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k cup filling packaging machine
k cup packaging machine
box forming of k cup filling packaging machine
robot hand to pick filled and sealed k cups
sealing of k cup filling packaging machine
filling of k cup filling packaging machine
empty cup load of k cup filling packaging machine

AFPAK's H series K cup filling packaging machine is ideal for k-cups filling, sealing, nitrogen flushing, and cartoning production. This machine can pack coffee granules, soluble powders, tea granules/leaves, cocoa powders, etc with simple changes. This equipment is feature-rich, occupies a small area, stable performance and excellent quality. Now we have 2/4/6/8 lanes machines for you to choose, each lane can produce 40-50 cups per minute.



This machine has all functions to produce quality k-cups

1- Empty k cups feeding

2- No cups no filling sensor

3- Servo filling with auto coffee feeding system

4- Cup rim cleaning system

5- Pick and place pre cut lids (also can use roll film)

6- No lids no sealing sensor

7- Twice sealing system

8- Output to conveyor

9- Robot hand to pick 2*3 k cups

10- Open the empty boxes

11- Insert K cups into the boxes

12- Spray glue for seal

13- Seal the boxes

14- Output the final boxes

We also have many options

O1: Inline weight scale

O2: Date printer

O3: Second capsules production kits

O4: Inline camera to check sealing quality

O5: Flavor doser

O6: Ionizer

O7: We can also add other functions as you want


1- One person is enough to run this system

2- One machine can fill different products

3- One machine can use different sealing materials

4- One machine can pack different sizes of boxes

There are many more benefits are waiting for you to explore


Working lanes24
TypeLinear type
Capsule feedVertical
Drive TypeMotor drive, 220v single phase / 60Hz / 50ampsMotor drive, 220-380v three phases / 60Hz / 60amps
Output80-100 cups p/min; 6000 p/hr160-200 cups per minute 1200 cups per hour
Filling accuracy+/- 0.2 grams
Machine weight3300 lbs4000 lbs
Dimensions196"x95"x100"  (LxWxH)196"x110"x100"  (LxWxH)
Power Consumption3.5 Kw/h5.5Kw/h
Nitrogen Consumption50-100L/min 0.1 Mpa100-300L/min 0.1MPa
Air Pressure Consumption100-200L/min 0.6-0.8 Mpa300-400L/min 0.6-0.8Mpa
Warranty2 year mechanical, 1 year electrical
NoteWe also have 6/8 lanes for you to choose

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