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coffee beans packing machine 2022 New design, Quality solution

  • The AF-VT52 by AFPAK is a fully automatic coffee beans packing machine that forms, fills, weighs, and seals bags with high precision and reliability.
  • It is designed for versatility, handling coffee beans as well as other solid products like snacks and fried foods, with ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Equipped with PLC control, servo motor technology, and a user-friendly touch screen interface, the machine ensures accurate and efficient packaging processes.
Machine TypeAF-VT52 Coffee Beans Packing Machine
FunctionalityForms four-sided seal bags, auto-feeds products, weighs, fills, and seals
Customization OptionsDegassing valve, date printing, various cutting shapes
Technical ControlPLC and servo control with color touch screen
Product SuitabilitySolid materials including coffee beans, various beans, fried foods, snacks

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What is coffee beans packing machine?

AF-VT52 coffee beans packing machine is a complete solution to pack coffee beans into the bags; this machine can form the bags, auto-feed the coffee beans, Auto weigh the coffee beans,  Auto fill into the bags, and auto seal the bags. The good coffee beans packaging machine should be fully automatic, easy to use and maintain, reliable working, high filling accuracy, beautiful sealing, quiet running,  multi-functions, etc.

AFPAK’s coffee beans packing machine can meet all your requirement. this machine not only produces coffee beans but also produces solid materials like any beans, Fried food, Snacks, etc.. Is the right choice for all small and medium enterprises

There are many optional functions for you to choose from: Sticky function of degas valve, date printing function, different cutting shapes, etc.

Machine details

This coffee beans packing machine is to produce the four sides seal bags like the following:

coffee four sides seal bags
coffee four sides seal bags
four sides seal bags
four sides seal bags

1.  Vertical coffee beans packing machine introduce:

coffee beans packing machine bag system

Technical characteristics

  • PLC control with stable, reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touch screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, cutting, finished in one operation.
  • Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic control and power control. Noise is low, and the circuit is more stable.
  • Servo control, high precision orientation, size more nicety.
  • External film releasing mechanism: simpler and easier installation of packing film.
  • Adjustment of bag deviation just needed to control the touch screen. The operation is very simple.
  • Close down type mechanism, defending powder into the inside of the machine.

Technical parameters of coffee beans packing machine:

Bag sizeFont width: 70-180 mmSide width: 40-100 mmSealing width: 5-10 mmLength: 100-350 mm
Max width of roll film520mm
Packing speed20-30bags/min
Measuring range3000ml(MAX)
Air consumption0.65Mpa
Gas consumption0.4m³/min
Power voltage220VAC/50HZ
DimensionL 1300* W 1130* H 1900mm
Deadweight of machine700KG

2. Coffee beans Weigher

10 heads coffee beans weigher
10 heads coffee beans weigher

Special Features

  • Special design to mount on the top of VFFS bagger into combine machine, save cost and space;
  • Servo motor duck mouth timing hopper, collect products into one filling point to reach high speed;
  • HMI program can be changed according to customize requirement;
  • Central weight and level sensor checking, double-check for all kinds of product features;
  • AFC auto adjust linear vibration, make sure good accuracy;
  • Initial program recipe easy for operator setting, and save recipes same as micron office with a different name;
  • Piston up & down function to stop products collision, good for fragile products;
  • Measure by weight or counting piece, both are available.

Technical parameters of coffee beans weigher

Max. Single Dump Cap. (g)10-1500g
Weighing Accuracy0.5-2.0g
Max. Weighing Speed120bpm
Weigh Hopper Volume2500ml
Control panelTouch Screen
OptionsDimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Rotary Top Cone
Driving systemStep Rotor

This machine is 10 heads design, we also have 6-20 heads for you to choose.

3. Z type Coffee beans feeding tunnel

Convey speed3600mm
Convey measure4T/H(Rice)
Overall size3000(L)*650(W)*3750(H)mm

4. Weigher loading frame

Maximum Loading Weight2T-3T
Equipment Size1850mm*1850mm*1850mm
Net Weight350kg

5. Output conveyor

Convey speedSpeed can be changed(fast or slow depends on your choice); Average speed: 30m/min
BeltFood grade polypropylene(PP)
Weight of machine100KG
Packaging size1600mm(L)*550mm(W)*1000mm(H)

6. Recommend functions- degassing valve seal function

degassing valve function of coffee beans machine
degassing valve function of coffee beans machine
degassing valve samples function of coffee beans machine.jpg
degassing valve samples function of coffee beans machine.jpg


AF-VT52 Coffee beans Packing Machine configurations

NameBrandProducing areaRemark
Touch-sensitive screenWEINVIEWTaiwan
Programmer controlled systemSIMENSJapan
Servo motorSchneiderFrance
Servo driverSchneiderFrance
Electromagnetic valveJinqiTaiwan
Intermediate relayweidmullerGermany
Photoelectric eyeBEDELITaiwan
Solid state relayCrydomMexico
Thermometer controlOMRONJapan

Factory Tour


1. What kind of the bags can this coffee bean packing machine produce

AFPAK: This machine can produce the four sides seal bags, which is a standable, Elegant design.

2. Can I use other shapes of the bags on coffee beans packaging machine

AFPAK: We don’t suggest you do this. Because if change the shapes, then you need to change the forming parts, which is very complicated.

3. Can I produce different sizes of the bags in one machine

AFPAK: Yes, You can. you can change the bag height when producing to load more filling materials. We don’t suggest changing the width of the bags, because you will need to change the forming parts. And VT52 machine is more complicated to change this part

4. Can I produce different products with this machine?

AFPAK: Sure, you can produce many different solid products with this machine, and no need to change the machine parts, only need to change the parameters in the machine control screen.

5. What do you need to know before ORDER this machine?

AFPAK: As this is a customized machine, so we need to know from you:  the detailed bag size (L, W, H), what to fill, what’s the speed you want, what’s your factory size and power, etc.

6. How soon will I get my machine after Order?

AFPAK:Normally, machine produce needs 2 months. and shipping needs 2-8 weeks to your port. So if need the machine, please order in early time.

7. What’s the price of this machine?

AFPAK: The machine prices are different from your needs. so please contact our sales for more details.

8. Can I visit your factory?

AFPAK: Sincerely welcome all customers to visit our factory. We will always arrange pick-up and escort services.

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