coffee pod manufacturing machine

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Simple, Easy to use and clean, No need special clean, One operator is enough.

  1. The coffee pods manufacturing machine is special designed to produce coffee and tea granules.
  2. It can automatic form the bottom, fill the coffee/tea granules, sealing the top filter, output to the bag packaging machine, pack one pod in one bag, output the final coffee pods.
  3. Global top brands (like Schneider, Omron, Airtac, SMC, etc) electrical and pneimatic parts to guarantee the long time use. And you can also find the spare parts in your local market, save your time.
  4. Special upgraded parts Based on our mature models to ensure stable and reliable machine operation
  5. The machine uses food grade material to protect your coffee.
  6. The bag packaging area is full of nitrogen, effectively extend the shelf life of your coffee.
  7. The machine can custom-build to produce your pods.

10-15 bags/min

55-62 mm pod diameter

4-7 grams

100*85mm bag size

4 core advantages

Superior quality, detail creation


The precision control system regulates machine operation, compact structure, and efficient operation


All coffee contacts are made of food-grade stainless steel, protect your coffee


Intelligent touch screen, human-machine interface design, easy operation, easy adjustment and maintenance


Equipment passed CE certification, quality assurance, guaranteeing operator safety.

coffee pod making machine
coffee pod making machine

Coffee Pod Manufacturing machine Specifications

Filling Range4-7grams
Packaging speed10-15 bags/min
Pod diameter55-60mm
Out bag sizeL: 100mm * W: 85mm
Machine weight1000 KGS
Voltage1Ph, 220V, 50HZ, 3.5KW
Machine size2020*780*1850mm
Air consumption≥0.6m3/min

Eight guarantees, worry-free cooperation

Good equipment can save customers a lot of trouble, and quality service is even more icing on the cake

Follow-up production

We will follow up your equipment progress in real time, so you can understand your equipment production status

Quality Guarantee

Our production is based on the improvement of quality. We know that only the production of high-quality equipment can make our after-sales easy.

Three Inspections

In order to ensure the quality of machine production, we will have three levels of management (manufacturing supervisor, sales supervisor, general manager) inspection before shipment, Only after these three inspections pass, the machine can be shipped

On time delivery

We strictly control the production time. In order to let customers get the equipment earlier, we will prepare some components in advance to allow the production to be completed in time.

Provide information

We will provide you with a full set of information to help you with the needs of the import process. Can also find import agents for you to help you clear customs smoothly

Video/Voice Call Service

After you receive the device, we will give you a step-by-step Book/video of using the device. And provide voice and video services, so you can better start using our devices

Field Service

According to your requirements, we can send engineers to your factory site to help you train and use equipment.

Lifetime maintenance

We provide a 2-year warranty and lifetime maintenance services. As long as you use our equipment, whenever there is a problem with the machine, we will help you solve it quickly.

Please notice before you are consulting:

  1. This is a custom-build machine, it is built according to your requirement. So please kindly let us know your Pods size and bag size, and also how many coffee fill inside.
  2. If you have special requirement on the electrical and pneumatic parts, please let us know also.
  3. The machine can only make the paper coffee pods, if yoy want aluminum foil coffee pods, you can check with our another coffee pods manufacturing machine 
  4. We can also provide you the paper filter rolls and out aluminum/plastic rolls. One stop solution. You only need to have coffee and factory.
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