Coffee Capsule Filling Machine-The Best Guide (2021)


Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Guide: a Complete Guide for First-time Buyers

The Key to A Quality Coffee Capsules

(AFPAK's coffee capsule filling machine is a fully automatic system that can sort capsules, fill coffee, seal, flush nitrogen, and even can have more customized functions according to your requirement)

What you need to know to choose the right automated packaging materials and equipment for your new coffee capsules business



    1. What type of capsules do you want to make?

    2. How many capsules per minute are required to produce?

    3. Will you be able to reduce costs?

    4. Are you prepared for the upfront investment?

    5. Introduction to Coffee capsule filling sealing machines

    6. All About coffee capsule bag/pouch packaging machines

    7. All About coffee capsule box packaging machines

    8. What You Need to Know Prior to Requesting a Proposal


You’re considering purchasing your first automated coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machine. The purchase of an automated packaging machine can improve your margins while increasing production to support your growing business. The options probably seem overwhelming, and you want to make the right decision. Understanding the types of machines available and knowing what questions to ask equipment manufacturers will help you make the best possible choice for your company.

We’re here to make the process easy. Let’s get started!


¿Are you dissatisfied with the quality and taste of the coffee capsules on the market?

¿Do you have your own coffee recipe that you want to quickly bring to the market so that everyone can drink your own coffee capsule?

¿Do you want to expand your production to meet more demand?

¿Are you confused and don't know which device is right for your current situation?


Coffee capsule filling machine is a big investment that has the potential to transform your business. If you are wondering if the time is right to invest in the equipment, ask yourself these questions can help you understand the advantages of filling sealing automation can bring to your business.

  1. What type of capsules do you want to make?

The coffee capsule packs a small amount of fine coffee in a plastic or aluminum capsule container. It can use the high temperature and high-pressure extraction of the capsule coffee machine so that people can make a good cup of good quality coffee in a few minutes. It first appeared in 1986, and Nespresso released four flavors of coffee capsules. The following decades of coffee capsules have developed rapidly, and many capsules systems have emerged, such as Nespresso, K cups, Lavazza, Illy, etc... Especially after 2012, some brands of capsule patents expired, so many small and medium-sized coffee companies began to produce their own brand of capsule coffee, and the market entered a rapid development channel.


1.1 Is there still potential for growth in the coffee capsule market?

Many people have this kind of question. Nowadays, the market is full of different brands of coffee capsules. It seems to be very saturated, and it takes a lot of investment to make a new brand. Is it worthwhile to enter now?

In AFPAK's view, the market still has a strong demand for new brands of coffee capsules. Coffee capsule machines are the standard of more and more families. Thanks to the big companies in the early stage, they have spared no effort to promote the capsule coffee as a way of life. For example, In 2014, more than 25 million Keurig and K-Cup Brewers were installed in homes and offices across America, with millions more being sold each quarter Quickly and simply to make a cup of fine coffee at home. People will need capsule coffee more in the future.

What’s more, according to the results of many years of investigation by many authoritative organizations, the CAGR of coffee capsules in the global market in the next 5 years (2019-2024) is 7.1%, The Asia-Pacific coffee pod and capsule market size was valued at $2,646 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $5,918 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 10.6%, and China Coffee Pod and Capsule Market to Grow at 14.0% CAGR by 2025. The market is highly driven by the increasing usage of single-serve coffee in households, especially in North American and European regions.

With the continuous development of the network and the continuous improvement of the market, in the future, the coffee capsules with different personalized tastes will usher in a big explosion. The economy influencer will also make your coffee have a large number of supporters.

Therefore, it is never too late to enter the coffee capsule market.


1.2 The main coffee capsule varieties currently on the market and their pros and cons:




To make Espresso/Lungo coffee/tea

Fill 5-6 grams inside

19 bars of pressure

One capsules operation

A globally popular brand


EASY...EASY...EASY. The biggest positive with Nespresso is that it is so easy. You put a pod in the top, press a button, and here is the coffee.

Repeatability. Every cup of coffee you make will be the same.

Nespresso coffee creates the perfect crema.

Too small size.


The aluminum materials are not easy to be recycled.

(* Now in the market it has many Bio capsules available for customers to choose from.)




To make American coffee/tea/cocoa/ milk, etc.

