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coffee pods filling machine

Linear Type Nespresso, K cups, Dolce Gusto Filling Sealing Machine

40-50 capsules per minute for each lane
One Machine Produces All Kinds of Capsules

Popular Choice

RN1S 2021 edition

Coffee Pods Filling Sealing Machine
Produce Nespresso, K-cups, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza capsules, etc Fast | Stable | Reliable | Easy to use and maintai
Up to 70 Cpmin
CE certificate

10 Years Manufacturer of coffee capsule filling machines and Packaging Machines

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Choose the coffee capsule solutions you want to know

⌊ Of course, we can customize the equipment for you ⌉

Nespresso Filling Packaging Solutions

We constantly upgrade NESPRESSO Coffee Capsules Filling, Sealing and Packaging Machines every year, always creating value for you

Nespresso Filling Packaging Solutions

We provide K cup filling sealing machines with a variety of output, and customized cartoning machines for your choice

Dolce Gusto Filling Packaging Solutions

Take a look at the most advanced Dolce Gusto filling, sealing and packaging machines, there is always one you will like

Other Filling Packaging Solutions

There are also these cartoning machines, bagging machines, and more coffee capsule filling and sealing packaging machines waiting for you

⌈ Create value for you ⌋


Deliver on time

We promise to deliver your machines on time! Not like other factories. We keep our words and will follow up by pictures when producing

Quality Guarantee

AFPAK will use the most advanced technology on your machines and pay attention to every detail of the production

Fast Response

No matter before or after sale service, we will response quickly. You will get satisfied answers from AFPAK in a very short time.



Over 10 years of coffee capsule filling machines researching and manufacturing experience. Focus on coffee capsules machines production from 2010


AFPAK will offer professional suggestions at any time to you.


Turn-key project

AFPAK offer Turn-key job to the startup coffee company

Wonderful Team

AFPAK professional sales team to offer fast response and good service



Timely industry news for reference.

Timely industry news for reference.

AFPAK-coffee pods filling sealing machine factory

AFPAK – Your reliable partner in China!

Since 2008, AFPAK has been developed to be one of the global leading manufacturers for coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machines.

Quality is the first, AFPAK aims to build the best and reliable machines to meet different requirements from our customers.

Experienced partners are our core competitive ability! All AFPAK workers join together as partners, They work hard with their rich experience and willing to apply the most reliable and advanced technology in your machines.

Quick response is our promise, based on the strong team, no matter before and aftersale service, we will always offer a fast and professional response.

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