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Coffee Pod Filling Machine For Sale

12+ Years Quality Manufacturer Of Coffee Capsule Filling Machines And Packing Machines. We Will Help You Build A Coffee Pod Manufacturing Line.

Coffee Pod Filling Machine For Sale

Capsule Loading
Capsule storage in front of Packaging Machines. The capsules are placed vertically and automatically dropped by the separator to the machine.
Coffee feeder
The vacuum feeder will automatically run and connect it to the raw material container, and a constant flow of coffee will be replenished to the filling silo.
Tamping and cleaning
Before sealing after filling at the Capsule Packaging Machines, this station is integrated into the filling port and does not take up separate space, works pretty well.
Capsule detection
If the capsules run out and are not filled, the machine stops filling and alerts the operator with an alarm, and by the same principle, the machine detects if the sealing film is placed or cut.
Tamping and cleaning
Gas flush. This improved atmosphere process replaces the oxygen in the capsule by using a leaky gas, usually nitrogen. Dust collection. For dusty or dry coffee products, place a dust hood below the filling station to collect particles.
Strong Sealing
Different materials, different sealing time, and pressure, that they need different sealing temperature, if it is plastic and aluminum foil, the sealing time within half a second, then we recommend that the temperature is set to 220-240 degrees Celsius.

Coffee Pod Filling Machines

One-Stop Coffee pod filling solution.
RN1S coffee pod filling machine
RN1S K cup Filling and sealing machines are our best-selling model because it is easy to use, easy to maintain, high precision and excellent stability, and has won the love of all customers.
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H1 coffee pod filling machine
We have built this machine to produce K cups, K shots, and similar cups.
This is a customize-built machine, you can use your own designed capsules in this machine.
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H2 coffee capsule machine
AF-H2 Dolce gusto filling sealing packaging machine is the solution to fill coffee in Dolce gusto capsules, close and pack with Nitrogen gas.
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RN1S coffee pod filling machine
The AFPAK AF-H4 K cup manufacturing machines can produce 4 k cups for each time and produce up to 12000 capsules per hour.
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H4B10 Coffee capsule machine
This is a fully automatic line with incorporates a variety of sensors that allows it to detect and smartly decide how to respond to the presence or absence of cups, lids, coffee, air pressure, temperature, position, etc.
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Other packaging solutions
We not only build coffee capsules filling sealing machines, but also build the bags/box packaging machines for our customers.
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Coffee Pod Samples

What kind of coffee pods can our machines produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about capsules and filling sealing packaging machines
  • How to fill nespresso capsules ?

    It seems that filling Nespresso capsules is quite complicated, but in fact, it is not. AFPAK will help you break down the finished Nespresso capsules.

    Choose good quality empty Nespresso capsules: There are a variety of finished empty coffee capsules on the market for you to choose from. There are plastic PP, aluminum, and biodegradable materials. You can choose the appropriate Nespresso capsule according to your local market. AFPAK will provide you with empty coffee capsules or manufacturers. We recommend that you use aluminum or biodegradable materials. Yes, it’s more environmentally friendly
    Choose a good Nespresso filling machine: This step is very important and affects the taste of the final coffee. You need to choose how many grams to fill into the capsule according to the roasting depth of your coffee and the type of coffee. Generally speaking, 4-5.5g is the mainstream weight in the market
    Nitrogen injection: Nitrogen is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as a fresh-keeping gas. Coffee capsules with nitrogen protection can be stored for at least 12 months (of course, the high barrier properties of your capsule body are also an important factor for fresh-keeping). So you need to keep your coffee under nitrogen protection before sealing
    Tight sealing: the filled capsules are sealed at high temperature, and the aluminum foil or biodegradable sealing film is sealed to the Nespresso capsule so that it can be used in the brewing machine
    AFPAK provides you with a full range of Nespresso capsules filling and sealing solutions from semi-automatic to fully automatic. It enables you to produce Nespresso capsules of superb quality.

  • Can I make my own nespresso pods?

    It is certainly possible. The Nespresso capsule filler equipment purchased by AFPAK customers is to produce their own brand of capsules or capsules for their own household needs. So you can definitely fill your own Nespresso pods!
    If you use it in your own factory, we recommend you use our automatic Nespresso coffee capsule filling and sealing equipment. We have 30-300 capsules per minute filling and sealing packaging equipment for you to choose from. The size can be customized according to your needs.
    If you are for your own home or laboratory use, we also have semi-automatic Nespresso filler and sealer equipment for your needs.

  • Can you refill nespresso pods?

    There are many refillable Nespresso capsules on the market.
    They may be made of stainless steel or plastic PP. Both materials can be used in NESPRESSO machines.
    You only need to put your coffee in this capsule and put it in the Nespresso machine, and you are ready to work

    But for the kind of non-refillable Nespresso capsules that you buy in the market, we do not recommend that you reuse them because:

    During the brewing process, the needle of the Nespresso machine will pierce the capsule body to complete the work of injecting high-pressure boiling water. This will destroy the structure of the capsule body, and even cause the body to deform, making it impossible for him to use it for the second time.
    The cup cannot be sealed at high temperature again, so it cannot be used
    And these cups are not an airtight and high barrier, so the coffee flavor cannot be preserved for a long time
    Refillable Nespresso capsules can help many coffee lovers quickly make the espresso coffee they want. It is only suitable for small amounts of household use, not suitable for mass production.

