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Dolce Gusto sealing machine

  • Dolce Gusto sealing machine AF-DGM4: A manual heat sealing machine designed for hermetically sealing Dolce Gusto coffee capsules, with a focus on efficiency and quality.
  • Capacity and performance: Boasts a production rate of 500-960 capsules per hour, with a rapid sealing time of 1.2 seconds and adjustable temperature settings from 100-300°C.
  • Customization and convenience: Offers customizable power options, including a standard 220V 50/60Hz 500W configuration, and is compact with dimensions of 520 x 450 x 310 mm and a gross weight of 25 KG.
Default Capsule Diameter54 mm
Cavity Number4
Power Configuration220V 50/60Hz 500W (customizable)
Package Dimensions520 x 450 x 310 mm
Gross Package Weight25 KG

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Dolce Gusto sealing machine, Dolce Gusto SEALER AF-DGM4

Note: A complete Dolce Gusto sealing procedure needs two machines to finish: One is to seal the inside filter, another is to seal outside alu lids.

Specifications Of AFPAK Dolce Gusto sealing machine:

Default Dolce Gusto capsules diameter: 54 mm

Default Dolce Gusto capsules foil lid used in Sealer: 54 mm

Sealing way: Manual Heat sealing

Cavity number: 4

Capacity: 500-960pcs/H

Sealing time: 1.2 S

Sealing temperature: 100-300°C

Power: 220V 50/60Hz 500W (can be customized)

Package Dimension: 520 x 450 x 310 mm

Gross Package Weight: 25 KG

Need Supplies for your Dolce Gusto Sealing Machine? Check out the following:

1. Empty Dolce Gusto capsules:

2. Alu Sealing Material (lids):

Package: Anti-collision and Damp-proof packaging, 1 machine/carton
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for parts – and there is good support in problem solving and instructions.

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