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3000 PER HOUR! RN1S Dolce Gusto filling sealing machine is running in the factory of AFpak’s customer in Thailand

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RN1S Dolce gusto filling and sealing machine brings new production dynamics to Thai customers! Congratulations…

RN1S Dolce gusto filling and sealing machine brings new production dynamics to Thai customers!

Congratulations to the customer of AFPAK whose factory is based in Thailand! The latest version of the RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine was successfully installed and started to fill and seal dolce gusto capsules in this customer’s factory.

RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine running in Thai customer’s factory now.

This highly efficient filling and sealing machine could possibly reach a daily output of up to 70,000 dolce gusto cups if it runs 24 hours.

And for the first day of its installation, it filled and sealed over 5000 cups in less than 2 hours of operation.

This is the fourth machine that the customer has purchased from AfPak.

Those previous filling and sealing machines manufactured by AfPak have met the needs of this customer and have been liked by the customer.

It is one of the most popular dolce gusto filling sealing machines in the market.

AfPak firmly believes that this machine will help the customer to further boost the factory’s productivity, meet the continuously growing demand of dolce gusto consumption in the market, attract more customers, and thus gain much more sales.

Customer and AFpak’s engineer at the factory of the customer in Thailand

Introduction to RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine

RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is a continuously upgraded product according to the feedback from the market. It is the low-cost filling and sealing machine launched, aiming at helping startups and small businesses to lower their workshop cost and increase their productivity so as to reach their sales target. It is born to help small businesses grow to be big, to be large businesses.

Main structure of the RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine

Bulk dolce gusto capsules feeding system

As in the below photo, this bulk dolce gusto capsules feed system is used to sort out empty capsules individually. Those empty dolce gusto capsules tend to pile up together or are upside down. So this feeding will separate them and correct their position. Then it delivers them one by one to the machine for the next step of production.

Servo filling system

The powder or granules go through the silo to the empty capsules.

Film cut and sealed system.

The film is cut and sealed here.

Other parts include the capsules detection, film detection and conveyor to output the capsules.

So the general process is that firstly the capsule feeding system delivers the empty capsule to the round mold position for filling and sealing. There will be a sensor to detect. If no capsule on the position, the filling and sealing would not happen. If the capsule is in the position, the filling system would start to fill, and after the film would be cut and sealed tightly to the capsules. Lastly, the capsules would be output.

Basic specifications of RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine

ModelAF-RN1S Dolce Gusto filling sealing machine
Output speed2400-3000cups/h
Operating lanes1
Source of power1phs*220V/50HZ-60HZ
Air source0.6Mpa- 0.8Mpa
Air consumption650L/min
Nitrogen consumption300L/min
Working temperature5℃-65℃
HumidityNot larger than 85%
Machine rack size1200mm*1200mm*1750 mm

The main features of the RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine

  1. High efficiency

Based on the specifications chart, it is revealed that the output speed is around 2400-3000 dolce gusto cups to be filled and sealed each hour. Withing 2 hour, RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine possibly fill and seal about 5000-6000 dolce gusto cups. And there could be 2 times, 3 times, 4 times and more times efficiency increased if customer has 2, 3, 4 or more of this machine in the factory to form production lines. Besides, it is possibly to run this machine 24 hours a day, further increasing the productivity.

  • Strong stability

RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is produced to fill the dolce gusto capsules with various types of powders or granules such as coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, soluble powders. The machine is composed of stainless steel which is food graded, and firm iron parts ,and adopts the world well-know high quality electrical parts, so to ensure a smooth and stable production. Combined with experienced engineers’ work, the high accuracy of filling and sealing is further ensured.There are also a lot of intelligent sensors to better ensure a highly efficient operation.

  • Small size

With AFpak’s special design which is with the round outlook with a inner round plate mold of positions, the space taken by RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is smaller compared to other straight-line type filling and sealing machines. The rack size of RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is 1200mm in length, 1200mm in width and 1750mm in height. Firstly, the small size of this machine take less space of the container, with the shipping charge taken into consideration. One container could contain a few RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machines, which will cut the cost of shipping smaller. Besides, there will be no issue with the transportation on the road or highways as the machine is small. Furthermore, the machine can fit into a garage of one’s house. The source of power is 1phs*220V/50HZ-60HZ which is quite common. Customers could have more machines in their workshop to form production lines and with the machine’s small dimension. Last but not least, the machine can be easily moved to save a lot of workshop’s space.

  • Simplicity of operation

AFpak will provide full guidance on running the RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine once customer orders the machine. Installation and training will be provided also. However, AFpak has designed and upgraded the machine to enable anyone working in the workshop to manage to operate the machine in a quicker way. The buttons are simple to use and the control panel are easy to control. To run this machine, one does not need to have many years of experience in machine operation and still he could easily learn and manage it.

  • Great popularity

AFpak’s RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine is one the most popular dolce gusto filling sealing machine in the market thanks to its low cost, simple operation, low-cost transportation, high efficiency, small size, strong stability, small space taken and etc. It has met the demands of customers and helped a lot of startups and small business to increase productivity and sales greatly. Most customers have become the regular customers and they keep coming back to buy more AFpak filling and sealing machines, not only the RN1S ones but also larger filling and sealing machines with 2, 3, 4 or more lanes to process production as their business is growing.

Below there are various types of dolce gusto capsules could be filled and sealed by AFpak RN1S dolce gusto filling sealing machine.

Check more details of RN1S Dolce gusto filling sealing machine here:

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