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coffee bean pouch packaging machine

AF-B220 coffee bean pouch packaging machine is a lightly customized fully automatic bag packaging equipment. The machine can produce 10-30 bags per minute. It has rich functions such as bag opening, weighing, filling, sealing, coding, etc., and can meet various needs. Production needs of food, beverage, chemical and other industries

It is an enlarged equipment that can package 100-1000g products and is suitable for the production of bags of different sizes and shapes.

We also equip it with high-quality electrical components from world-renowned brands to ensure reliable operation.

It occupies a small area, is easy to move, is simple to maintain and use, and has reliable performance. It is an indispensable production equipment for coffee companies.

Functions of B220 Coffee Bean Pouch Packaging Machine:

  1. Empty pouch auto feed system
  2. Open the mouth and bottom of the pouch
  3. Auto feed coffee beans and scale and fill into the pouches
  4. Auto close the pouch mouth
  5. Auto date print (Optional functions)
  6. Sensors for no pouch no filling
  7. English operation language

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