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Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine AFPAK is the best

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Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine from AFPAK is best —feedback from AFPAK russian customer Recently…

Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine from AFPAK is best

—feedback from AFPAK russian customer

Recently we have some customers asking for some references who are using AFPAK Alu nespresso capsule filling sealing machine now.

The first mind thing comea to my mind is to contact the customer located in Russian: Mr. Victor. Because he has used our machines for more than 6 months, and I think he has fully experienced how our machine runs for his business.

What a surprised is that he likes our nespresso capsule filling sealing machine very much. This is what he is telling me just now:

customer feedback

Victor is an experienced and dedicated engineer. He made his own designed plastic capsules molds in Russian and his capsules can mak very nice cafee. He is very successful in coffee capsule business, though he only has about 5 years in coffee business.

Now he uses European aluminum capsules, and at the same time he is developing his own design aluminum capsules. In September of 2018, the his aluminum capsules will come to the market.

Victor was very nervous when he made the purchase contract to us, because one of European capsules company said to him that Chinese machines would damage the aluminum capsules, as the capsules are so soft and Chinese machines are so bad in design. But the real reason he found was because that European company wanted to sell him another european brand machine with 3 times higher in price.

Victor was very strict when he visited our factory to inspect his filling and sealing machine,and we spent the whole day together on checking every details in the machine and mading about 2000 pcs samples to check the quality. For his machine, AFPAK made lots of small innovations to meet the more stable and reliable working requirement.

When his machine was ready, we sent our general engineer Mr.Hu to his factory to teach his workers how to use our machines properly. That’s why his machines have been working so good till now.

If you are also interested in coffee capsule filling sealing business, feel free to contact us for more details.

AFPAK will resply fast and offer the best service to you.

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