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Coffee in Dubai: Unveiling the Taste of Top 10 Coffee Companies

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Dubai, a pulsating metropolis synonymous with luxury and innovation, is also a haven for coffee…

Dubai, a pulsating metropolis synonymous with luxury and innovation, is also a haven for coffee enthusiasts seeking the finest brews and experiences. Embracing the rich coffee culture that permeates this vibrant city, we delve into the top 10 coffee companies that define the caffeinated landscape of Dubai.

  • Raw Coffee Company
  • Spill the Bean
  • Emirati Coffee Co.
  • The Brass
  • Five Elephant
  • Common Grounds
  • Tom&Serg
  • Nightjar Coffee
  • Third Wave Café
  • Café Rider Custom Roastery

Raw Coffee Company

Located in the core of Al Quoz, lies an extraordinary sanctuary for connoisseurs of specialty coffee, known as Raw Coffee Company. Brimming with a fervent dedication to ethical sourcing and the art of in-house bean roasting, this establishment offers a remarkably unique and remarkable coffee experience.

Spill the Bean

Nestled within the cosmopolitan landscape of Dubai, the establishment known as Spill the Bean exudes an alluring atmosphere while steadfastly adhering to its commitment to serving only organic, fair-trade coffee. As such, it has managed to attract a discerning clientele comprising both local residents and visitors from around the world 

Emirati Coffee Co.

Emirati Coffee Co. has gained recognition as an exceptional producer of premium Arabic coffee blends, establishing itself as a valuable local asset. The company’s expertise lies in seamlessly harmonizing traditional roasting techniques with contemporary methods, resulting in an unmatched and distinctive quality.

The Brass

The Brass café presents a highly sophisticated environment that aims to captivate customers with its refined atmosphere. Complementing this ambiance is an immaculate assortment of coffee offerings, thoughtfully crafted to tantalize the senses of discerning patrons. The café further enhances the experience by offering an exquisite selection of pastries, meticulously curated to harmonize with the coffee selection. 

Five Elephant

Five Elephant is a prominent coffee establishment that has successfully merged the distinctive flavors of Berlin with the ambiance of Dubai, offering a commendable array of meticulously chosen coffee beans and employing refined brewing techniques. As a result, the coffee connoisseurs at Five Elephant assure their patrons of an unrivaled European-style cup that is bound to leave a lasting impression. 

Common Grounds

Located within the serene surrounds of the Mall of the Emirates, Common Grounds presents itself as a flourishing establishment where patrons can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere while indulging in exceptionally crafted coffee beverages.


om&Serg, an influential establishment in Dubai’s coffee culture, has played a leading role in defining the city’s flourishing coffee scene. Renowned for its distinctive industrial-chic ambiance, as well as its unwavering commitment to consistently delivering exceptional brews, Tom&Serg has garnered widespread acclaim and become an essential destination for coffee aficionados.

Nightjar Coffee

Located discreetly within Alserkal Avenue, Nightjar Coffee exemplifies an exceptional and pioneering approach to coffee, showcasing a remarkable commitment to sustainability. Each sip offers an extraordinary and unforeseen experience to its patrons, unveiling a realm of novel possibilities in the world of coffee consumption.

Third Wave Café

Aligned with its name, Third Wave Café distinguishes itself by enhancing the coffee drinking experience through meticulous brewing techniques, ensuring that every cup epitomizes a steadfast commitment to the art of coffee making.

Café Rider Custom Roastery

To indulge in tailor-made coffee blends, one should mark Café Rider Custom Roastery as an essential destination. The exceptional dedication they devote to delivering personalized coffee experiences truly distinguishes them from others in the industry.

In the vibrant tapestry of Dubai’s coffee culture, these top 10 coffee companies stand as pillars of excellence, each offering a unique journey through the world of coffee craftsmanship.

coffee in Dubai

As you explore Dubai’s diverse coffee scene, make sure to indulge in these exceptional experiences that promise a cup of excellence in every pour.

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Embark on a caffeinated adventure across Dubai and savor the diverse flavors crafted by these renowned coffee companies, leaving you with memories of exquisite brews and delightful moments.


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