3-3.5 bars of pressure

One Capsule Operation

North American mainstream popular brands


Fresh coffee - For coffee lovers, drinking a cup of fresh, delicious coffee is one of the biggest pleasures in life. Freshness is one of the main benefits of a Keurig coffee machine.

Cleanup – Simply remove the spent K-cup and dispose of it into the trash.

Prep time – No beans to grind, coffee to measure, or pre-brewing mess to clean.

Precise measure – This is where 80% of coffee drinkers go wrong.  Many folks use far less coffee than they should when brewing.  The Keurig brewing method eliminates this problem.

Variety of flavors - there are more than 100 different brands of k-cups on the market to choose from, various in tastes.

Less waste - The K cup coffee maker allows you to brew one cup at a time. This way, you no longer have to make an entire pot of coffee and then pour the remainder down the drain; thus, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Control – There is no argument against the convenience of the Keurig brewer, but in terms of convenience the loss of control comes.  You cannot alter the grind, water temperature, dosage, or steep time with the Keurig.


PRICE AND ENVIRONMENTAL COST OF PODS – K-cups are largely made of non-recyclable plastic.

Lower quality coffee - If you are someone who prefers a cup of strong, rich coffee, then the Keurig single-cup coffee maker may not be the right choice for you. Although the K cups make good-tasting coffee, they don’t have a very high concentration of caffeine. This could be a downside to individuals who prefer coffee with an intense, rich, and robust flavor.


Dolce Gusto


Wide Variety (uses coffee, tea, and dry milk)

15 bars of pressure

Depending on the coffee, either one or two capsules

The new trend of coffee capsules


Heats up really fast

Easy insertion of the coffee capsules

15 bars pressure - most other machines use only 1 - 3 bars.

Hot and cold water brewing options for all drinks - and instant alternation as well.

Easy to use and fool-proof - you get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

No settings for the various coffees


No water filter in the reservoir

Small water reservoir. a frequent filling is required if you drink many cups during the day.


compatibili-lavazza-blue-delicato-50capsLavazza blue/a modo mio

Representative of espresso


The Lavazza capsule system makes it much easier to enjoy a cup of Italy’s favorite espresso blend at home.

Delicious. Perfect. Flavorful. Not bitter.

The Lavazza Blue Espresso machine, together with these capsules, is a cost-effective way to service an espresso habit.

Lavazza point capsules can make a very strong coffee.

The market is too small, it may only be popular in Italy or parts of Europe.



capsule-lavazza-compatibili-bluLavazza point

1.3 How to choose your own capsule brand and start your capsule production?

Now you must have some understanding of coffee capsules. So what do you need to do next?

To sell your coffee into a coffee capsule, you need to do:

1.3.1. Know which local coffee capsules are the best sellers in your area.

  • Query google trends or similar software, that you can see the words that your nationals usually search and the trend in recent years.
  • Amazon searches for relevant information, reviews, and sales to understand customers’ buying preferences.
  • Find information from your competitors' websites, especially big coffee companies. As the main portal of a company, the website can provide you with first-hand information so that you can fully discover the market potential.
  • Pay attention to the discussion of coffee on social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and keep abreast of the needs of more people.

1.3.2. Try different coffee capsules and put your coffee in the capsule to find the most suitable flavor. Now is the time to taste, so you should find the uniqueness of your coffee as much as possible so that your coffee can meet the needs of customers. This is the most critical factor.

1.3.3. Find local coffee associations and join them to discuss the future development of coffee.

1.3.4. Find a good equipment manufacturer and customize your own coffee capsule filling and sealing equipment.

This is a crucial one, please keep in mind.

A qualified coffee capsule filling machine needs to meet the following points:

  • Stable operation and simple maintenance

Many new buyers may have limited budgets, so they pay too much attention to equipment prices when purchasing while ignoring the inspection of equipment quality, causing all their projects to stagnate. This causes a fatal blow to them. From the moment they receive the machine, they will continue to install, debug the device, and may even find that the machine does not function as promised by the supplier.

  • Material and appliance brand used by the machine

Many friends complained about the Internet that some Chinese-made equipment had just been used for a few months, but it was not possible to last. A big part of this understanding is because he does not pay attention to the quality of the equipment. Generally speaking, the machines are made of hard materials such as stainless steel and iron. They can be used for a long enough time. If you use a well-known brand of electrical appliances, then your equipment can run for more than 10 years without major problems. Therefore, you must pay more attention to this piece when purchasing equipment. If you can visit the factory, try to go, and do not delay the more important production in order to save a little time and money.

