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1000-8000 CPH Cans filling packing machine

  • The AFPAK 1000-8000 CPH Cans Filling Packing Machine is a high-output automated system designed for versatile packaging applications, handling a variety of products including beverages, liquids, granules, and powders.
  • It features humanized design elements, robust materials, and intelligent components, ensuring safe and efficient operation with the assurance of CE safety certification.
  • The machine’s adaptability extends to different filling methods and can sizes, with a commitment to customization based on client product specifications.
Output CapacityRanges from 1000 to 8000 cans per hour (CPH)
ApplicationSuitable for aerated beverages, liquids, granules, powders, and various other products
CustomizationOffers tailored technical solutions to meet specific product requirements
Safety CertificationEquipped with induction protection devices; all machines have passed CE safety certification
Production SystemIncorporates more than ten years of design and manufacturing expertise

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1000-8000 cph Cans Filling Packing machine is a high output, high performance, stable operation, feature-rich, and durable automation equipment. It is widely used for the filling and sealing of all kinds of aerated beverages, liquids, granules, powders, and other products. The application of various induction protection devices makes this cans filling packing machine more convenient and safe to use and maintain. We can also customize the equipment according to the characteristics of your products.


1- High Quality

Combined with our more than ten years of design and manufacturing of filling and sealing equipment, we have formed a unique production system. Each of our equipment is designed with humanized, sturdy materials complemented by top brand electrical components, which are intelligent and durable to use. All of our machines have passed the CE safety certification and can be used with confidence.

2-Widely Application

Our equipment can produce a variety of products, truly multi-purpose features.

The machine can use different filling methods to produce powder, granules, liquids, pastes, aerated drinks, solids, etc., if the cans are of the same size or within a certain range of height difference can be used in one machine.

3- customized

Our experienced design and manufacturing team likes to challenge new things, so if you have any products, you can contact us and we will provide you with targeted and detailed technical solutions.

4- Technical Paramters

Capacity per hour1000-15001500-40002000-50003000-8000
Filling head12181818
Sealing head1124
Cans height (mm)110-160110-160110-160110-160
Motor Power (Kw)2.62.634.75

About AFPAK – Cans Filling Packing Machines Production Factory

With the successful acquisition of the plant in 2021, which has been in partnership for more than 5 years, AFPAK has gained a stronger production capability.
By combining AFPAK’s leading management concept and advanced design system, our canning and sealing equipment is now mature and stable enough to bring continuous benefits to our customers.

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