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AF-VFFS320 Bag Packaging Machine

  • The AF-VFFS320 Bag Packaging Machine is a high-speed, automated packaging solution designed for precision and repeatability in packaging liquids, fresh fruit, confectionery, and more.
  • It features an attractive bag type customization, automatic multi-function processes including sealing and date printing, and is equipped with a servo motor-controlled film drawing system with automatic deviation correction.
  • This machine utilizes a high-quality PLC system, offers easy operation and low maintenance, and is versatile for packaging a variety of products such as granules, powders, and snacks.


Bag Type FlexibilitySatisfies high demand with attractive pillow-type and standing bags.
Automation CapabilitiesAutomatically handles bagging, sealing, date printing, and punching.
Film Drawing SystemControlled by a servo motor with an automatic film rectifying function.
PLC and Pneumatic SystemUtilizes a famous brand PLC and pneumatic system for reliable sealing.
Technical SpecificationsOffers speeds up to 50 bags per minute with a hygienic stainless steel design.

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The stylish and sleek AF-FFS320 Bag Packaging Machine offers exceptional speed and repeatability, ideal for packaging liquids, fresh fruit, confectionery, and other products.


  • Attractive bag type to satisfy your high demand.
  • It completes bagging, sealing, date printing, punching, counting automatically;
  • Film drawing down system controlled by servo motor. Automatic film rectifying deviation function;
  • Famous brand PLC. Pneumatic system for vertical and horizontal sealing;
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance, and compatible with the different internal or external measuring devices.
  • Suitable for packing granules, and powder, such as tea, milk powder, rice flour, coffee, snacks, nuts, potato chips, etc.
  • The way of bag making: the machine can make pillow-type bags and standing bags according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Specifications of VFFS320 Bag Packaging Machine

Speed5-60 Bags per min
Film wide range80-320 mm
Bag sizeW:50-150 mm L:30-200mm
Film Thickness0.03-0.09mm
Dimensions1115*800*1370 mm
Air consumtion0.8MPa. 0.25m3/min
Package Film MaterialPOPP/CPP, POPP/MCPP, CPP/PE. etc..
Inner Cylinder diameter of roll filmdia 76mm
Power Supply1ph * 220V*50/60 hz 2.2-3.9kw
Alarm Status① No bag and no material alarm and shutdown
② Equipment overload alarm
③ Low temperature, no ribbon alarm

What’s better than a highly reliable, repeatable-delivery bagger? The VFFS320 Bag Packaging Machine is an impressive vertical form, fill and seal equipment that offers the stainless steel hygienic design and economy.
Want efficiency? With speeds up to 50 bags per minute, faster, repeatable, and accurate production runs will be the norm.
Want consistency? VFFS320 prevents production and innovation bottlenecks.
Want flexibility? The VFFS320 can produce a variety of bag types, including four-layer seals.
Want the peace of mind? VFFS320 is the best choice for your next investment

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