  • Is the design of the machine reasonable?

If you have not used the equipment and contacted the equipment, it is difficult to discern at first glance whether the design of the machine meets the requirements. It is difficult to tell whether the design of the machine is good or not. At this time, a reliable manufacturer is particularly important, especially the sales clerk who is docked with you. His experience is very important. He can help you answer all questions about the machine professionally. You can also ask him for some information about existing customers and how they are used to sell the equipment they used to sell.

  • Whether the filling working is sustained and stable

AFPAK has been working in the industry for 10 years and has heard a lot of feedback that the machine is not accurately filled, sometimes it is filled a lot, sometimes it is rarely poured. This problem makes them exhausted that they are unable to produce a standard capsule cup, and receive a lot of complaints, which make them lose a lot of confidence in the future. The filling is a vital function of a machine. The current standard coffee filling is based on the servo motor control screw quantitative cutting. The screw needs to adjust the design size according to the thickness of the coffee powder, but some small manufacturers have insufficient experience. The screws and motors that lead to the use are not satisfactory, and even the use of non-food grade plastic screws greatly increases the risk to customers. There is even some equipment that uses a common motor to control the horizontal screw. This design is completely independent of the feasibility of use. It is like cancer in a machine that can be cured.

  • Is the residual oxygen content of the coffee capsule after filling and sealing reasonable?


With coffee being one of the most popular beverages in the world, roasters across the globe must meet the growing demand for supplying the highest quality coffee to their customers. The biggest criteria for a delicious, high-quality coffee capsule are maintaining the freshness of the roast and its shelf life to ensure an unsurpassed quality long after the packaged coffee leaves a roaster’s facility. One of the worst enemies of a fresh coffee roast is oxygen. You and I can’t survive long without it, but the presence of oxygen is a killer for a cup of java. Oxygen (oxidation) in coffee packaging can quickly degrade the quality of a roast or grind that will ultimately rob the alluring aroma and taste from our morning ritual.

Fresh coffee is great coffee and the proper packaging is so important for the freshness!

Of course, the tightness of the capsule cup and the strength of the seal have an effect on the amount of residual oxygen, so AFPAK recommends that you choose a high barrier coffee capsule to effectively extend the shelf life of the coffee.

  • Is the seal tight and strong?

At this point, the capsule cup and the sealing film play a key factor, because the material of the capsule cup is used a lot now, and the cup and the membrane are produced by different manufacturers, so you should consult clearly what the respective materials are before purchasing. Composition, whether it can be sealed by high-temperature heating or ultrasonic.

Generally, the capsule cup does not need to be used to tear the sealing film, so it is necessary to use a sealing film that does not contain tearing glue to ensure that the film does not detach during the brewing process. Better protect your customers' brewers and enhance their use.

Of course, under the premise that the material of the cup and the film is not problematic, the fastness of the sealing depends on the efficiency of the machine. A good coffee capsule filling and sealing machine can make your seal beautiful and certified by an underwater vacuum sealing test.


∗In addition, you need an air compressor and nitrogen generator or nitrogen tank to match the coffee capsule filling and sealing machine.


  • Do you need a secondary packaging device?

The secondary packaging means that the sealed coffee capsules are then bagged or boxed.

This is to be divided into situations.

For the initial investment customers, we will recommend that you use the manual method to carry out the secondary packaging. Because the coffee capsule has been potted, the quality is stable, the artificial secondary packaging has no effect on the quality of the coffee, and the customization of the second packaging is high. Generally speaking, the cost is more expensive and not suitable for the initial investment.

However, if your cup is made of plastic PP and does not have a high barrier function, we recommend that you fill the bag and fill with nitrogen to ensure that the capsules are stored in a high nitrogen atmosphere, which can effectively extend the shelf life. The bag is generally recommended to be wrapped in aluminum foil.


2. How many capsules per minute are required?

Production rates on coffee capsule filling machines vary depending on the number of lanes available.

