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How do Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines Work?


Nespresso capsules are becoming increasingly popular today because of their simplicity, ease of use, and time-saving benefits.

Whether you are new to Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines or are considering adding Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines to your product lineup, you may be interested in how these machines work.

Today, we'll take a step-by-step look at the process of turning an empty Nespresso capsule into a shelf-ready finished product...

Introduction to Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines

Nespresso filling and sealing machines can be designed in either linear or rotary layouts. In today's article, we will take a closer look at the rotary layout. This design saves floor space in the factory, is fully integrated, and built with ergonomics and operation in mind, making it more popular than linear models

In short, the rotating Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines grip or separate empty nespresso capsules, fill them with coffee, grip and place the pre-cut foil or cut the roll film, and then seal them at speeds of 50-400 capsules per minute. The process involves separating the capsules in a non-stop rotation to different capsule bins in a circular layout. Each bin is then filled and sealed by a different station. There are usually 6 to 10 stations, with 8 being the most popular configuration. nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines can also be designed with single, double, or four lanes. Here's how the nespresso packaging process works

1. Nespresso capsule Loading

Capsule storage in front of Packaging Machines. The capsules are placed vertically and automatically dropped by the separator to the machine.

2. Coffee feeder

When the sensor detects that the coffee in the silo needs to be replenished, the vacuum feeder will automatically run and connect it to the raw material container, and a constant flow of coffee will be replenished to the filling silo, which can hold up to 5 kg of coffee for space consideration, and keep the coffee liquid by constant stirring for the next filling.

3. Tamping and cleaning

The coffee spills easily in the capsule after filling, so pressing and cleaning up afterward is equally important. Before sealing after filling at the Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines, this station is integrated into the filling port and does not take up separate space, but works pretty well.

4. No capsule no fill and no lids no seal

If the capsules run out and are not filled, the machine stops filling and alerts the operator with an alarm, and by the same principle, the machine detects if the sealing film is placed or cut.

There are two sensors near the bottom and top of the conveyor shaft to detect the presence of capsules and sealing film. If they are not detected, the filling and sealing station will not start.

5. Coffee Filling

Options at the filling station include:

  • Gas flush. This improved atmosphere process replaces the oxygen in the capsule by using a leaky gas, usually nitrogen. This is continuously inflated without interruption after sealing prior to filling to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Dust collection. For dusty or dry coffee products, place a dust hood below the filling station to collect particles.

6. Flavor Nespresso and Other Options

Sometimes customers need an aroma system to add flavor to the nespresso. This station put the liquid flavor into the nespresso after filling.

7. Attractive and Strong Sealing

Can coffee stay fresh for a long time? Is the finished product beautiful and eye-catching? Is the quality of your product acceptable to your customers? To meet these requirements, a strong and attractive seal is essential.

Different materials, different sealing time, and pressure, that they need different sealing temperature, if it is plastic and aluminum foil, the sealing time within half a second, then we recommend that the temperature is set to 220-240 degrees Celsius.
Also, pay attention to the sealing film sealing layer and the cup material is compatible, not compatible material, it is impossible to seal.
Usually, heat sealing is sufficient for normal needs, but you can also use ultrasonic sealing.

8. Optional functions

These are the necessary functions and features of an excellent device, when allowing you to also choose other features include:

  • Inline weigher. For options that require precise control of product variables, an electronic weighing device is added underneath the machine after sealing, and upon detection of a nespresso that does not meet weight standards, the product is automatically rejected to the scrap aisle to ensure that all finished products meet shelf standards.
  • Capsule sorter For plastic or biodegradable Nespresso, the capsule structure is not suitable for vertical placement and requires manual placement or optional vibratory separation placement equipment to handle these capsules.
  • Output: with conveyor or to connect with nespresso cartoning machine or bag packaging machines


Producing a high-quality Nespresso compatible capsule is easy, all you need to do is find the right equipment, and prepare the coffee and the packaging materials.

But finding a good coffee capsule packaging machine is not easy, you need to understand and verify many factors, such as how filling efficiency, filling accuracy can be guaranteed, whether the seal is firm, whether the nitrogen content is high, whether the operating efficiency of the whole machine is good, whether the use and maintenance of the machine are complicated and difficult to understand, etc.

AFPAK has developed the most suitable nespresso production equipment based on more than 10 years of experience in nespresso capsule packaging machines equipment, based on continuous feedback from customers and continuous technical refinement and upgrading, and now thousands of coffee companies around the world are using our equipment to produce high specification nespresso coffee capsules, we have various sizes of equipment to meet the needs of different customers, the machine function is perfect, high production efficiency, good quality of the finished product, the equipment is easy to use and maintain, you can start producing your own coffee capsules without the help of our technicians!


AFPAK researches designs and manufactures Nespresso Capsule Packaging Machines. For over 12 years, AFPAK has expanded to over three factories that deal in coffee capsule filling packing machines, and empty capsules, among others.

All machines and equipment are CE and GMP compliant. The latest in its product line is the new era of AFPAK fully automatic coffee capsule packaging machines.

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