factories located in UK, Hungary, and USA. Years of business in coffee market has developed him a sharp sense of coffee demands, that he is able to quickly identify the new needs or future needs of various type of coffee products from local customers.

When he saw the chance to expand his business, to seize the opportunities, he started to look for new machines to meet his requirements. It was not an easy journey to get the coffee capsules filling and sealing machine that was good enough to what he had projected. It was about the machine’s quality and efficiency, initial budget, freight charge, after-sale service, etc. After 1-year long-time research that he had contacted EU local suppliers and suppliers in various Asian countries, he finally made the decision to purchase AFPAK’s H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine, taking machine quality, price, and service into consideration.

AFPAK has been working closely with this customer for over 2 months to customize his needs into the production of the machine by patiently identifying which machine would suit his needs most and what kind of adjustment could be made to maximize the productivity. With the engineer’s rich experience in manufacturing AFPAK coffee capsules filling and sealing machines and the ultimate service provided by the experienced sales team, the customer was convinced that AFPAK’s machine is the best choice and would greatly help with the expansion of his business. Under the circumstances of a coronavirus outbreak the customer would not be able to come to the factory for a test, AFPAK was there online for 24 hours and 7 days a week, ready to answer all those questions raised by this customer. AFPAK presented the videos of manufacturing and tests of the machines and how the coffee capsules are filled and sealed, confirming every detail with the customer time and time again until he was satisfied.

This process has led to a better understanding and trust of the customer in AFPAK’s coffee capsules machines. The customer has been persuaded that AFPAK is a reliable business partner and he is amazed by the craftsmanship spirit of AFPAK’s engineers who are not only working hard to complete the manufacturing and deliver the machine in time but also in pursuit of applying the latest technology to the machine to enhance the machine’s efficiency in production. AFPAK even works dedicatedly on the machine’s appearance, attractive to some extent and space-saving, that the operator could see how inside machine works through the glass door. In the end, even with the manufacturing of the first machine not completed, the customer has decided to purchase the 2nd AFPAK’s H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine, as he now deeply knows that AFPAK provides the machine that meets all his requirements, in terms of price, quality of the machine, outlook of the machine, AFPAK’s great service, and so much more.

AFPAK firmly believes that the new machine would help enhance the customer’s productivity and improve their efficiency in producing the premium-quality coffee capsules, thus attracting more customers and expanding his business to another level.

AFPAK not only aims to help

AFPAK stands out based on that most of its new customers become its regular customers (we all know that machines like coffee filling and sealing machines can last for ages or even for decades) who turn to us again when they are planning to build new factories to expand their business or turn to us to purchase coffee capsules to meet their ever-growing business demands. Even those customers who are not looking for AFPAK coffee filling sealing machines come back to us for other kinds of supply requirements out of their trust in our machines operating in their factories. AFPAK would always love to help any customers with any sort of demands, as AFPAK is firmly convinced that customers come first and service is AFPAK’s business. In AFPAK's point of view, the coffee filling sealing machine received by AFPAK’s customers is not the end of our relationship with customers, but the beginning-the beginning of keeping in touch with our customers to guide them on how to operate AFPAK’s machines and eliminating all their concerns and the beginning of providing further value-added services.

To help readers or coffee machine business owners better understand AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine, details on this machine are revealed below



AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine


Filling head1 head
Filling Accuracy±0.2g
Machine speed1800-3000 cph
Machine size1800*700*2000mm
Machine weight700KGS
NoteThis machine is customized based on the requirements of customers, so each machine's specifications will be different.


  1. AFPAK H1 producing premium quality Nespresso pods, is popular among small business and start-ups who just begin to enter the Nespresso pods market.
  2. With a high speed at 1800-3000 cups per hour of production and the perfect sealing, capsules produced could stare longer without any change of its freshness.
  3. High-concentration nitrogen filling are also applied in this machine for better keeping the freshness of the coffee, making it possible for customers at home to enjoy a cup of coffee of quality close to that made in a coffee shop.
  4. A small footprint is needed to place the machine (1800*700*2000mm).
  5. There are more advanced technology applied for a stable and highly efficient performance.
  6. It will not take much time for customers to learn to run and maintain the AFPAK H1 machine. With proper short-term training, anyone could manage to operate and maintain the machine smoothly that customer do not need to hire a professional technicians.


For pre-cut lids

Cups are dropped to the pits of the conveyor for further filling and sealing process.

There is an Automatic detect sensor on the machine to identify if every single pit on the conveyor is loaded with empty coffee capsules. If there is no cup, there will be no filling process carried out.