Type of MachineGeneral Production Rates
Rotary50-80 capsules per minute
H125-30 capsules per minute
H270-100 capsules per minute
H4140-200 capsules per minter
Customized SpeedFor each lane, our production is 35-50 capsules per circle

If your needs drop far below those minimums or you plan to use the machine only intermittently. Semi-automatic or manual solutions may be the answer for you.

A coffee capsule filling sealing equipment specialist can look at isolating standard parts of the process for automation and help you weigh all your options.


3. Will you be able to reduce costs?

Ask yourself, “If I am able to run my filling sealing line faster, can I reduce labor costs?” You might not need as many people to fill and seal your product. Because one machine operator and an automated filling sealing machine might be able to replace several workers. However, if you are regularly pulling employees away from their “real” jobs to help with filling sealing products or have not been able to implement projects or programs because your employees are so busy with manually filling and sealing products. Your labor savings might not be all that large.

Consider the other ways automated filling sealing can improve your bottom line. You might experience less waste. You’ll be able to ship more products and accommodate larger orders. You might be able to reduce storage space by filling sealing and shipping products quickly.


4.  Are you prepared for the upfront investment?

Let’s face it: filling sealing automation is not cheap. And it shouldn’t be. You truly get what you pay for in this industry.

The initial investment for high-quality filling sealing machines can run anywhere from high five figures up to millions of dollars. And while it is easy to fixate on the initial price tag. Take a few moments to consider the total cost of ownership.

Do some forecasting and calculate how much you will spend if you maintain the status quo versus your estimated future expenditure if you automate. You may be pleasantly surprised at how little time it could take to recoup your initial filling sealing equipment investment. We’re talking about months or years, not necessarily decades.


5. Introduction to Coffee capsule filling machine

5.1 Introduction to rotary filling sealing machine

If you’re new to the world of filling sealing automation, it may feel like there is a lot to learn. Never be afraid as we are here to help! Let’s start with a high-level overview of the rotary RN1S filling sealing machine industry.

AF-R1S Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is the most popular machine to fill coffee in Nespresso/K-Cups/dolce gusto/Lavazza capsules, seal and pack with Nitrogen gas.


Coffee capsule filling sealing machine
Coffee capsule filling sealing machine

  • Low cost per capsule
  • Fast change-over for different sizes capsules
  • More production
  • Less risk of breakage and injury
  • Low storage and shipping costs
  • Small space/layout
  • Increased consumer demand for quality

It produces only one capsule at a time, but it can produce at least 3,000 capsules per hour.

The rotary coffee capsule filling and sealing machine uses advanced filling and nitrogen flushing technology, so that you can be satisfied with the high-quality capsule; effective protection of Coffee Flavor, and that your customers can drink fresh coffee at any time.

With a strong sealing process, you do not have to worry about customer complaints on capsule sealing quality.

This machine can produce different capsules by changing the fitting parts.

lavazza blue
Lavazza blue


Model   AF-RN/K/L1S

Filling head   1 head

Filling Accuracy  ±0.2

Machine speed 3000-4800cph

Voltage                    20V/60HZ/3PH

Machine size           2000*1800*2000mm

Machine weight      5OOKGS

Note   This is a custom-build machine, so each machine's specifications vary.

coffee capsule filling sealing machine


Small Machines, Big Power! AFPAK Rotary coffee capsule filling machine EFFECTIVELY helps small and medium-sized coffee companies quickly expand the coffee capsule product category.

High Precision, Low Loss! AFPAK pays more attention to the precision of the machine and strives to minimize the precision error of the machine parts. To help customers to reduce the number of maintenance, improve the efficiency and service life of machines.

100% Good Capsules Guaranteed! Precision filling, effective nitrogen filling, strong sealing, so that our coffee capsules filling and sealing machine produced coffee capsules quality are at a high level.

LOW NOISE. It is safe to use! Our machines run with low noise, can be used in any place such as factory/ shop/home, and have a safety alarm function to protect the users from the machine hurt

Humanized HMI interface! The operation and failure of the machine will be real-time feedback in the HMI interface, the user can clearly know the status of the machine

EASY TO USE! Novice can also learn to use our machine in a short time. The whole machine is mostly assembled while shipped. You just need to follow our instructions and can set up the machine in 4 hours.

The machine does not require special maintenance.


