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coffee capsule packing machine

Machine Description

  • The AFPAK coffee capsule packing machine is engineered for versatility in packaging preformed pouches, featuring a compact design with touch screen settings for user-friendly operation.
  • It incorporates PLC control, cylinder-driven motions, and suction cups for efficient picking, transferring, and bag opening, catering to a variety of packaging needs with interchangeable dosing tools.
  • Designed for economical investment, the machine offers a packing speed of 6 to 15 bags per minute, targeting small to medium businesses seeking to enhance packaging efficiency without excessive investment.

Table of Machine Features

Packaging CapacityPacks 10/20/30 capsules in one bag
Machine DesignCompact, single station with touch screen control
AdaptabilityMulti-size handling with easy adjustment functionality
CompatibilityCombines with various dosing tools for diverse packaging applications
SpeedModest packing speed of 6 to 15 bags/min for small to medium outputs

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A GOOD coffee capsule packing machine

Can pack 10/20/30 capsules in one bag!

One stop coffee capsule packing solutions, only in AFPAK.

What can we offer: 1. Biodegradable coffee capsule / Normal PP MATERIAL coffee capsule
K cups with separated filters / Kcups with filter sealed on the cup body
2. High quality coffee capsule filling sealing machine
3. coffee capsule Sealing lids
4. Air compressor to run the machine
5. Nitrogen Generator
6. Laser or inkjet printer
7. Bag packing machine to pack 1/10/20 capsules in one bag
and other necessary machines and materials need for coffee capsule packing

Machine details

coffee capsule bagging machine
coffee capsule bagging machine
control panel of coffee capsule packing machine

AFPAK coffee capsule packing machine is made special to handle varieties of packaging jobs of preformed pouches. Features with compact design in single station working and touch screen easy setting, loading bag on a top cassette with easy adjustment function, would smart suit to Multi-size handling by one machine
●System control by PLC, motions drove by Cylinders, used suction cups to do typical motions of picking & transferring, opening bag step by step, easy known how to operation and maintenance.
●AFPAK coffee capsule packing machine Multi combined able with varieties of dosing tools for varieties of packaging needs in real, suit with such as Multi-head scale, linear scale, auger filler, cup filler, liquid pump and so on, for food or none food.
●AFPAK coffee capsule packing machineis a mini conception by offering a modest level of packing speed from 6 to 15bags/min only so can be one thing in economical investment to get. Save money enough to operate by those small or medium users who meet needs to upgrade his packaging jobs but limited productions output in fact, in case they do not spend huge amount to get a big stuff but overflow his output level in deep.

working process of coffee capsule packing machine
working process of coffee capsule packing machine


Speed6-30 bags/min
Filling range10/20/30 pcs/bag
Bag sizeW 80-300mm*H 150-430 mm
VoltageCan be customized
Air pressure/gas consumption≥0.7m3/min 0.65MPa
Machine weight160-220Kgs
Machine sizeL1630-1750mm*W510-750mm* H1300-1650mm

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