coffee capsules and sealing lids

100% biodegradable coffee capsule Nespresso compatible

Empty Nespresso capsule Best Compatibility Nespresso Compatible biodegradable Coffee Capsules One stop coffee capsule packing solutions, only in AFPAK. What can we offer: 1. Biodegradable coffee capsule / Normal PP MATERIAL coffee capsule 2. High quality coffee capsule filling sealing machine 3. coffee capsule Sealing lids 4. Air compressor to run the machine 5. Nitrogen…

k cup filters – single serve nonwoven Disposable keurig coffee

1) The K cup filters holder is done in special way to resist the efforts of sealing and put into the cup.
2) With a weight less of 1 gr. To economize the final cost and protect the environment.
3) Special design to keep the space between one and other in order to give enough space to our filling and sealing machine to drop and press it into the capsule.
4) Paper material is strong enough, it would not be broken easily.
5) FDA certified, BPA free.