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1800cph Lavazza espresso point filling sealing machine

  • The AF-H1 Lavazza Espresso Point filling sealing machine is a fully automated system designed for precise filling and sealing of coffee capsules, with the capability to handle a variety of powders including chocolate and tea.
  • It features advanced sensors and a servo motor-controlled filler for accurate dosing within a 0.2-gram error margin, ensuring consistent product quality.
  • Constructed primarily with stainless steel 304, the machine promises durability and ease of maintenance, catering to high hygiene standards in the food industry.
Machine TypeFully Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine
Product ApplicationEspresso coffee capsules, chocolate powder, tea powder, cappuccino coffee powder, etc.
Key TechnologyServo Motor Controlled Filler, Advanced Sensors for Automation
Build MaterialStainless Steel 304 and Food Grade Stainless Steel
Control SystemOmron Control System (with options for Allen Bradley, Schneider, Mitsubishi)
Additional FeaturesInline Weight Detector, Auto Screw Tea Feeder, Automated Bagging and Boxing Systems (optional)

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AF-H1 Lavazza Espresso Point filling sealing machine

is the solution to fill coffee in lavazza espresso point capsules, close and pack with Nitrogen gas.
This is a full automatic line with incorporates a variety of sensors that allows it to detect and smartly decide how to respond to the presence or absence of capsules, lids, coffee, air pressure, temperature, position, etc.
The servo motor controlled filling device is designed to provide high accuracy, extremely smooth operation at all speeds.
This machine can produce lavazza espresso point capsules with inside and without inside seal
This lavazza espresso point filling sealing packaging machine not only can produce espresso coffee, but also can pack Chocolate, milk powder, cappuccino powder, tea powder/granules, etc.


Filling head1 head
Filling AccuracyUp to ±0.1g
Machine speed1500-1800 cph
Machine size2500*1000*2000mm
Machine weight800KGS
NoteThis is a custom-build machine, so each machine specifications will have different


1. Special designed capsules feeding device, save labor.

2. It is a fully automatic production line, which incorporates a variety of sensors that allows it to detect and smartly decide how to respond to the presence or absence of cups, lids, coffee, air pressure, temperature, position, etc.

3. Omron control system will ensure reliable power to drive the whole line. Also can use other brands like Allen Bradley, Schneider, Mitsubishi as per your requirement.

4. Servo Motor controlled filler, filling accuracy is stable and high in 0.2 grams error.

5. All electronic and pneumatic component brands used in the construction of this machine are highest quality name brands globally known in the industry manufactured in countries such as USA, Japan, Germany and France.

6. Rugged constructed to guarantee a long service life. Most of the body is built with stainless steel 304 and food grade stainless steel (SS304) is used for all parts in contact with products.

7. Machine is very easy to use and maintain.

8. Widely applications: Espresso coffee, cappuccino coffee powder, chocolate powder, tea powder, etc.


☆ Automatic sort and feed empty lavazza espresso point capsules

☆  Automatic push the empty capsules into the plate

☆ Automatic detect whether capsules well loaded on the machine by sensor.

☆ Automatic sealing bottom paper filter

☆ Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 7-8 g ( can be adjust)(Nitrogen flushing here)

☆ Clean the capsule edge and press the coffee tightly

☆ Auto sealing and cutting outside paper filter

☆ Output to the conveyor

☆ Pack 1/210-20 pcs in one bag (Optional function)


☆ Inline weight detector
☆ Auto Screw tea feeder
☆ Cutting and putting the filter on the capsule button.
☆ Pack 1/10/20 pcs in one bag machine
☆ Pack 4/10 pcs in one box machine


Lavazza point filling sealing packaging machine
Lavazza point filling sealing packaging machine

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