  • How many shots are in a Nespresso capsule?

    Espresso is made by steam pressure, which has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids than drip coffee and has a rich oil on the surface.

    Espresso can be said to be the soul of espresso. Without a cup of excellent espresso, there will be no delicious latte, white, cappuccino, and other fancy coffees.

    So, do you know that there are several other types of espresso? Espresso has different names according to the amount of coffee used and the capacity of the product
    The Nespresso Origin capsules load 5 grams around inside one capsule and it made, and it is equal to one shot coffee
    and Nespresso Vertuo line has three kinds: 7, 12, and 15 grams, it make one and double shot espresso.
    How are other types different from the espresso we often say?
    One-shot esp, with a capacity of 1 ounce, using 7g of coffee beans. Usually use 92 degrees water, 9bar pressure, about 25 seconds extraction time. However, the actual extraction parameters are slightly adjusted according to the coffee machine, coffee beans, and the flavor that the barista wants to present.
    A serving of ristretto still uses 7g of coffee beans to extract, but it stops when it reaches 3/4 ounce of espresso liquid. In other words, a ristretto is 3/4 cup of esp, so a ristretto is also called a “short” shot.
    A portion of lungo is also extracted with 7g of coffee beans, but it stops when 1.5 ounces of espresso liquid is extracted. In other words, a lungo is 1.5 times the esp, so a lungo is also called a “long” shot.
    Doppio is a double concentrate. A doppio is a double shot. Use 14g of coffee beans to extract 2 ounces of espresso. In fact, the word Doppio is relatively niche and usually refers to double shot directly.
    espresso coffee

    espresso coffee

    ESP serves as the base of fancy coffee.

    Each coffee shop provides different coffee capacity standards, so the number of shots used is also different.

    Taking Starbucks as an example, the number of shots from tall, grande, and venti for American coffee cups are 2, 3, and 4, respectively, and the shots for other lattes and capos are 1, 2, and 2 respectively.

  • What's the material of Nespresso capsules?

    The original Nespresso coffee capsules use aluminum packaging containers

    The aluminum container is formed by cold pressing, and glue is applied to the back of the edge of the cup to enhance the tightness of Nespresso capsules in Nespresso machines.

    The aluminum container has the characteristics of high appearance, high barrier, and easy puncture. And it’s easy to recycle, making it an ideal coffee packaging container

    With the gradual expiration of Nespresso capsule patents around 2011, many new manufacturers of Nespresso compatible capsules have emerged on the market. Representatives include MENSHEN, BELMOCA, NOVO, TERRACAPS, etc. The coffee capsule materials they produce are roughly divided into three categories:

    Plastic materials: Because the production of aluminum capsules is difficult, plastic materials are easy to form, and the technology is mature, so that plastic Nespresso coffee capsules have developed rapidly. Menshen is a representative manufacturer of such products. While other manufacturers produce capsules made of only PP, Menshen has independently developed plastic coffee capsules containing high barrier material EVOH through its own technological accumulation and research and development, which has won the European and American large-scale coffee Manufacturer’s order
    Aluminum container: With the update of the technology, the effect of aluminum packaging container is now close to that of the original NESPRESSO product. However, there are still some occasional problems, such as water leakage and failure to put in the Nespresso machine. Representatives of aluminum coffee capsule manufacturers are BELMOCA and NOVO. Their products are very beautiful and compatible with most NESPRESSO machines.
    Biodegradable Nespresso capsules: With the popularity of coffee capsules, environmental problems caused by capsule shells have become a major concern for consumers. Therefore, biodegradable Nespresso-compatible capsules are the future trend. The biodegradable Nespresso capsules independently developed by Terracaps It is the best choice for coffee capsule manufacturers. Their capsules are fully compatible with Nespresso machines. After use, the capsule shell can quickly decompose in the soil. It is an ideal substitute for aluminum coffee capsules. But they also have barrier problems that prevent the coffee from being stored for too long.
    Paper coffee capsules: This type of coffee capsule is also biodegradable material. They are made from crude fiber plant products, such as bagasse. The product is relatively soft, cannot be pierced by needles, and has no barriers. If you pursue environmental protection and individuality, you can also choose this type of product. If you need it, AFPAK will provide you with such products
    biodegradable Nespresso coffee capsules are the future, plastic Nespresso coffee capsules are the most stable, aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules are the most beautiful, and paper coffee capsules are the smallest market.
    Everything depends on your needs

Start producing your coffee pods now.

AFPAK offers custom-built K cup filling and sealing machines service for higher speeds and different filling materials requirements. We also have a filling and sealing machines to produce K-shots, one-cup capsules.
Just contact us freely for any need.

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