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Fin Seal Packaging Machine

  • The AF-MFFS2 Fin Seal Packaging Machine is a fully automated system that forms, fills, and seals stick/bags with various products, including powders and granules.
  • It features a user-friendly interface, high precision filling capabilities, and a robust construction suitable for continuous operation.
  • Designed for versatility, the machine can produce custom-shaped bags and handle different materials, ensuring efficiency and durability in packaging processes.
Machine TypeAF-MFFS2 Fin Seal Packaging Machine
Key TechnologyAdvanced servo motor control, PLC, touch screen, and frequency converter
Material CompatibilitySuitable for white sugar, coffee granules, notoginseng powder, liquid sauce, and more
Output Capacity2000-4000 bags per hour
ConstructionFood-grade stainless steel 304, with all product contact parts made from food-grade materials

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AF-MFFS2 Fin Seal Packaging Machine is the solution to form the stick/bags, fill juice/vitamin/ instant coffee powder and then seal the stick/bags. It can also make custom-shape stick/bag according to your requirement.

It adopts advanced technology, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, stable performance, high efficiency and durability, precise and simple operation, low energy consumption and so on.

One person is enough to run this machine. and it can run countinously 24 hours without stop.

A fully automatic multi-functional packaging machine is made up of processes such as metering, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, coding, counting and conveying. Suitable for different kinds of materials, such as white sugar, coffee granules, notoginseng powder, liquid sauce and so on.

The machine adopts man-machine manual interface, automatic detection alarm system program, application of imported PLC, cylinder, optical, touch screen, temperature control table, frequency converter, relay, servo motor, high quality power circuit.


ModelAF-MFFS2 Fin seal packaging machine
Filling head2 heads (Also have 4/6/8/10 heads)
Filling Accuracy±5%
Machine speed40-80 bags/min
Machine size1200*1500*1800mm
Machine weight500KGS
NoteThis is a custom-build machine, so each machine specifications will have different


  1. Very easy to use and maintain
  2. Small layout, Can be produced in small, crowded workshops
  3. Servo Motor controlled filler, filling accuracy is stable and high in ±5%
  4. Save labor, one machine every hour can produce 2000-4000 bags, and no need special training, workers can use this machine in very soon.
  5. Food grade, meet GMP requirement.
  6. Rugged constructed to guarantee a long service life. Most of the body is built with stainless steel 304 and food grade stainless steel (SS304) is used for all parts in contact with products.


☆ Automatic form the bags
☆ Automatic fill powder
☆ Automatic print date
☆ Automatic seal
☆ Automatic cut the shape
☆ Output the finished capsules


☆ Vacuum powder feeder conveyor
☆ Auto Screw tea feeder


fin seal bag
fin seal bag

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