Servo motor is equipped to help fill the coffee capsules through vibrating, with the weight of each about 5-7g, which is adjustable based on your needs. At the same time, the Nitrogen to keep the freshness of coffee is being flushed.

The capsules’ edges are cleaned and the coffee capsules are pressed tightly with Nitrogen being flushed here.

Pre-cut lids are then put on tightly with Nitrogen being flushed here. There is a sensor here to detect the pre-cut lids. If there is no pre-cut lid, the capsule will not be sealed.

The lids are sealed on the coffee capsules by high temperatures around 200-300 degrees.

The capsules are then output to the conveyor for other operations.

Finally, the well-filled and sealed capsules are produced and output.


For rolled film

Most of the procedures are the same as that of coffee capsules with pre-cut lids. But there is an added procedure of cutting the lids.

Cups are dropped to the pits of the conveyor for further filling and sealing process.

There is an Automatic detect sensor on the machine to identify if every single pit on the conveyor is loaded with empty coffee capsules. If there is no cup, there will be no filling process carried out.

Servo motor is equipped to help fill the coffee capsules through vibrating, with the weight of each about 5-7g, which is adjustable based on your needs. At the same time, the Nitrogen to keep the freshness of coffee is being flushed.

The capsules’ edges are cleaned and the coffee capsules are pressed tightly with Nitrogen being flushed here.

  Rolled films are cut to form the lids for capsules.

Cut lids are then put on tightly with Nitrogen being flushed here.

The lids are sealed on the coffee capsules by the high temperatures around 200-300 degrees.

To ensure the lids are firmly put on the coffee capsules, there will be a second time of film sealing by the high temperature around 200-300 degrees.

The capsules are then output to the conveyor for other operations.


Main functions


And more

Optional functions

☆ Inline weight detector
☆ Auto Screw feeder
☆ Cutting and putting the filter on the capsule button.
☆ The machine of packing 1/10/20 pcs in one bag

☆ The machine of packing 4/10 pcs in one box

AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine is generally used to produce biodegradable, plastic, and aluminum Nespresso capsules and other types of capsule products such as K cups, Lavazza capsules, dolce gusto pods, etc. It is a continuously upgraded machine equipped with the latest technology. AFPAK’s over 10 years of coffee capsules machines and highly-skilled engineers have increased the performance of the machine greatly. With a small size 1800*700*2000mm, any small factories, startups, or companies who are just entering the coffee business market could store them in a narrow space (wheels could be equipped that it is very convenient to move the machine and adjust its location), while it meets customer’s requirements of coffee capsules productivity. It is one of the most suitable machines for business at the early stage.

With PLC, touch screen operations, and more automatic functions in the machine, customers of AFPAK could be able to learn with ease how to run and maintain the machine, which is time and labor-saving. Key functions such as automatic pods, sorting for biodegradable pods, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic cup-out function, material shortage alarm, and more greatly enhance the efficiency of the machine.AFPAK’s philosophy of manufacturing is to keep the machine’s operation simple.

AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine is stable that could be possible to run for years or decades, with high-quality material and PLC of the well-known brand such as Omron applied. The machine is well structured which is easy to assemble, though when customers receive the coffee, it is already in one piece. This enables customers to carry out maintenance to the machines themselves. Besides, AFPAK’s sales team works closely with customers after the sale. For any issue, the team is ready to help solve it 7 days a week.

Please kindly note that an air compressor would be required for AFPAK H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine. Also to supply nitrogen, you would need to rent a nitrogen tank from the local areas or use a nitrogen generator to provide the nitrogen to the machine. Here AFPAK could offer a complete system to customers according to their needs. If you have any concerns about those, you are always welcome to contact AFPAK for more details.  

However, H1 Model Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine is just one of those many machines manufactured by AFPAK, which is suitable mainly for small businesses. AFPAK provides other types of coffee capsules filling sealing machines fit for any kind of coffee capsules business level. AFPAK firmly believe that our machines would be those of the best choices for all coffee type business.



 Why AFPAK will be your best and ultimate choice of a business partner to manufacture the top-quality coffee capsule for your coffee business?

Over 10 years in manufacturing, AFPAK has been mainly focusing on the production of coffee capsule filling and sealing machines. AFPAK’s engineers are rich in experience of various types of machines. But AFPAK has mostly dedicated himself to the coffee capsule filling sealing machines out of our great interests in the coffee business (we are also capsules coffee lovers) and firm faith in focusing on one thing and perfecting it. The goal of AFPAK is to manufacture the topnotch machines with the greatest productivity meet our customers’ needs based on AFPAK’ main advantages such as rich experience, the superiority of price, machines of premium quality, fast delivery, excellent after-sales service, a great variety of coffee capsule filling sealing machines, etc.

