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AFPAK K cup filling packaging machine
afpak k cup filling packaging machine 2
AFPAK packaging machine made K cups

HB410 K Cup filling packaging machine is AFPAK's most powerful k cup filling, sealing, and packaging equipment at present. It has rich functions and can produce up to 200 k cup products per minute. Small and flexible, easy to move, and can be operated by two people, it can meet the needs of mass production and is an essential production tool for large and medium-sized coffee companies.

And our cartoning machine can be connected to two 4-row k-cup production lines, which greatly improves production efficiency and meets higher output production needs.

afpak k cup filling packaging machine 2
afpak k cup filling packaging machine 2


  1. Empty K cup drop system
  2. No cup no filling detector
  3. High accuracy filling system with ground coffee feeding system
  4. Tamp coffee and clean the capsules edge
  5. Pick and place the pe cut lids
  6. No lids no sealing alarm
  7. Twice sealing station
  8. Output to scale
  9. Output to conveying system
  10. Auto split to 4 lanes
  11. Auto pick and place 2-3 layers to the boxes
  12. Auto open and close boxes
  13. Output

Benefits to have AFPAK HB410 K cup filling packaging machine:

1- One machine can pack 12/16/24 counts boxes

2- High Efficiency, Easy to use and maintain

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