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NEW 7 colors Nespresso compatible PLA Coffee capsule are AVAILABLE for small order quantity

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****GOOD NEWS OF PLA coffee capsule**** We have 7 different colors of PLA Coffee capsule…

****GOOD NEWS OF PLA coffee capsule****
We have 7 different colors of PLA Coffee capsule available now for Small Order quantity! Welcome to choose!
PLA is the material, made from natural plants like corn, beet, sugarcane and so on. It is the bio-based material and 100% biodegradable. Just because of its property of eco-friendliness, non-pollution, non-toxic and safety, PLA material products are widely used in US & Europe, and all over the world. EN13432 & SGS test certification acquired.
PLA coffee capsuleNespresso PLA coffee capsule

Material of Nespresso compatible biodegradable PLA coffee capsule:

1.Material:PLA(polylacti acid), extracted from cornstarch, is completely biodegradable.
Released carbon dioxide and water from degradation, it will not cause any pollution to the natural environment.

2.PLA(polylacti acid) is a kind of environmental protection material, non-toxic with low carbon emission,
Under high temperature  it will not release any toxic substances. The strong antibacterial PLA can be recycled.

3. It can be used for composting, with the 180-day complete degradation cycle. The actual size of the
product determines the degradation cycle and the garbage after degradation can be used
for organic fertilizer.

4.AFPAK Biodegradable Coffee capsule packaging cups made from PLA material are biodegradable and non-toxic, good for the reserve of coffee powder and good for human health. The waste cups of coffee capsule will also not arouse pollution to the environment.
Its biodegradability, and eco-friendliness increase your enjoyment in drinking coffee.

How to pack the PLA coffee Capsule

One-stop coffee capsule packing solutions, only in AFPAK.
What can we offer:

1. Biodegradable coffee capsules / Normal PP MATERIAL coffee capsule
2. High quality coffee capsule filling sealing machine
3. coffee capsule Sealing lids
4. Air compressor to run the machine
5. Nitrogen Generator
6. Laser or inkjet printer
7. Bag packing machine to pack 1/10/20 capsules in one bag
and other necessary machines and materials need for coffee capsule packing

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