Optional functions to boost your machine

Inline weight detector

Liquid dosing function

Powder dosing function

Auto Screw tea feeder

Cutting and putting the filer on the capsules bottom

Pack 1/10/20 capsules in one bag

Pack 10-32 capsules in one box

All About H1 Filling Sealing Machines

This is a special machine driven by a pneumatic cylinder instead of a motor!


5.2 Brief Instruction of 1500 cph coffee capsule filling machine:
Dolce Gusto filling sealing machine
Dolce Gusto filling sealing machine

If you are just at the startup age and don’t need a high-speed machine, then our AF-H1 one-lane linear type coffee capsule filling sealing machine will not let you down.

Though this is an entry-level device, it has all the necessary functions to help you produce high-quality capsules. It can de-stack the capsules, fill, seal, nitrogen flushing, and produce high-quality capsules.

With the stainless steel frame and organic glass cover, protect every step of the filling and sealing. By our servo screw filling, ±0.2 grams accuracy makes any capsule from the machine at the best quality and with supreme taste.


Main functions of 1500 cph coffee capsule filling machine:

☆Automatic drop empty coffee capsule or cup to the machine

☆Automatic detect whether coffee capsules well loaded on the machine by sensor

☆Insert the filter into coffee capsules by hand

☆Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating with weight around 10g ( can be adjusted)

☆Auto suck Foil Lids ( Or roll film with cutting, and sealing)

☆Auto-detect whether the foil lids is ready by Sensor

☆Auto Seal twice



Model                                        AF-H1

Speed                                        20-25 capsules/minute

Working station                                 1 line

Filling range                                    0-20gram

Filling accuracy                                 ±1.5%

Voltage                                       Can be customized

Air pressure/gas consumption                     20.8Mpa/0.1m2

Working Temperature                            5-35°C

Relative humidity                                <=85%

Machine size                                   L 200mm*w670mm* H2000mm


5.3 For higher capacity, H2/H4/Multi Lanes coffee capsule filling machine can be your reliable choice:
nespresso filling machine
Nespresso filling machine

AF-H2/H4/H8 coffee capsule filling sealing machine is the high capacity solution to fill coffee in capsules, close and pack with Nitrogen gas.

This is two/four or even more lanes fully automatic line with incorporates a variety of sensors that allows it to detect and smartly decide how to respond to the presence or absence of cups, lids, coffee, air pressure, temperature, position, etc. The servo motor-controlled filling device is designed to provide high accuracy, and extremely smooth operation at all speeds.

In this machine, you can have more optional functions in one machine, as it is made by linear type structure, with enough space. The machine chains are driven by the motor, which gives a smooth move of the capsules, even like dolce gusto filled with 17.5 grams milk powder. The powder will not be going out because of moving. So this machine can produce more products with one machine and can help you to enrich the SKU.

This machine can produce capsules of all kinds by customizing.

H4 function work flow
H4 function workflow


Model                     AF-H2/H4/H6

Filling head                 2/4/6/more heads

Filling Accuracy              ±0.2g

Machine speed              3000-8000c ph/8400-12000cph/each line 35-50 cpmin

Voltage                    220V/60HZ/3PH

Machine size                4800*1200*2000mm

Machine weight             2000KGS/more

Note                      This is a custom-build machine, so each machine specifications will vary.


Secondly Packaging Solution:


After filling and sealing, the capsules need to be packed in a bag or boxes for the retail display. Good packaging can help you show your coffee in multiple dimensions and make your coffee stand out.

There are many different packages on the market. Some people put 10/16/24/32 coffee capsules into one bag, and some put the quantities of coffee capsules for a week or a month into a box to meet the consumption needs of different groups of people.


You can choose the outer packaging you like according to the habits of your local consumers, making your coffee capsules more easily picked by customers.


Below we introduce you to some of the equipment we designed and produced for the second package machines:


6. Pouch/bag packaging machines

There are many factories for the production of this bag/pouch packaging machine, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, choosing good equipment requires not only sufficient funds but more importantly, your vision.

Now every manufacturer's equipment looks similar, so how do you distinguish it? Let’s take a simple look at our advice.


First, look at the workmanship of the equipment: A good machine, welding, and grinding are very important, which allows you to exclude more than 95% of the options. You can feel the smoothness of the solder joints by hand, see if the solder joints are rusted, or the soldering is very rough. More attention is paid to places that are generally invisible, such as the inner wall of the filling hopper. How long can a machine last? It depends on whether these welded places are firm and reliable.

