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BZD95 K cup Sealing Machine Quality solution for startup business

  • The BZD95 K cup Sealing Machine is a compact, semi-automatic device designed for sealing coffee pods, featuring adjustable temperature and time settings, and a lightweight design for easy maneuverability.
  • It boasts a user-friendly interface with dual language options, advanced electrical components for reduced failure rates, and a food-grade stainless steel and aluminum alloy construction.
  • Equipped with intelligent microcomputer control, the machine offers automatic and manual modes, safety mechanisms, and efficient heat management for continuous operation.
DisplayLiquid crystal display with Chinese and English interface
ModesDual operating modes: automatic and manual
Temperature RangeAdjustable from 100-300 degrees Celsius
SafetyAutomatic stop with touch-sensitive safety baffle
Heat DissipationHigh-power fan for effective heat removal

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BZD95 K cup sealing machine is a professional lab-table solution for customers to seal k-cups. A good k cup sealer should have a beautiful outlook, strong sealing, sealing temperature and time are adjustable, small and can put in any place, Lightweight and can be lifted easily, this is the BZD95 semi auto k cup sealing machine can provide all the features.

AFPAK BZD 95 K cup sealing machine meets all the above characteristics, it only has 30 kilos, and anyone can easy to take it, and It effectively solves the sealing problem that customers encounter when making their own K cups at home and also helps more coffee companies easily manufacture the samples they want

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Features of K cup sealing machine:

  • 1. Using liquid crystal display, Chinese and English interface, very advanced control system
    2. Imported advanced electrical components, low failure rate, mechanical stability and durability
    3. The sealing and the cup can be finished at one time to meet the sealing requirements of various products
    4. There are two operating modes, automatic and manual, to meet your operating needs
    5. Exquisite design and reliable running quality make it a great tool for your product packaging
    6. The mechanical structure adopts stainless steel, aluminum alloy, anti-rust treatment, and meets food hygiene requirements
    7. Only temperature setting, 100-300 degrees Celsius temperature control range, easy to control a variety of materials
    8. Automatic counting, easy to count output
    9. Intelligent microcomputer control, one-key operation, greatly improving work efficiency
    10. Equipped with a safety baffle, when foreign objects or hands touch, the sealing machine automatically stops working to prevent accidents
    11. The high-power fan effectively removes the exhausted heat of the machine, allowing the machine to be used for a longer period of time

Paramters of K cup Sealing Machine

Machine ModelBZD95
Out dimensions250*395*620 mm
Sealing heads1 head seal 2 K cups at each time
Power Supply220V/50Hz (Can make to your local voltage)
Power0.35 kw
Sealing materialPP, PET, PE, Aluminum
Sealing ModeHeat sealing

Operation of K cup sealing machine

  1. Connect the power cord, the machine will automatically heat up according to your previous settings
  2. After the standby unit rises to the set temperature, which is generally 170-190 degrees Celsius, you can press the “automatic manual” button, and the tray will automatically come out
  3. Place the K cup filled with coffee on the tray and place the film
  4. Press the “automatic manual” button, the tray will automatically return to the machine, and then the seal will automatically move downwards
  5. After the sealing action is completed, no other operations are required, the tray will automatically come out, and the sealing of K cups is completed

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AF-F30 Auto Coffee granules/beans filling machine


The equipment is widely used, not only can filling coffee granules, but also coffee beans, tea leaves, rice, small screws, and other powder, crumbs, and granular products

It can be used perfectly with the sealing machine, greatly improving production efficiency

It can fill 2-50 grams.

The speed and filling weight of the machine can be adjusted, and it can be controlled by induction or pedal.

The coffee filling machine also has a counting function, which can count the production volume in a certain period
The coffee filler equipment has high filling accuracy, a small error, and low failure rate, which is very suitable for novices.
The machine is small and exquisite and can be transported by air. Buy it now and receive the equipment within a week.

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