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An Efficient Nitrogen flushing system applied in AFPAK K cup packaging machines

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It is well known that nitrogen is very important for the storage of coffee. So…

coffee capsule packaging machine
K cup packaging machines

It is well known that nitrogen is very important for the storage of coffee. So the Nitrogen flushing is an important function in the K cup packaging machines and all coffee capsules filling sealing machines.
For AFPAK machines, you will have no worry on the Nitrogen problems. For every machine, we will have 5-6 Nitrogen flushing stations to keep over 90% Nitrogen inside filled and sealed k-cups and coffee capsules.

K cup filling sealing machine
K cup filling sealing machine

Recently, AFPAK has developed a new K cup packaging machines that can flush over 95% Nitrogen inside K cups. It is a fully automatic machine that 1 worker can run the machine well. Labors cost is saved and machine speed is fast, so that it can Maximize your factory production efficiency.

K cup filling sealing packaging machine
K cup filling sealing packaging machine

Are you looking for high efficiency, fast speed, labor-saving K cup packaging machines?

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AfPak specializes in developing the very best and various packing solutions that will satisfy you and your customers. State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of every product that we offer. But the wealth of experience and exceptional customer service are what really set us apart from competitors.

Professional engineers are our most powerful support, but they are not limited to yesterday`s technology. We are following the latest technology and applying it to every product we made. So our goods are highly appreciated by our clients for its Great performance, Durability and user- friendly features.

AFPAK provides a complete COFFEE CAPSULES filling and packaging solution, including but not limited to:

01. AF-H  Linear nespresso/lavazza coffee capsule filling sealing machine

02. AF-R  Rotary nespresso/lavazza coffee capsule filling sealing machine

03. AF-H  Linear K cup coffee capsule filling sealing machine

04. AF-R  Rotary K cup coffee capsule filling sealing machine

05. AF-FFS coffee capsules bagging machine

06. AF-B Coffee capsules cartoning machine

07.  AF-C Coffee capsule brewers

07. AF-TS tins/cans filling sealing machine

Thank you for showing your interest in AFPAK. We are looking forward to becoming your partner, and developing together with you!


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