Secondly, is the design of each function reasonable? Many machines use it for a short time, or a single function is fine, but if you use it continuously, you will be exposed to many problems. Inconsistent use and unreasonable design of individual widgets affect the overall operation, and these conditions affect user experience.

We will elaborate more details in future articles, please stay tuned to AFPAK


Many plastic capsules do not have high barrier properties, so that coffee cannot be stored for a long time, and the use of a composite aluminum bag can greatly extend the shelf life of coffee, which is currently the most important packaging method in the field of food packaging.


AFPAK has successfully provided customers with a packaging solution for one, 10, 20, 30, or more capsules, so that customers no longer have to entangle the packaging form, and no longer need to worry about machine maintenance issues.

  1. Pillow/gusseted bag packaging machine
    bag packaging machine
    Bag packaging machine

With the touch screen operation, PLC control, servo motor to control the bag length, stable performance, and accurate detection it is easy to adjust. Choosing the intelligent temperature controller and PID control ensures the error range of temperature controlled within 1 degree Centigrade.


Suit for pack: PE laminated film, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, Nylon/PE, etc.


We have model 320 to model 1120 for you to choose which can make maximum film width from 100mm to 1120mm






  1. Quad Seal bag packaging machine

This is a very popular machine to pack coffee capsules in quad seal bags.

* Film drawing down system controlled by servo motor.

* Automatic film rectifying deviation function;

* Various alarm systems to reduce waste;

* It can complete feeding, measuring, filling, and sealing.

* If printing, charging (exhausting), and counting are finished. The product would be delivered when it equips with feeding and measuring equipment.

* The way of bag making: the machine can make pillow-type bags and standing-bevel bags, punch bags, or others according to customer’s requirements.



7. Coffee capsule Box packaging machine for Nespresso, Lavazza capsules, K-cups, Dolce Gusto, etc.

box packaging machine
box packaging machine

       There is a variety of different box packaging on the market. They can hold 10-100 cups inside, all boxes are made according to customer requirements, and there is no standard.

The size and design of the box are the first impressions of the customer's choice. Many coffee companies spend a lot of time designing to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the mainstream design of the supermarket, and then improve, and finally reach your unique packaging selling point. AFPAK can customize your coffee capsules packaging machines according to your design and requirements so that your coffee capsules stand out.

*The customization cost of the box-type equipment is high, and it is not recommended for the coffee company that just starts.


8. What You Need to Know Prior to Requesting a Proposal

Every machine is custom-built according to your unique requirement.


Here are the top questions you can expect when contacting a coffee capsule filling sealing machine manufacturer for a proposal.


  1. When do you need to be up and running with new coffee capsule filling sealing equipment?
  2. Do you have automated coffee capsule filling sealing equipment in your facility right now?
  3. Do you have a budget in mind?
  4. Is your project approved and funded?


  1. What is the description of the product(s) you are looking to fill?
  2. SOLID PRODUCTS: What is the average piece size? POWDER PRODUCTS: What is the bulk density? LIQUID PRODUCTS: What is the fill temp and viscosity, and does it have a solid component?
  3. Is your product dusty?


  1. Do you use standard capsules or do you need to create your own capsule?

     10 What are your capsule styles? Nespresso? K cup? Dolce Gusto? Lavazza blue/a modo mio? Lavazza point?

  1. What are your capsule weights/volumes?
  2. How much output do you require (finished capsule per minute, shift, day, year, etc)?
  3. Does your capsule use pre-cut lids?
  4. Does your capsule use rolled lids?
  5. Can you send samples of film, capsule, and product?


  1. How many shifts are in production at your facility?
  2. Is your plant environment wet or dry?
  3. What is the electrical availability in your plant?
  4. What is your plant ceiling height?


  1. How do you wash down your equipment?
  2. Do you need equipment to feed and/or dose your products feed into the coffee capsule filling machine?
  3. Do you need the filling sealing system to print date/lot codes on your capsules?
  4. Do you require metal detection, X-Ray, or check the weight in your coffee capsule filling machine?

Do you want to streamline the coffee capsule filling machine proposal process? Don’t miss a single detail. Organize your answers to the questions above (and more) in a single document.

lavazza blue filling sealing machine


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