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Make good use of afpak filling capsule coffee machine, you may be the next Blue Mountain coffee

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Make good use of afpak filling capsule coffee machine, you may be the next Blue…

Make good use of afpak filling capsule coffee machine, you may be the next Blue Mountain coffee


Capsule coffee is a coffee category first invented and produced by Nestlé, and it was once a very popular product. A box of only a few dozen sets is not cheap, and it must be used with a capsule coffee machine that is also not cheap. Even though the capsule coffee machine is not cheap, the sales volume of capsule coffee has always been relatively good, and the market demand is great. You only need to buy a coffee capsule filling machine, which can not only meet your own personal needs for coffee, but those who have ideas for this type of business can also join the coffee market. If you are interested, go to this website to check it out, is indeed worth recommending.


Capsule coffee production principle

Capsule coffee is to seal the ground and roasted coffee powder in a special capsule within 4 hours (currently aluminum is generally more environmentally friendly). It needs to be put into a special coffee machine and extracted by standard procedures.


How to keep capsule coffee fresh

The standardized ground and roasted coffee powder is quickly put into a capsule composed of a seal, a filter membrane, a heat-resistant container, etc., and immediately filled with nitrogen to seal. Because it is quickly sealed in a light-proof, dry and inert gas-filled capsule, the loss of aromatic substances in the coffee powder is minimized, so the original flavor and taste of the coffee can basically be retained. Of course, this quality cannot be preserved forever. The shelf life of capsule coffee currently on the market is usually 12-18 months.


Capsule coffee characteristics

Unique flavor. During the roasting process of coffee beans, the coffee oil attaches aroma components to the powder in a gaseous form. Ordinary brewing methods cannot dissolve most of the fat, so the flavor and taste are not good. However, the capsule coffee uses high pressure to make high-temperature water vapor pass through the coffee powder in a short time, which can emulsify the fat in the water and form a layer. The foam of the cream preserves the aroma of the coffee.


Stable quality. After roasting and grinding, the coffee powder is stored in contact with air, and the coffee loses a lot of high-quality flavor.

The production process of capsule coffee can prevent the coffee powder from oxidation, acidification and aroma volatilization. In addition, the production of capsule coffee on the assembly line is fully standardized, which basically guarantees the stability of the quality of each cup of coffee and maintains the original flavor and mellowness.


Easy and fast brewing

Use an Afpak capsule coffee machine to make a cup of coffee. Put the capsule into the corresponding position of the afpak coffee machine and press the switch, just wait less than 1 minute. The operations of grinding, filling, pressing powder, and cleaning coffee grounds of ordinary coffee machines are completely omitted, which saves time!


Why choose capsule coffee

Aftermarket analysis on the entire network of e-commerce platforms, it is roughly known that the target consumer group of capsule coffee is: consumers who want to pursue the quality of life but lack the skills of grinding coffee beans and brewing coffee. Of course, there are also some consumers who can grind coffee beans and brew coffee. , But a high-end customer group who wants to enjoy a high-quality and fast life.


Moreover, the Afpak capsule coffee machine also has the functions of automatic power-off and automatic storage and recycling of aluminum capsules, which is very environmentally friendly! Whether it is home or business, afpak filling capsule coffee machine can meet your needs! The afpak filling capsule coffee machine not only packs coffee, but also packs tea, milk powder, and other granular or powdered substances. To learn more, you can go to their official website, there are also many other types of packaging and sealing machines.


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