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box cartoning packaging machine

AF-B10 box cartoning packaging machine is the solution to pack perfume bottles, coffee capsules, chocolate, pet food, penicillin bottle, etc in boxes/cartons.
This is a full automatic vertical type opening up cartoning packaging machine, able to encase irregular bulk items that horizontal cartoning machine cannot do

You can choose the machine that needs hot melt machine or not.

Combined with the world advanced technology and AFPAK’s powerful design team, this machine has obtained many design patents.

This is a custom-build machine, welcome to tell us your specific requirement, we will build the machines fully meet your needs.


Capacity30-60 cartons/min  we also have faster machine
Carton sizeL (50-250)mm * W(20-150) mm * H (15-100) mm custom-build service offer
Paper quality250-350 g/m3
Machine size2300mm*800mm*1900mm
Machine weight800KGS
NoteThis is a custom-build machine, so each machine specifications will have different


  1. Servo/step motor, Touchscreen, PLC control system and users’ friendly operating interface display all from global top brands
  2. Full automatically, save labor and high efficiency
  3. Easy operation that change of specifications does not need change of molds
  4. Smart working: Automatically stop when machine is overload  or the boxes are not in place.
  5. Safety: Safety doors are applying in the whole machine, open door, machine stop.
  6. CE certificate: AFPAK’S machines are fully meet the high level European market requirement.
  7. Easy linking to other system: This machine can be linked to your other production like filling sealing line, bottling line, etc.
  8. Can add many functions according to your requirement: Inkjet printer, label, online weight check, three-dimensional packaging machines, and other devices
  9. The hot melt glue machine can be equipped accord to clients’ requirement


  •  Open the box
  •  Fill the bottles/capsules/bags into the boxes
  •  Close the bottom
  •  Close the top
  •  Output


☆ Inline weight detector
☆ Inkjet printer
☆ Hot melt glue machine
☆ Conveying system


Box packaging machine samples
Box packaging machine samples

Machine Pictures

box packaging machine factory
box packaging machine factory
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