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Coffee Capsule Introduction: a must read! (2021)

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Coffee Capsule Introduction you must know! An Intensive Farming Cup of coffee is for sure…

An Intensive Farming Cup of coffee is for sure enjoyable, but the reality is often harsh:

Getting up in the morning that you can not sleep a few minutes more for work is like going to war, even just going to the convenience store to buy a coffee.

It’s a good thing we have capsule machines. You put a capsule in, push a button and you get a decent cup of coffee… which, I have to admit, is super-fast and super-convenient. Rather than a mixture of Creamer, emulsifiers, and ground coffee (yes, I’m talking about instant coffee), it is at least a cup of coffee comes out of the capsule.

Blue Goose, the capsule coffee maker in all kinds of advertisements, is a symbol of fashion and taste: both the capsule and the machine are designed to cost a lot more than a fully automatic coffee machine. It tastes just like real coffee…

So it quickly has taken over executive offices, snazzy homes and, in many cases, quickly determines whether a high-star hotel “really has class”, that the key is to see the room is placed in the instant or capsule machine Ah!

So, what is the capsule machine, with the capsule machine, Is it really possible to get a decent cup of coffee as good as the one they make at the coffee shop?

Please follow my leads.

How did the coffee capsule maker come into being?

Capsule coffee was invented in 1976 by Nestle, the world’s largest food company.

What? This was way ahead of its time back in 1976?

It is said that Eric Favre, the inventor of the capsule machine, happened upon an unusual cup of Espresso at a Roman cafe, where the owner of the coffee shop repeatedly flipped the handle because he thought the machine was broken that allowed a lot of compressed gas to enter the cup… which led to the development of the capsule coffee.

nespresso founder

Nespresso founder Eric Favre

Coffee capsule, is the ground coffee powder sealed in a small capsule. It uses the high pressure and Extremely Strong Water Vapor to extract the espresso.

The idea, at the 1970s, was ahead of its time, but NESTLÉ’s ill-conceived marketing (commercial coffee) kept it in obscurity for decades, until recently NESTLÉ’s changed of strategy to focus on the non-professional level of the household market, then slowly started the ball rolling.

You know the rest of the story. Nespresso, with one machine in hand, there are no limits… while other coffee giants, such as Lavazza, Illy, Mars, and Green Mountain, seeing the benefits, are starting to develop their own systems for capsule coffee.

It’s worth noting, however, that the relationship between different brands of capsule machines is like Apple and Android, Canon and Nikon. If you have chosen an iPhone, you will not want to an Android phone, and if you have bought a Canon SLR you are not going to buy a Nikon head for fun…

That means:

If you buy this machine, you have to use his capsule. One Turnip, one pit. Although they’re all capsules, they’re not compatible.

The following table can help you quickly sum up all the common capsule machines on the market.

NestleNespressoHigh Market share, good looks, but only coffee drinks can be brewed. Recently AFPAK has helped some enterprises produce tea, milk powder and so on.
NestleDolce GustoCold Drinks, tea, soluble powders and coffee outside of the drink can be brewd
Green MountainK-cup/K-shotOpen Platform, so that many companies can produce their own brand of coffee capsules.
IllyIllyVery particular about the details of the capsule
LavazzaEspresso Point,Blue/a modo mioMultiple systems are incompatible
coffee capsule machines

coffee capsule machines

Why do we drink coffee capsule ?

Get a good cup of coffee, there are four factors: water temperature, water, coffee grinding fine powder, coffee powder degree of freshness. Let’s not talk about people…

The birth of the capsule coffee, a one-time solution to the above problem. One-button service, BOOT super fast, heating speed super fast, but also not bad to drink!

So is there any other reason besides convenience?

Capsule coffee is probably one of the most quality-consistent coffees. In product design, the capsule set a good temperature of water, water output, the capsule itself to comply with the production of water, standardization.

In addition to coffee, many capsule machines can also drink tea and other beverages is a Lazy Gospel.

And… It looks great. LOOK AT THE TIDE! It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it’s nice not to have it around the house.

Finally, the price is right. Although the capsule cost a lot of money (about a dollar a capsule), the price of the capsule machine itself or much cheaper than the automatic coffee machine.

So, is there a downside to capsule coffeemakers?


Although many capsule coffee factories use “fresh” as their selling point, that depends on who you’re competing with… Compared to beans, ground coffee is certainly not as fresh as FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE.

Once ground into a powder, the oxidation rate will be very fast, even if sealed, the residual oxygen will have very serious oxidation, resulting in bad taste. There are, of course, several ways to slow down the rate of oxidation: By flushing with nitrogen(This is all AFPAK’s machines standard function), or by adding a deoxidizer.

Big factories, like Illy and Nespresso, are made in “all-nitrogen” packaging, so they can slow the flavor down a bit. Nespresso does this very well, because each capsule is “sealed” in a single capsule, so each capsule is in a low-oxygen state with a slower rate of decay; Illy fills a can with nitrogen, so once the CAN is opened, the unused capsule will start to oxidize That’s why illy’s capsules have to be used quickly… ….

And k-cup, because it doesn’t have patent protection (it’s an open platform and wants other brands to use its capsule system), so there are a lot of different OEM factories that produce capsules of different standards… Imagine that It’s a hell of a difference (But AFPAK guarantee that all Coffee packed by AFPAK’S k-cup filling sealing machine is of the highest quality).

2 | The flip side of Standardization

You can use the capsule machine without thinking, To minimize the impact of human factors, its water temperature, water is constant, there will be no adjustment for different capsules…

Plus, it doesn’t make beautiful foam!

Drink Latte, Cappuccino, and other milk coffee, to have beautiful thin foam, is technical work. But no matter what brand of capsule machine, basically can not make dense foam! But for the sake of convenience, bear with me.

3 | One turnip one pit, capsule machine is incompatible with each other

Except for the k-cup Capsule System, all capsule systems are the closed-loop business model. In other words, if you buy this machine, you will be forced to use the capsule made by this manufacturer unless you change the machine!

And one more thing, and this is the most important thing, because of the compatibility of the various systems, resulting in the choice of the capsule itself is limited, the flavor of the breadth and richness will be weaker.

Buying a capsule machine is just the beginning

Capsules are the easy-to-burn, money-grubbing follow-up products

So, whether can buy the capsule that tastes pretty good, is the most important thing!

If you have good coffee and want to pack them in capsules, come to us!

Our top class coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machines will make your high-quality coffee with the freshest taste to reach each coffee lover’s side.

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