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The post-90s guy makes coffee and earns one million a year. This is the secret?

The guy born in the 1990s made coffee and earns one million a year. At such a young age, he has become a relatively wealthy man in the United States. Let's see what his secret is! This is a true story, and the guy personally emailed his best partner afpak official website

"What kind of choice determines what kind of life. To become a successful person, you must be forward-looking, because every temporary decision may become a factor that will promote your success in the future." Jimmy is the chairman and chairman of the company. General manager, many people around Jimmy admire his good luck, but Jimmy believes that he was able to achieve today’s results not because of good luck, but because he insisted on taking a path that suits him and giving full play to With regard to my own expertise, I am always looking after everything, thinking about and discovering those setbacks and difficulties in advance, so as to effectively reduce or avoid risks.

In 2015, Jimmy graduated from Andrew University. Jimmy majored in international finance and trade. Holding his own diploma, he nominated one company after another to promote himself. After running for a month, I did not find a suitable job. He was very depressed. When he returned to his father's coffee shop, he couldn't help crying. It is often said that men have tears, and this young man feels helpless in planning his future career. The lost direction, time passing day by day, is very worrying.

Although Jimmy's father's shop was small, it had many loyal customers. One of the words of an old customer made the guy make a temporary important decision.

"I don't want to do the kind of work that looks at my head at a glance. I do things that I am not interested in every day. It is very boring." The boy said to his father. The father is doing coffee garnishing in the coffee shop, and he understands his son's mind. But what else can he do besides teaching his son how to make coffee, he is also troubled by this.

An old customer was reading a magazine, and he said to himself: "You can take over your dad's job and expand the scale of the coffee shop." Jimmy thought this was a good idea. Talk to old customers. Since then, Jimmy has been learning about coffee from his father in an ordinary afternoon. Perhaps he has been intrigued since childhood. Jimmy's coffee is very good, but he wants to expand. The thinking of young people is naturally more leaping than the thinking of the older generation. He is not limited to just buying ready-made coffee. He aimed at the idea of ​​packaging coffee and selling his own fine coffee to various places.

He found a very suitable coffee capsule filling machine on the Internet, a coffee packaging machine from AfPak. He believes that his coffee taste and quality are much better than ordinary coffee on the market. He wants to sell coffee to consumers who want to pursue the quality of life, but lack the skills of grinding coffee beans and brewing coffee. Of course, there are some who can grind coffee. High-end customer groups who want to enjoy high-quality and fast life with coffee beans and brewed coffee. The filling capsule coffee machine of Afpak company can retain the original flavor of his coffee for a long time, and it can also maintain the aroma, the quality is stable, and the brewing is very convenient. He has escaped from the traditional form of selling coffee, relying on the Internet and excellent machines to sell his coffee to various places.

He succeeded. Jimmy wrote to Afpak staff via email: "If you hadn't met your company with such a good machine and helped me so much, I think it would be more difficult."

A person who dares to venture, dare to break away from the inherent thinking, work hard, succeed is doomed to three minutes by hard work. If you are also interested in making coffee, you can go to the AfPak official website to view and order

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