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Thank Afpak coffee packaging machine for bringing my factory back to life

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Thank Afpak coffee packaging machine for bringing my factory back to life I run my…

Thank Afpak coffee packaging machine for bringing my factory back to life

I run my own coffee factory now, and it is not easy to do the business I love.

My wife and I control all coffee from coffee beans to packaging and selling.

Before opening a coffee factory, I studied coffee knowledge very seriously, and I can do well in selecting coffee beans, so I chose to open a factory.

I am very satisfied with my own coffee factory vision. I think I will do well.

But I fell into a downturn for a while, and I overlooked a very important point.

My coffee was packaged in ordinary packaging and lost its original flavor.

The customer questioned my product. I thought about it and didn’t know what happened to me until my friend heard about it by accident.

In response to my distress, he came to my factory and found that the coffee packaging machine is a relatively old-style machine, not only the cost is high, but the packaging is also very problematic.

Fortunately, under the introduction of my friend who is also a coffee maker, he told me that the customized packaging machine on the website is very good. He also uses this packaging machine, which is significantly satisfying.

I used my last money to customize the Afpak packaging machine.

I communicated with their staff in detail and discussed together how to make a better, more convenient, healthier, and more rigorous plan to customize the machine to keep my coffee better.

Afpak did not disappoint me, and they did better than I expected.

Their staff are also very friendly and kind.

The coffee capsule filling machine they produced is very convenient because it has completed grinding and pressing, and the beans do not need to be pre-processed.

The capsules are individually packaged, filled with nitrogen, and sealed in aluminum foil, so every cup opened is equivalent to freshness, which well preserves my carefully selected coffee beans ground powder and retains the original flavor!

What surprised me, even more, is that the AfPak machine has a special design that allows the empty capsule sorting and feeding device, which not only saves me cost and labor but also achieves 95% nitrogen filling. I was shocked by the technology of AfPak, and I have to say that this is a very reliable and good filling machine with very high filling accuracy!

Let me extend the shelf life of my coffee a lot.

I can not only expand the scale of production but also sell well to various regions. Whether it is peripheral or transnational, I can feel at ease about the preservation of my coffee.

As the times change with each passing day, not only the information is constantly refreshed, but also the machines are constantly improving.

I have only heard a little about this aspect of the machine in the past, and I am always conservative and reluctant to try new things boldly.

Although not everything can be tried without hesitation, in Afpak, a good manufacturer company, I am pretty sure that I am not in the wrong direction.

They have more than ten-year history of making this coffee capsule filling machine and packaging machine, and I trust them very well.

If you also want to save some costs or want to keep your coffee better, you might as well try choosing this company’s machine if you want to make your own name.

Even a fine wine made with the best raw materials does not need a suitable wine jar to wait for its fragrance, right?

If the jar is not good or bad, even the perfect material will lose its luster.

I’m a person who has experienced all of this.

I used to be in a downturn, but now my coffee is sold to different levels and people in various regions, and I am doing pretty well.

I am grateful that I met Afpak at this moment.

Go to to have a look, I hope it helps you.

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