AFPAK’s team has been working in the field of coffee capsules filling and sealing machines for over 10 years, manufacturing machines for over 200 companies from North America, South America, EU, Asia, etc, and has received respect and lots of positive feedback from our customers. AFPAK has gained a great deal of experience in identifying top-quality materials by working closely for years with our material supplies and designing the machines by persisting in that every part of the machines should not be useless but can contribute to improving efficiency in production. For instance, AFPAK’s one of the most popular products - RN1S is the combination of artistry and practicability which has an attractive appearance to some extent, is space-saving with its small size (1450*1400*2100mm) but is efficient in filling and sealing coffee capsules (50-70 capsules per minutes).

Prices of coffee capsules filling and sealing machines are not cheap, varying from 20,000 dollars to even over million dollars. However, AFPAK’s coffee capsules filling and sealing machines have great advantages in prices. Most of the suppliers in the EU or America offer good quality machines at very high prices, as the materials (mostly made in China) are in general not produced locally, indicating that the material delivery cost increases the prices of machines. Besides, the labor cost, rent fees, salaries, and all other types of costs of those suppliers are over 1.5 times that in China, which are all added to the prices of machines eventually. Some other suppliers in South Asia could offer cheaply priced coffee capsule filling and sealing machines. For those, firstly they have to import most basic materials from china with that cost added to the prices. Secondly, they are mostly new manufacturers with some of their owners from China, which means they are not comparable to AFPAK in terms of experience and product quality.

Most customers are satisfied with our machines and they are actually surprised by how the machine could run smoothly. Rarely have there been the feedback of issues for operating the machines over the years. Those customers, in general, become our regular customers who would come back to us to purchase more machines to expand their business and even those customers who do not need coffee capsule machines come back to us for consulting on other kinds of demand as they have built up trust on us. AFPAK’s coffee filling and sealing machines are superior in quality as we only use the top quality materials and some of the significant parts are from big brands such as temperature controllers from OMRON, touch screen, and PLC from Schneider, OMRON, Mitsubishi, or other famous brands.

Further, AFPAK has conducted a strict quality control process. Firstly, there will be quality control over materials that are carefully screened one by one. Secondly, finished machine control will be conducted over 3 times and videos of running the machine will be sent to customers for further suggestions. AFPAK will keep adjusting until the customer is satisfied and capsules are filled and sealing completely. Thirdly, before shipping, a final inspection will be carried out to ensure the machine is well assembled and loaded.

AFPAK will work closely with customers on the production scheduling and delivery time. Machines are mainly shipped by cargo ships or by China railway express to European countries. All machines are shipped directly from the factory. Before shipment, the machine is generally assembled to save customers time so that they can operate the machines right away.

AFPAK is online for 7 days a week, ready to answer all customers’ questions and help solve their concerns. AFPAK believes that selling the machine is not the complete part of the business but just the beginning, the beginning to provide service for customers to run and maintain the machines. AFPAK’s engineers are always ready for video calls for customers.

AFPAK provides a great variety of coffee capsule filling and sealing machines and is firmly convinced that the key to being successful in business is that the customers’ needs are well met. And to meet their demands of instant coffee consumption, the quality including the taste and the freshness of coffee from capsules is what all businesses should pursue. Besides, business owners should always keep abreast of the times as the preference for instant coffee of customers would change over time. Some companies follow the trend by paying a lot of attention to the changing tastes of customers or the rise of new generations that they are always keen on researching in the coffee market. Some top companies have keen eyesight that they are betting on something new they are creating would be highly possible to lead the trend. Once they are successful, they eventually become the leading enterprise in the world such as Nestle, ILLY, LAVAZZA, MAXWELL, KREISKAFFEE, etc.

All in all, the most significant things for any coffee capsule business owner to focus on are customers’ requirements. Once the requirements of customers are identified, the next key thing is to find what are needed to fulfill all those demands, which are good quality of coffee powder (generally, it is considered to use the coffee beans from those countries such as Brazil, Columbia, and Vietnam where the temperature and fertile soil are most suitable to grow coffee beans.), high-quality coffee capsules that AFPAK believes that the biodegradable coffee capsules would be the future trend as the whole world is paying more attention to and promoting the products of environmental protection, and premium quality machine that could well load the well-ground coffee powder into the capsules and seal it tightly. AFPAK firmly believe the machine we provide would suit your requirements.

You are welcome to visit AFPAK’s factory of intelligent manufacturing.  

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