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2021 March News of China coffee market

Nestlé launches a “non-contact” coffee machine, spring drink has a new theme!

Recently, Nestlé launched a new generation of non-contact coffee machines, orders placed on mobile phones, and will log in to China in the near future.

In addition, the new spring products are still being updated. Some brands have launched “New Begonia Products”, and Guochao Drinks are finding their own spring theme.

What’s new this month, let’s take a look at——


Nestlé launches a new generation of “non-contact coffee machine”

According to Bloomberg, Nestlé will launch a new generation of non-contact coffee machines.Nestle new coffee machine

Nestle new coffee machine

David Rennie, head of the Nestlé coffee brand, said that in order to reduce the worries of the working people about the virus, the new machine can be controlled by a smartphone and will be launched globally, and will be launched in Russia and China in the next few weeks.

In addition, there is a piece of news from Nestlé: Japan’s Nestle Coffee recently opened its latest sleep cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo.

It is reported that the “Sleep Cafe” will have a semi-private box, including three leather lounge chairs and a sofa bed. You can also adjust the background music and lighting.

There will be two sleep plans: nap and deep sleep: 30 minutes + 1 cup of coffee, 60 minutes + 2 cups of coffee (a cup of decaffeinated coffee before going to bed and a cup of caffeinated refreshing coffee); it can be extended after one hour. There is an additional charge for more than half an hour.Nestle Japan news

Nestle Japan news

In recent years, cafes have been discussing new store models. “Sleep cafes” have nothing to do with caffeine, but are related to relaxing experiences. It is an interesting attempt. (Information comes from Bloomberg News,


Seesaw to create a “rescue staying up late” coffee shop

Seesaw Coffee has recently opened a themed cafe.

According to official sources, Seesaw Coffee has cooperated with The Ordinary, a caffeine skin care brand from Canada, to transform the Shanghai Seesaw Ruiou Department Store into a limited-time themed cafe “Rescue the Staying Up”.seesaw coffee shop

seesaw coffee shop

There are special coffee and a gashapon machine with multiple coupons on site, attracting many consumers to check in. (Information comes from the new consumer internal reference)


MIXUE MXBC Ice City’s registered capital increased to 360 million yuan

Recently, according to the enterprise search APP, Mixue Ice City Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and the registered capital has increased from RMB 111,378,667 to RMB 360 million, an increase of 217.54%.MIXUE MXBC Shop


Mixue MXBC Ice City Co., Ltd. was established in April 2008. Shareholder information shows that the company’s major shareholders are Zhang Hongchao and Zhang Hongfu, with the same shareholding ratio of 48.5%. (Information comes from Enterprise Check)


New in Spring:
In addition to cherry blossoms, Begonia is also an idea

In the spring, new beverage brands are frequently launched. Some time ago, we compiled a batch of new products for the cherry blossom season (Portal: After waiting for a year, this wave of annual high-value drinks is finally available!)

The new spring products are still being updated. Recently, Starbucks has launched a new product for the cherry blossom season-Man Ying Fuxue Latte.

This new product is inspired by the scene of cherry blossoms falling like snow. The cherry blossoms are fused with vanilla sweet milk froth on top. The whole product is as fresh and sweet as spring.STARBUCK Begonia Drink

STARBUCK Begonia Drink

It is worth mentioning that the recent new product at the Corner Tower Cafe of the Forbidden City does not use cherry blossom elements, but uses Begonia.

Begonia is one of the protagonists of spring viewing in ancient China. It is mentioned in many ancient poems. The blooming of Begonia is also a famous spring scene in the Forbidden City.

This time there is a new cup with a new pattern, two drinks and two desserts: Forbidden City Muchun Cup, Chunfeng Wanjin, Begonia Spring Sleep, and Muchun Matcha Roll and Muchun Strawberry Roll.Corner Tower Cafe of the Forbidden City Begonia drink

Corner Tower Cafe of the Forbidden City Begonia drink

Compared to cherry blossoms, Guochao Drinks develops its own spring theme, and Begonia is a good try. (Information comes from Starbucks China, the corner building coffee public account of the Palace Museum)


Santurn bird launches Yunnan coffee series products

Recently, Santurn bird launched a new coffee Yunnan-themed flavor series. There are three coffees in the series, namely “flower”, “cloud” and “mountain”.Santurn bird Yunnan coffee

Santurn bird Yunnan coffee

The raw materials of the three new products are all taken from Yunnan Province, corresponding to three different flavors:

“Flower” is baked in high-quality washed AA medium-dark, with hazelnut, cream and light tea; “Cloud” has the aroma of pineapple, dried mango and fruit wine after 48 hours of anaerobic sunlight and light baking; “Mountain” is high The whole red fruit is washed in water and baked in the middle of the sea. It has the sweet and sour sensation of berries, nougat and berries.

More and more coffee brands are paying attention to Yunnan. The taste of Yunnan coffee will be tasted by more people in a boutique and instant way. (Information comes from hydrogen consumption)

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